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Do you guys remember these two? 

Well, as my 500 follower gift, I’m going to be releasing them into the wild, as a massive thank you!

They have bits of CC on, such as this skin, but as these are bases you can change that to whatever you wish.

I, recently, had someone break my TOU, so I’m ending making sims for people unless, I love you dearly. These two are the closest thing to an official ‘amixofpixels’ sim, you will ever have. I hope you understand. To the two people I still have to make sims for, you will get them, I have not forgotten, I just have no motivation to do so right now.

TOU: As they are base sims, you can do whatever you want with them. I do ask, however, you tag me if you use them, as I’d love to see what you do with them.

With the help of a friend, we created a translation IwaD’s tweets from yesterday. He was speaking out his grievances against illegal uploads of Rejet’s content. 

(Since off site links now prevent posts from showing up in the tags, I’ll just tell you his twitter handle instead of linking to the tweets. It’s @  Iwasaki_Rejet on twitter.)

In regards to cases of illegal uploading, it’s become quite common place, hasn’t it? I get reports every day; Creators are slammed by e-mails pertaining to it on a regular basis. I really want people to stop uploading entire situation and music CDs. I Imagine whoever reading this should already know, only the illegal uploaders are getting anything out it it. It does nothing in return for the voice actors, illustrators, and the company.

Of course I am thinking about this company’s business scheme, but lately it’s been really terrible. Uploading the same day as the release date is really making me weary. In short, my focus is not on the legal product itself. I would like you all to stay away from those who are distributing stolen content for free.

Things like listening to illegally distributed tracks and saying “I love this work” is just wrong. Moreover, you can’t say that you ‘like’ it in front of everyone, can you? I imagine one wouldn’t be able to, towards the voice actors, illustrators, and creators, you wouldn’t be able to say it out of embarrassment. 

So please make sure to buy the genuine product. Please ignore those sites. It’s no surprize, but it hurts to receive reports of illegal uploads of the production that you worked hard to develop and create, on a daily basis.  

I thought it was important to remind people of this in the english speaking realm. I’m not without sin so I’m not here to judge anyone I just find it exceedingly important to remind people, and to consider it from the point of view of the creator.

Please Respect the creator, and pay for the content you love. don’t support illegal uploaders who provide download links publically! They may buy the CD but they don’t support the company by sharing it publically!


Sim Request #2

The second request I got for a sim is from @urbalien (stupid tumblr won’t let me tag properly) who requested: “I  would like a YA Female sim that wants to be a bestselling author who is a genius, clumsy and lazy. I would like her to have the dark red hair, and if it’s okay not a cc skin? But otherwise I’m okay with cc. Surprise me with the eye color please! And last, a public download!”
So here’s a nice little modest girl who has a penchant for writing!


  • You may alter her however you wish just don’t use her as a base
  • If you do make a post using her I would love it if you tagged me so I can see what my little simmie is doing :)
  • Contact me if you have any troubles with downloading!

Download: Simfileshare

CC List: Skin I Overlay (Nen) I FrecklesEyes (Defaults) I Hair I Eyelashes I Blush (Winter Blush) I Eyeliner (03) I Eyeshadow I Lips I Top I Bottom (Regular Skinny Jeans)

Requires: Get Together 
(i mean not really but if you want all the outfits i put her in after the everyday wear)

Please tell me if you have any problems downloading!


-Sim Requests- Onix


A girl with dark skin, dark brown hair, and galaxy freckles. She has big violet eyes and elfy ears. Her name is Onix, and she’s a girl who was hatched from a different kind of alien. She’s a lesbian, and the dl can be public ♡

Custom content and Download below

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I should stop with these sudden announcments and all that. But I need to say something.

Soo. I don’t want to retexture hairs anymore. I stopped enjoying it. It’s just boring and very stressful. There are SO MANY new amazing hairs coming out in one week, or even everyday and even though I just stay home and have no job, I feel like I’m not able to retexture all of them, like I have no time to physically do that. I don’t enjoy it anymore and making cc should be fun, not something you’re forced to do. There are so many retexturers out there! Their textures are as good as mine and even better! @kenzar-sims4, @mertiuza, @aveirasims, @missparaply and mooore! 

But don’t get scared, it’s not like I want to stop creating anything! I love making eyebrows, it’s really fun and it makes me happy when people say they love them. And they are actually mine, my original cc. I don’t want to just retexture stuff. I also want to start making skins for public download. I have so many faces for skins but no bodies. I want to make my own body and finally publish my skins for you guys! Same goes with bangs. They are fun to make and I want to continue to make them. I talked to LeahLilith and I can make some from her hairs (which is amazing cause I already made some for myself so it’s just a matter of time to publish them for you).

It’s not like I won’t EVER retexture anything anymore. If there’s a hair I really love and I can’t live without retexture, I will do it. But not so often and now I need a break from it. For now I just want to take some time to actually move all of my downloads to my wixsite and then I would want to finally finish my Ciri skin that I started like 2 months ago. xd 

But anyway, I’m saying all of this to actually ask what do you guys think about it. It sounds like I’m just making a statement but I want to know what you think. So… What do you think?

A few days ago an anon asked me to do sim requests! It’s something I’ve never really thought about doing, simply because I didn’t think anyone would want a sim by me! But I thought as seen as they asked so nicely, I would open up a few slots as a 3400 follower gift! 


  • Send me an ask with a description of the kind of sim you want! You can be as specific (or unspecific!) as you like! 
  • Let me know in the ask if you want the sim to be up for public or private download!
  • If you send me an anon your sim will automatically be put up for public download!
  • I’d much rather use tray files! But I can use the gallery if needed!
  • I’ll be using CC in all of my sim requests so keep that in mind!

1. @wild-pixel (x)
2. @fakefleur
3. @our-dazed-sims
4. @opheliasim
5. anon
6. @zurellla
7. @simussy (x)

closed (pls don’t send me a request bc i’ll get sad and won’t know how to say no!!:’)