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Honestly it’s totally ignorant to ignore the abusiveness that is embedded into the American school system. 

Punishments in schools often include public humiliation, isolation, withholding food, and physical punishment. For example, when I was in elementary school I often got detention when my parent’s had to sign something. My parents worked odd hours and I couldn’t always get my stuff signed before the next school, and that meant detention. Detention meant you don’t get to eat lunch, withholding food is a common abuse tactic and this is being used at schools across the country. 

Then there’s the very real threats of violence with schools that have cops on the grounds. I don’t think I really need to show how that’s gone over especially against Black and brown children/teenagers. Not to mention the ways that the public school system absolutely fails and abuses children with disabilities. Violence, discrimination, and exclusion and we hear about this OFTEN, like there’s no way you can be ignorant about this.  

Now here’s the thing, I personally think there are a lot of great teachers, and as someone who was abused at home, a lot of teachers helped me growing up. However, the American school system is specifically designed to punish students in this way. There’s a reason that so many abuse survivors see these parallels because the school system often employs the same methods seen at home. I don’t think this trivializes abuse, I think it highlights how normalized this behavior is and we’re never going to address these problems if we refuse to acknowledge it. 

There’s a scene in Captain Underpants where the mean principal under a hypnotic control unlocks a heavily locked and bolted door labeled ART DEPARTMENT, letting in a large group of kids who excitedly take up dust-covered equipment and start drawing, painting, what have you. Under the surface-level toilet gags and general silliness, what really drew me to the series as a young kid was it’s surprisingly cynically satirical depiction of the failings of public school in America and the ways in which the more creative aspects of children are often neglected in favor of standardization. Yes it was silly, but there was a joy and wit in that silliness. With a name like Captain Underpants a lot of the gags are smarter than they have any right to be and there’s a genuine heart to the friendship between the two main characters that a lot of children’s writing often struggles to replicate. Dav Pilkey, the author, had ADHD and Dyslexia in school and was often dismissed by his teachers as having his head in the clouds for his love for making silly drawings over busy work. Yet he persevered to make a beloved series of books that features two characters who face similar dismissals but find solace in each other and making goofy comics that bring laughter to their peers. I wasn’t a trouble maker in school, but I often had a lot of lonely years where even in my hardest days I could find refuge in making crazy characters and knowing that despite everything I had enough creativity to make other people laugh. And as ridiculous as it sounds, the Captain Underpants books made me feel like my sharpened but often off the wall sense of humor over the more desirable traits like popularity or athleticism was a strength. All George and Harold needed to be happy was each other and the ideas that came from their head! That’s the power of art and all the ways we can interpret it. From start to finish this movie is a love letter to creativity. Through stop motion, sock puppets, 2D animation, and crude comic squiggle vision (even Flip o Rama!) this movie was a love letter to all the ways kids can be creative and just enjoy this sense of youth even in the face of a school system that wants to suppress that. And not in a way that has a personal disconnect like Middle School Max Keeble style movies, but ways that feel like they come from a real place such as a history teacher literally yelling out a list of years to memorize to a room of depressed children.

By all accounts I don’t mean to bring politics into a post about Captain Underpants of all things, but in a society where our own president wants to defund the arts for children, I can’t stress enough how important it is for kids to see a fun and witty movie where so much joy is displayed to be found through drawing or painting or writing. One of the most heartwarming moments that takes a break from the endless gags is just a wordless sequence where George and Harold are just sitting back to back making comics and laughing at the jokes that the other are making. Everything else not mattering because they have this moment of creativity and when they have the chance to control their principal under the guise of Captain Underpants, they make one of their commands to unlock the art room and share this happiness with the rest of the stifled students.

And that’s why even with the silly names and giant robot toilets (although in my eyes those are an added bonus) this is an important film to take kids with budding minds. It’s wacky and fast and fun but also has some smartness behind it that more animated movies need. That even though you KNOW it’s stupid and immature it’s okay to laugh at the word Uranus and just have the ability to laugh even when the rest of the world is rough. It certainly did a lot for me when I was their age.
The CEO of United has an astonishingly bad "apology" for the overbooking fiasco
"I apologize for having to re-accommodate these customers," Oscar Munoz says in a Twitter statement.
By Timothy B. Lee

Dragging a passenger off your plane and bloodying him in the process makes United’s leggings fiasco seem small in comparison, doesn’t it? Releasing this non-apology is icing on the cake!

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mackle why do you hate michelangelo? pls write an expose

michelangelo is the gretchen weiners of the renaissance

okay i don’t actually hate mikey, he was just chronically antisocial and grumpy, which is like, not necessarily a bad thing. i am actually pretty fond of him BUT he shit talks abt everyone while being praised as the best renaissance artist so like, talk shit get hit

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some dope stuff going on on twitter right now…

twitter user @thecityofjules decided to start discussing afro-latinx history as she “[was] inspired to tweet about AfroLatinx contributions for Black History Month because so many Latinx publications fail to represent us. I logged into my social media and looked at how white washed a lot of Latinx publications are, and was frustrated.

as language learners, the language itself is not the only the thing that’s important to engage - the histories and cultures of the places where our target languages are spoken are equally significant and i figured this might interest some of you as you dive deeper into your spanish language study.

i only posted a partial list from the initial thread so check out the other figures mentioned here and jump into the #BlackLatinxHistory hashtag that was created to expand on the conversation in one place to learn more!

que disfruten mucho!

Selecting a Service Dog Puppy

When it comes to Service Dogs, selecting the right animal is always important. It is often hard to know how to select a dog when wishing to owner train or buy a puppy to send to a training organisation. Here I will discuss some of the techniques and tests used to select dogs as suitable Service Animal candidates. Please note that there are MANY different tests and theories on how to best select a suitable dog. This guide will not list everything; it will be a resource that aims to educate and aid handlers in some of the important tests that aid Service Dog selection. Not every dog that passes these tests will necessarily have what it takes to be a Service Dog. The wash-out rate for Service Dogs is incredibly high- especially when they are required to do complex tasks such as alerting to seizures and drops in blood sugar.

Whilst this post specifies that the tests are for selecting a Service Dog puppy as a prospect, the majority of these tests can also be used to assess fully grown dogs such as those in shelters that you may be considering as your Service Dog partner. 


Any breed can be a Service Dog. Despite this, there are some important issues to consider when thinking of getting breeds that do not necessarily fit the conventional Service Dog stereotype such as Labs, Retrievers and Poodles.

  • Access issues. Unusual breeds of Service Animal are often prone to more Public Access challenges due to standing out and not matching the stereotypes that people have in their minds.
  • Suitability. If you need a mobility dog, it doesn’t make sense to have a Chihuahua as your Service Dog. Make sure that the breed you select is capable of performing the tasks that you need it to.
  • Health issues and lifespan. Whilst some larger breeds such as Great Danes are used as Service Dogs, they have a shorter lifespan. Training a Service Dog is time consuming and expensive so it makes sense to get a Service Animal that will be healthy and live for a good amount of time.
  • Breed Traits. This is not always a highly limiting factor, but it is something that is definitely worth considering. Some dogs such as Huskies and Shiba Inus have high energy levels and are renowned for taking their time to learn tasks. Whilst it is good to acknowledge that there are exceptions to every rule, it doesn’t hurt to consider breed characteristics that may affect your dog’s ability to perform tasks successfully. Breeds such as German Shepherds are highly intelligent and are becoming more popular as Service Dogs, however their guarding instinct is a common cause for failing Public Access tests due to growling and being overprotective of their handler. When selecting the breed of your dog, be sure to investigate what common traits they possess and how you plan to tackle these in training to avoid issues.
  • Personal Requirements. Are you willing and able to groom a longhaired dog daily? If not, then you should not get a Service Dog that requires regular grooming. Do you have allergies to dogs? If you do, consider looking into breeds that are better for those who have dog allergies (such as Poodles).


Most Service Dog organisations perform tests such as those listed below when the puppies reach 7-8 weeks of age. These tests do not fully determine characteristics such as temperament since the dog is still developing. The tests aim to assess natural instincts that make a dog more likely to be successful in training such as their food drive, attention to the handler and recall abilities. It is often good to go with a breeder that has either bred Service Dogs before or has breeding dogs from Service Dog lines. It has been proven that dogs who do well in these tests and are successful Service Animals are more likely to have offspring that are also highly suitable and successful in the Service Dog field. These tests should be performed with each puppy from the litter being separated from its littermates and other animals to avoid distraction.

  • Noise/Recovery Test- Drop an object that will make a loud noise (such as a metallic food bowl). Assess the dog’s reaction and how quickly it recovers from the experience. Commonly the dog may react to the sound and jump but it is how the dog chooses to recover and approach the situation that is most important. Curiosity and sniffing of the object is a positive sign, fearfulness and running away is not desirable.
  • Lap Test- Put the puppy on your lap. Observe its body language and how much it relaxes. If the dog relaxes and responds by making eye contact or trying to reach your face for attention this is desirable. If the dog cowers and tries to get off your lap, it does not pass this particular test.
  • Sociability- Put the puppy by your feet and pet it. If it stays by your side, offers eye contact and enjoys the interaction it passes. It is also acceptable for the dog to stay by your side for attention, leave to explore before returning for more affection. If the puppy runs away or seems nervous, cowering or shivering as it receives affection, this is undesirable.
  • Recall- Have the breeder or another person move the puppy a few steps away. Call out to the puppy to get it to come over to you. If the puppy comes over with no hesitation this is a very good sign. If the pup takes a little more persuasion but eventually comes this is also alright. If the pup ignores you entirely or wanders off it is considered as a fail for this test.
  • Prey Drive- Have a toy such as a rope and drag it around on the floor. If the dog grabs the toy and shows curiosity in chasing after it, this is a good sign. If the dog behaves in an overly aggressive manner or is fearful/disinterested of the toy, this is an undesirable result. It is important not to select a dog that has a huge prey drive for Service Dog work, however it is good to select a dog that has a healthy degree of curiosity and is willing to work and show interest.
  • Retrieve Test- Scrunch up some paper into a ball and throw it a short distance away. If the dog picks it up and brings it back to you this is a great result. If the dog picks it up and brings it part-way back to you this is also good. If the dog runs over to the toy but does not pick it up or return with it, this is still a good sign of curiosity, but not as good as the first two reactions. The dog fails this test if it simply watches the ball without reacting to it or ignores the action completely.
  • Hearing/Curiosity test- Use a squeaker toy to initiate the pup’s interest. This test is also a simple hearing test. If the dog comes over to investigate the squeak, this is a good sign. If the pup fails to turn or turns but does not come over to investigate after more squeaks this classes as a fail for this test.
  • Tug Test- With a rope toy, initiate some simple play. This test is important for dogs that are going on to be mobility dog performing tasks such a pulling open doors. Desirable reactions include: latching onto the toy and tugging or holding onto the toy briefly before letting go. Less desirable reactions include showing interest in the toy but not knowing what to do and ignoring the toy.
  • Food Drive- Place some high reward food such as meat between your fingers and test the dog’s interest in it. Desirable reactions are: sniffing and working to try to get the food with its tongue, sniffing and trying to get the food before eventually giving up. Undesirable reactions include showing little to no interest in the food, showing no real desire to get it from between your fingers.
  • Willingness to work- Get the dog’s attention with some high reward food such as meat. Then place this food underneath a small container whilst the dog is watching. If the dog starts sniffing at the container and trying to get to the food underneath, this is a good sign. This test aims to see how much the dog is willing to work for a reward. Poor results include ignoring the container or showing no interest in getting to the food underneath.
  • Unusual Interaction Test- Get an assistant to start waving their arms around whilst shouting and causing a scene. Service Dogs have to be used to working around a variety of different people. This test aims to assess how they cope with unusual people and situations. A good reaction includes: curiosity, watching and wagging the tail. A bad reaction includes: fear, signs of wanting to escape the person and growling or aggressive behaviours.
Confronted with unmistakable evidence that business-as-usual had been resumed on Wall Street- including a crop of multi-billion dollar bonus packages and an unseemly scramble to repay government loans before restrictions on executive compensation could bite- Obama nevertheless meekly invited the captains of finance to ‘join us in a constructive effort to update the rules,’ based on the principles of transparency and accountability; emphasizing that 'we want to work with the financial industry to achieve that end.’  Reminding the financiers of their responsibilities and obligations, words that were used more than twenty times in the speech, Obama pleaded with the industry to call of its lobbyists, and, above all, 'to embrace serious financial reform, not resist it.’
But as the legislation for the re-regulation of the financial sector lumbered through Congress, checked and diluted by the most formidable lobby of them all, many sensed that the historic opportunity for real, biting regulation had already been squandered.  As crisis passed to normalcy, leverage had been lost.  Exhortation and second-best efforts seemed to be all that were left.  To make matters worse, the banks that had been restored to rude profitability at the public expense were failing to reinvest in the still-ailing domestic economy.  This was the proximate cause of Obama’s uncharacteristic outburst, on national television, against the behavior of that 'bunch of fat cat bankers on Wall Street’- promptly derided by the Wall Street Journal as a crass return to the populist playbook, 'banker baiting 101.’  If this was an attempt to use the bully pulpit, in advance of a private meeting with the major banks scheduled for the next day, it backfired.  Savvy enough to avoid the use of corporate jets, and therefore repeating the public-relations gaffe committed by bailed-out auto executives earlier in the year, the heads of Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and Morgan Stanley opted to take commercial flights on the morning of the meeting, but were delayed by fog.  Other banking leaders made the White House meeting, by way of a combination of trains, automobiles, and more thoughtful planning, but the moment was again mostly lost.  While Obama did his best to prod the bank bosses, with the aid of a speakerphone link to New York, to start lending again to small businesses and to stop fighting the regulations that were being formulated in Washington, the New York Times reported that the President had publicly 'confronted the limits of his power.’

Jamie Peck, Constructions of Neoliberal Reason

This makes the whole bailout ordeal look even more pathetic for Obama than it already did- the bankers pissed all over him and sabotaged his regulatory program.  Now, they’re working with Trump to eliminate Dodd-Frank.  Of course, he’s doing paid speeches for Wall Street now, even after throwing a minor fit after they coordinated to ruin his plans.


pairing: lams

college AU

word count: 1216

warnings: like one swear word

request: anon: Could you write something where Johnny Laurens likes to call A Ham darlin or sugar and A ham gets super flustered and he trys not to get as flustered in public (and fails miserably) (a ham everyone can see you blushing)

a/n: what the hell happened with transitions? who knows. also SO SORRY for not posting in forever. i had zero inspiration.



When John first calls him darling, Alex isn’t that affected. John’s saying it teasingly. They’re at a party, slightly drunk, and the atmosphere is joking. The word falls from John’s lips in his smooth Southern drawl. “Darlin’, Alex, could ya get me some more of this?” He gestures to the liquid in his cup.

Alex laughs and squishes down the fluttering in his stomach. “You don’t need any more.”

“Aw, please?” John pleads, in his soft accent that’s ingrained itself into Alex’s mind. “Just a bit? I’m not properly drunk yet.”

“You’re a lightweight,” Alex points out. “You’re already loopy.”

John grins at him, and he smiles in the most adorable way, full of light and happiness, and no, Alex is not thinking about how cute John is when he smiles. Not at all. “Fine, if you insist, Alex.”

Alex rolls his eyes fondly.

“Darling,” John calls the next morning. “Can you get me a glass of water?”

“It’s your own fault you’re hungover,” Alex mumbles, not wanting to move out of the nest of blankets he’s formed in his bed.

“Please?” John asks, flopping down next to Alex. “It would mean a lot to me.”

Alex swallows, hard, because John is right there, extremely close, and smiling gently at him. He closes his eyes and tries to compose himself. “Fine. But only because I love you.”

John grins widely in victory and half-shoves Alex off the bed. Alex punches John in the shoulder and goes to get a glass of water.

He stands at the tap, filling a cup, staring out the window, trying not to put too much mental weight on the fact that after he said “I love you” John didn’t reply like he usually does, with “you know it” or “of course” or “love ya too.” He’s overthinking this whole interaction. John’s just being his friend, like always.

He will not get a crush on his best friend.

That would ruin everything.

Alex returns to the bed and nudges a sleepy John to the side, curling up next to him but carefully avoiding touching the other man. John drinks gratefully and then pulls Alex into the curve of his body.

Alex holds his breath, unsure of where this is going. Is John trying to make this go somewhere? Or is he just being his usual overly affectionate self?

It appears to be the latter, as John quickly falls asleep.

Alex relaxes and tries to sleep, but every time John breathes out, he can feel it on his neck, and it’s seriously distracting. So he simply enjoys the warmth and closeness of the other man.

It’s Saturday, so neither of them have any classes. They spend the whole day curled up together, occasionally getting up in search of food or water. Alex, personally, is just getting more confused about John.

Sunday passes, and neither of them mention the lazy day.

A week goes by, and Alex starts to despair, doubtful that John was in his right mind, doubtful that John wants to mention the Saturday.

But then one evening after they’ve been studying in the library, and it’s not dark yet, John turns on a different path, one that won’t take them back to their dorm.

“Where are you going?” Alex asks, bemused.

“C’mere, darling,” John says, a strange intensity in his tone.

Every neuron in Alex’s mind goes haywire.

He steps hesitantly towards his best friend.

John kisses him.

At first, it’s scared, and Alex realizes that John doesn’t know if he appreciates this. He deepens the kiss, stretching up since he’s shorter. John smiles against Alex’s mouth, and all the random feelings that Alex had been trying to figure out condense themselves into a cohesive whole.

He’s supposed to be here, right now, kissing John, because everything in the world makes sense, all the mysteries that he’s pondered are solved. It’s so undeniably right.

“Darling,” John breathes when they finally break apart, and Alex can literally feel the blood rushing to his cheeks. He ducks his head, and John presses a light kiss to the top of it.

From then on, when John calls him darling, he means it in a romantic way, and Alex is one hundred percent happy with this arrangement.

The one problem is that Alex blushes like crazy.

“Darling, we need some more cereal,” John shouts. Alex glances up, his cheeks reddening, from where he’s writing a paper.

“And I suppose you want me to get it,” he calls back, closing his laptop.

“Correct. I’m comfortable.”

“Don’t you have a test tomorrow?”


“So, possibly, you should most likely be studying for it?…”

“Not important.”

“This is college, John, you can’t just ignore tests and wing them. It didn’t work freshman year and it certainly isn’t going to work now.”

“Relax, I know this material like the back of my hand.”

“Okay. Draw me a map of the back of your hand.”

“Dammit, Alex!”

Alex laughs, a full, deep, resonant laugh. “Gotcha.”

“Fine. If I study, will you run and go get me some more cereal?”

“What kind?” Alex asks, already reaching for his coat. It’s February and freezing outside.

“Froot Loops.”

“I am dating a five-year-old,” Alex groans. John throws a pillow at him.

“Darling, can you help me?” John whispers, poking Alex awake. It’s two in the morning.

“Wha the ‘ell?” Alex slurs, tired beyond belief. He’s only been asleep for about twenty minutes, and his entire body feels heavy.

“I need help,” John says, a little louder. He flicks on the bedside lamp and Alex groans, shying away from the light.

“With what?” Alex mutters, irritated.

“I can’t sleep.”

“How is that my problem?” Alex snaps. He’s cranky.

John steps back. “Sorry. I should let you sleep.”

Alex feels kind of horrible, but he turns away from his boyfriend. “Yeah. You should.”

“Thanks, darling,” John says, smiling gratefully at Alex, who’s handed him a menu. Alex ducks his head, not wanting John to see the full extent of his blushing. “What’s wrong?”

“Um. Nothing.”

“Then why do you look embarrassed?”

“I blush when you call me darling,” Alex admits. He hadn’t meant for that to tumble out. Oh well.

John doesn’t say anything, and Alex grows worried that he’s offended the other man. But then John bursts out laughing. Alex grins ruefully and presses a kiss to John’s cheek.

The two order their food and John calls Alex “darling” at every opportunity. Alex doesn’t think it’s possible for his face to get any redder.

“Alex! Wait up!”

“What?” Alex yells, spinning around and coming to a dead stop. “You gonna try to console me? Tell me Jefferson’s an asshole who doesn’t know what he’s talking about? You’re right, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt! He hurt me, John, he hurt me!” Venom and sorrow are equally present, tracing through Alex’s voice.


Alex closes his eyes, determined not to cry.

A hand traces his cheek.

John kisses him briefly and then walks him back to their dorm. He puts on a stupidly funny movie and wraps Alex up in a fuzzy blanket. Alex starts to cry at some point and John simply kisses away the tears. Right before Alex falls asleep, John brings his mouth up to Alex’s ear.

“Goodnight, darling. Sleep well.”


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Katsuki Yuuri’s favourite move the triple axel and self-expression

Welcome to my first attempt of YOI meta-writing - this meta draws attention to Yuuri’s “favourite move” the triple axel, and his growth in mental strength and self-expression. Even half-dedicated fans are aware that Victor’s signature move is the quadruple flip as it’s been remarked several times in the series, Yuuri’s attempts of the quad flip signifies his blossoming relationship with his coach, soulmate and fiance Victor Nikiforov. This meta is about his performance of the triple axel, which in a way is to Yuuri the quad flip is to Victor. His performance of this jump correlates to his growing confidence in self-expression and assertion. Please be prepared that this won’t be a short meta, elaboration with screen maps from the show will be under the cut. Ready? On we go.

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Tumblr: where morons think that if you’re not comfortable openly talking about childhood abuse, you must therefore be lying about your ethnicity (?) and that’s a perfectly good opportunity to laugh at a survivor – but not even have the courage to spout nonsense with a url attached.

But conservatives have their own, nationalist version of PC, their own set of rules regulating speech, behavior and acceptable opinions. I call it ‘patriotic correctness.’ It’s a full-throated, un-nuanced, uncompromising defense of American nationalism, history and cherry-picked ideals. Central to its thesis is the belief that nothing in America can’t be fixed by more patriotism enforced by public shaming, boycotts and policies to cut out foreign and non-American influences.

Insufficient displays of patriotism among the patriotically correct can result in exclusion from public life and ruined careers. It also restricts honest criticism of failed public policies, diverting blame for things like the war in Iraq to those Americans who didn’t support the war effort enough.

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Ok so since Light is my son and I love Natemare... have you done something with these two? Would you write like three headcanons on how spending free, pleasant weekends would be with 'em?

-I think Natemare would be the only Dark!Boy Light would tolerate and not be on guard for your protection. 

-He’d constantly have to watch his back though, as Natemare has found a fascination with setting his feathers aflame or painting each one a different color. 

-The two get along well enough. They can talk without having to rip each others throats out. 

-Though Light would have to be firm every once in a while. Keeping a tight leash on Natemare when out in public. But failing miserably whenever Light is distracted. Mare only needs a second of ignorance and he’s gone. 

-Natemare finds the Angel more of a child-like nuisance than a threat or rival. He knows Light’s boundaries and constantly dances on the lines of the Angel’s patience. 

-You sometimes have to step in and tell one of them off. Then you’ll have to deal with a sulky Natemare or a silently brooding Light for a few hours. 

-The two don’t enjoy sexual activities with one another. But if you ask nicely they might push their pride aside. 

-Natemare makes sure to loosen the Angel’s hold on you. Though Light isn’t constricting or controlling, he very rarely allows you to do things that might endanger you. 

-Natemare does the opposite. He’ll take you bungee-jumping or cliff-diving. Things that get your heart-racing. 

-The two have a mutual agreement that if no harm comes to you, then they can get agree to get along.