public debut


✨Debuted in 2008, oldest member was 18, youngest was 14 (not korean age)
✨Known to be a secret project so there were no rumours or public appearances before debut yet they became extremely popular with their debut song and brought ‘skinny jeans’ to men in the fashion world
✨They received their first win less than 4 months after debut along with an official Fanclub name, the same year they received newcomer awards grand slam and there were tons of other groups that were nominees.

✨Tough, sexy concepts were trendy but they made a cb with a completely opposite concept (Juliette), at the same time as their comeback stage they were nominated as first place along with suju & davichi, SHINee won.
✨Ring Ding dong is still picked as a 'song you shouldn’t listen to for year 12 final exams’ bc it’s so addicting, the song also achieved triple crowns, a fake SHINee group was created in Cambodia after the song was released.

✨Lucifer was released and it still remains to be well known today, the 'buffering dance’ was also famous. They held their first ever concert 2 years after debut, at the time it was going to be held at the 88 Gymnasium but people complained that the venue was too small so it was changed to the Olympic gymnasium, they also had a solo concert in Japan (before their Japanese debut) and all tickets were sold out.

✨Debuted in Japan and basically killed the charts, they set the best record out of all loop groups. The number of albums they sold was incredible to the point where the Japanese records association gave recognition to SHINee’s album as a golden album.
✨They performed at London’s last square, for the first time their website went down from the crowded ticket reservation system.

✨Sherlock was released in Korea after 1year&6months even after the long period of no cb THEY still managed to win triple crowns along with giving the public/Kpop world a huge impact with their choreography and vocals.
✨Japanese arena tours happened, along with continuous tours around Asia

✨MoY, MoM, MoU became another success
✨Their mr removed performance of everybody became a hot topic as their live skills were perfect even from the tough choreography,
✨Received a daesang award
✨The only group that won 3 awards each at Seoul music awards and golden disk awards

✨Taemin became one of the very first sm artists to release a solo album his album Ace made it to 2nd place in Bilboard world album charts
✨Short SHINee world tour
✨SHINee fandom in Japan grew bigger with their album releases

✨Performed at Tokyo dome for the first time, gathering 100 000 fans.
✨Jonghyun’s first solo album became the first ever album in Korea to chart no.1 on Billboard world album charts
✨Their comeback 'Odd’ brought a trend of contact lenses and wide pants to other idol groups and the public. They became the first group in Korea that released a song in the deep house genre, married to the music also showed good results

✨For the first time after GD’s 'Heartbreaker,’ Taemin became first (high quality artist) in 'Male solos’ His prerecordings gathered many fans, up to 1000
✨Jonghyun’s solo album received a compliment about musical quality from Billboard
✨1of1, which many people call a 'failure’ wasn’t a failure they became the first idols to attempt a full 90s concept, from music video to clothes and their widened vocal range was shown through Tell Me What To Do, in addition, 1of1 member parts were divided almost equally which gave a strong indication of all members’ strong vocals
✨In terms of awards (the main ones): Newcomer Award in 2008 AT GDA and SMA Popularity award from 2009 to 2015 at GDA (2014 was Taemin)
Popularity award in 2010, 2012-2015 at SMA
✨not a single member has left the group and there has been no changes

SHINee rules.
-The End-

✨SHINee world fandom made 'cannon cameras’ trendy amongst fandoms
✨'let’s walk on a flower path’ became trendy after SHINee world made it a fan event banner at SWC4
✨Only idols that have received both the prime minister’s award + ministry of culture award

-janel tricia-


The Langston Hughes Poem that Best Captures the Fear of Police Brutality | via Signature

Looking back at “Who but the Lord?”: In the year of the poem’s publication, Jackie Robinson would debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers, and the Congress for Racial Equality would organize its first freedom ride into the South.

And while the struggle for integration was seeing early landmarks, there was a more sinister problem in black communities that persists to this day: people did not feel safe in their own neighborhoods. Worse, they had no authority to which they could go for help. This national ailment ran so deep that WEB Dubois went as far as appealing to the United Nations that same year with “An Appeal to the World,” a statement to the United Nations Humans Rights Division. A few years later, he would go further in “We Charge Genocide,” a petition to the UN for relief from the United States government’s crimes against African-Americans. Later, the Black Panther Party would take up a similar philosophy, that black communities were like colonies, occupied by hostile police rather than protected by them.

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Big Bang talking about the reaction of the public when they debuted. They were considered “ugly” because they did no have the standard looks of k-pop idols and were told they wouldn’t be successful…

I am so proud they never gave up despite the hate and negativity

look at them now
Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's Kids Make Their Public Debut
The Deadpool star held the infant in his arms as their older daughter James was preoccupied with a microphone

The Reynolds have arrived!

For the first time, Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively and their two children appeared in public together as a family in honor of the actor’s newly minted star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

While the wildly private parents have kept their children out of the spotlight since their births, the two stars picked a picture-perfect moment to make their public debut.

The honored actor wasted no time acknowledging his family in the crowd when he took the mic. “I want to thank my wife, Blake, who is sitting right there who is everything to me. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me,” Reynolds said at the mic. “You make everything better. You make everything in my life better. You’ve given me two of the most incredible children I’ve ever hoped to have.”

Shortly after, Lively and their two daughters joined the proud dad to pose for photos, though toddler James was distracted by a nearby microphone she hilariously got her hands on. Their second daughter, whose name is still unknown, remained calm in Reynolds arms while dressed in a striped onesie.

The kids looked so adorable during their first official outing, presenter Anna Farris quipped, “I might take them home later today.”

Sooooo… two ACTUALLY private people, whose children have NEVER been seen in public and whose second child’s name is still NOT known to anyone (and no date of birth either, and I’m really not so sure that’s a girl, they didn’t reveal the sex either), people who NEVER put out birth certificates (real or fake) and NEVER told anyone anything about their children’s births OR names until months after the event, actually for once showed their children in public.
They decided, in spite of their privacy being FAR more consistent than other people’s, that it was OK to have a family event in public that included the children, and that would be no harm, because it’ll be back to the children living a private life in a minute. They have a beautiful family, btw.

You keep telling yourself that Kerry Washington who put out a fake birth certificate, revealed fake names (only the first name is accurate, all the rest you can discard, and this is fact not theory), revealed fake dates of birth (if you think those are the real dates of birth of the two adorable babies, I’ve got a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn) without anyone asking her, went around with a baby doll/different child (whatever floats your boat, but that was NOT Isabelle) covered in a blanket, is “oh so private” and that’s why her children can’t be seen by the public. Keep going. It is about as plausible as Trump having been legitimately elected and not being Putin’s puppet.

Me? I’m sipping my drink.

not a theory...

There are so many theories floating around that are so amazingly complex I feel like a blind, unperceptive potato, but I think a lot of the significance behind Wings and the HYYH trilogy simply lies in the lyrics. While there are definitely mythological and religious references in Bangtan’s newest concept, I think the main theme is about how fame and the idol life has ruined them. In their lyrics, there are topics of conformity, societal standards, identity, loneliness, depression, insecurity - things usually not spoken about in public.

When BTS debuted, their theme was rebellion against the rigid education system. They were optimistic and confident, encouraging fans to follow their own dreams, not just what their parents wanted for them. 

Rebel against the hellish society; dreams are a special pardon (No More Dream)

Students who are pressured to be number one live in between dreams and reality… there’s no choice but to consent (N.O)

Live your life, not any other’s lives (O!RUL82? Intro)

It’s during the Skool Luv Affair era that we start seeing hints of unhappiness in their lyrics.

It’s funny, you think anything is possible when you’re a kid, when you feel how hard it is to get through a day (Tomorrow)

I scream out of frustration, but the empty air echoes (Tomorrow)

Yoongi’s intro for HYYH Part I is all about fear, self-doubt, and the pressures of society slowly staining his dreams.

Because of the other’s standard of success, my worries spread like cancer again

I keep getting scared at the looming sense of reality. Others are running ahead but why am I still here?

I always interpreted this ^^ line to mean that Yoongi (and all the “rebellious youth” BTS represents) is finally seeing his classmates succeed in the way society expected them to - the good house, good car mentioned in N.O - and he’s still chasing his dream. He’s beginning to wonder if he made a mistake and is frightened of its consequences. (This will later play a big part in Wings.)

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D4VEocracy #2

With the internet now coursing through his circuits, S4M makes his public debut as a presidential candidate. Meanwhile, D4VE’s campaign trail gets rough when scandal rocks his public image, forcing the planet to choose a side. But for app developer bro GL3NN, world domination might be just a click away.


“THE EXTREMISTS” part two! Believing heroes to be threats to the survival of any world, Lord Havok and the Extremists have already murdered the mightiest heroes from their home dimension. To save our Earth they’d kill thousands more, starting with the newly formed JLA. But eye-to-eye, are Havok’s and Batman’s goals that different? Billions of lives depend on the answer. 


IF YOU THINK YOU KNOW WILSON FISK, THINK AGAIN! WILSON FISK’s criminal past has tarnished his public image, but to move beyond it, Fisk must face the demons of his past…and convince the world he’s changed! Writer SARAH DEWEY has conflicted feelings about helping him turn over this new leaf…but is Fisk’s promise of complete transparency and a big (legal) pay day too good for Sarah to pass up? This is the Kingpin in all his brutal honesty…the man, the murderer, the criminal…and the good Samaritan?!


Years have passed and life on The Slab has changed. Aden and his friends explore a black market trading post, while Onica and Nkunda confront an entirely new force that has descended upon the planetoid.


On set, like many couples involved in an office romance, she and Harington tried to keep their relationship secret. ‘But we failed miserably. We wouldn’t flirt in front of other people [and] we thought that nobody knew, but they did. And it doesn’t matter; it’s fine.’

In April, they finally made their official public debut as a couple at the Olivier Awards in London. ‘He was presenting an award, and it was wonderful to get ready for the red carpet together.’ 

Rose Leslie interview for The Telegraph

Camaro Red Line Series Concept

  • Satin Graphite mirror caps and window moldings
  • Hash mark and decklid panel graphics
  • 20-inch wheels in Satin Graphite with red accent
  • Camaro nameplates in gloss black with red accent
  • Red fog lamp bezels

Scheduled for a public debut at the SEMA Show, on November 3, 2015. 

A young visitor holds up her toy bunny to the aquarium glass in front of Aurora the Russian polar bear at the aquarium in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Two Russian polar bears, Aurora and Peregrino, were moved from the Kazan Zoo and arrived in the South American country in December. After four months of adaptation the two bears made their public debut on Thursday.Picture: AP Photo/Andre Penner


Como Zoo’s new baby giraffe already stands at 5-foot-8 

The Como Zoo this week has a new addition: a baby giraffe born Monday.

And if Mama Clover permits, she will make her public debut Thursday. Giraffes at the Como Zoo have the option of going out into the yard or staying inside, and Clover seems more inclined to stay behind the scenes, according to a release issued by the zoo. 

The yet-to-be-named female is the sixth calf born to Clover, and the 19th giraffe born at the zoo since the early 1990s, Como officials said. She already stands 5 feet 8 inches, and weighs 135 pounds. 

The baby joins the Como’s herd of giraffes, which includes her father Skeeter, Daisy and Sky in addition to Clover.