public displays of art


Mchanzo doodles from Twitter!

1) Horny Hanzo and nervous yet equally excited McCree
2) Aggresively affectionate Hanzo and happy as heck McCree
3 & 4) Jesse taking care of a sick and prideful Hanzo
5) Hanzo finds a lost american child while having a walk down Hanamura with Genji and now he feels the need help him search for his parents.

I draw this ship so often….

Marie Antoinette, the queen lost in a frivoulous life of endless dresses, jewels and laziness of mind, had her South node in Pisces in the 10th house which represents public display of glamour and freedom from responsibilities, refined arts or music, letting your indiference or shady ordeals damage your public image, etc.Uranus in the 10th contributed to her beeing seen as a bit of an outcast.  The north node in virgo in the 4th house was the direction she needed to go in that lifetime, this meant  letting go of the frivoulous ,ditzy public image,   towards being of service to her family and home, being analytical and efficient towards her country. When she was taken from Versailles in 1789, the planet of revolution and anarchy, Uranus, was transiting her Neptune, the planet ruling her position in the world, which was coincidentally in royal, extravagant and aristocratic Leo.

this takes sidewalk chalk to a whole ‘nother level.

“If being an egomaniac means I believe in what I do and in my art or music, then in that respect you can call me that… I believe in what I do, and I’ll say it.”
― John Lennon

“A few weeks ago I was sitting in the Saratoga library doing some sketches, and one of the librarians started looking over my shoulder. Then suddenly she asked if she could show the sketches to one of her colleagues. Next thing I know—they are asking me to do a series of Halloween sketches to hang in the library. It wasn’t my first time in the limelight. I’d read some poetry before on a public access television show in Queens. But seeing my art publicly displayed like that was extraordinary. I felt super. I felt great. I still feel great!”


The Art of Jerry Garcia - Now Showing at the Psylodelic Gallery at Jorma Kaukonen’s Fur Peace Ranch, Pomeroy, Ohio

Jerry Garcia wasn’t just a guitar player. 

And Jorma Kaukonen’s Fur Peace Ranch isn’t just a guitar camp and concert venue.

So it makes sense that 31 of Garcia’s prints - including two never seen in public - are now on display in the Psylodelic Gallery, a converted silo-cum-art gallery on the Fur Peace Grounds.

“We are so honored to be able to show my old friend Jerry’s work in the Gallery,” Kaukonen, the former Jefferson Airplane guitarist said in a statement.

“If Jerry and I were to be able to look into the future back in the ’60s when we met, we sure would have gotten a kick out of this. I made sure that I worked on hanging this show in particular. His work is exemplary.”

Garcia, the reluctant head of the Deadheads and the Grateful Dead for three decades, dabbled in etching, oil paint, watercolor and pen-and-ink works during his off-stage time.

The exhibited works span 1961 to 1992. The earliest is a pastoral, never-before-displayed oil painting called “Wisteria” and the latest is a Dali-esque pen-and-ink drawing titled “Never Swat a Fly.”

“Jerry always had his sketchbooks with him,” according to exhibit materials. “He filled them with the notes and drawings that have become some of his most familiar works. He wasn’t interested in attracting more public attention or painting for an audience but was purely, uninhibitedly, indulgently, for himself.” 

As he was with his music, Garcia was an impressionistic artist, creating pictures that mostly hint at their meaning rather than clubbing his fans over the head. 

There are a couple of exceptions, including the relatively straighfoward watercolor “Ripple,” which is as peaceful and agreeable as the song of the same name, and “Bees,” which fairly buzzes with activity.

But most of the pieces find Garcia being as improvisational with his visual media as he was with his musical instruments.

As such, “Mandolin Player” may or may not depict David Grisman; “Drummers” may or may not represent Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart; and “Sax Player” may or may not be an image of John Coltrane. 

“A line on paper is like a note in the air,” Garcia once said.

The Art of Jerry Garcia is free and open to the public and runs through Aug. 1, 2016, which would have been the guitarist’s/artist’s 74th birthday.

Call (740) 992-2575 for more information.

Grade card: The Art of Jerry Garcia - A


psa to my followers

dont. steal. art. 

“but i just reposted it! thats fine!”

no, its not.

“look, i didnt ask but i gave credit.”

you need express permission.

“but i thought it was cute!!”

then how about you show basic human decency towards the artist and reblog? or ask permission before you repost? dont just take the picture and throw it up however you please. thats bullshit. that shows an ABSOLUTE lack of respect for the artist. 

if this was physical media, if my art was on a canvas, it would be on the same level as me choosing to publically display my art for free, only to have someone walk in, take my canvas off the wall, and walk out with it; only to put it back up at their own display with no note of who they took it from.

thats theft. thats fucking illegal. and so is this.

beyond legality, its!! a matter of just!! fucking!! giving a shit!!! about the artist!!! i went through a period where i stopped drawing, stopped posting, because SO MUCH of my art was getting reposted with no word to me about it! because it was on facebook and twitter and instagram and i dont belong to any of those sites! so id never have known except other people brought it to my attention!




obviously theres got to be a disclaimer that there are some artists who dont care, some artists who have it sited on their blog that its fine, but if they dont, then ASK. if they say no, show some respect and DONT. nothing gets under my skin like people who think its cute or charming to steal fucking art. theres nothing cute or charming about it. its a good fkn part of the issue with digital artists becoming calloused or jaded. and its so fucking FRUSTRATING when people act so entitled to art THEY didnt put the time and work into. 

the art is not yours. the art belongs to the artist. fucking treat it that way.