public displays of faith

Christians have had it so easy here in America. We grew complacent, we got used to things being easy, we kind of just melded into the world, slipping away from God, growing relaxed in our relationship with Him. And now we see the fruits of it: Christians ok with or even supporting sin, claiming that God is love so His just righteousness and holiness don’t matter, that we can sin willfully and it’s ok because He loves us. And so our faith doesn’t hold when it comes under fire, people being ok with abandoning God and His word just because you work in a place where you serve people, not minding the increasing pressure to make and keep God a private thing for at home or in the church. No. We need to reclaim our faith. We need to stand firm and not back down. Our faith needs to be on public display for everyone to see, not as boastful pride, but as humble worship. Worship at home, in the car, at work, out on the streets, in school, in our government. We must not compromise to make anyone feel better, society at large, our friends, our families, ourselves…. the Truth is more important than feeling comfortable, saving lost souls is far more important than having people like us. Preach the whole Gospel! Not just the warm fuzzy bits that make us feel good! Yes, God is love! But He is so much more! He is holy, righteous, merciful, kind, just, steadfast, unshakeable, unchanging, eternal, omnipotent, omnipresent, all powerful. He created the universe with words alone, and when we turned from Him and only deserved an eternity in Hell, He made a sacrifice of His own Son to make a way for us. He loved us so much that He made a way where we could never earn our way, but His justice and righteousness stand true, and He is unable to allow sin in His presence. So cut the false gospels! Stop telling people God is fine with their sin, He isn’t! The true Gospel is not some spoon of honey that’s all Sweet and makes us feel good. It’s powerful, it cuts us to the core baring all our shamefulness and sin, it exposes us and leaves us vulnerable, it shows us plainly we are unworthy, it finds us guilty of rebellion against God, deserving of sin. Of course the Gospel is going to hit nerves, of course it will make people squirm. But that’s no excuse to push it under the carpet, hide it away, never speak on it! For it is the very reason God sent His son. The raw judgement for our sin is complementary to His forgiveness. It’s the whole story in its completion. To preach one without the other is to lie and deceive.