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Fatphobia runs deeper than conventional beauty standards and what clothes we “can and cant” wear.

Fatphobia is so internalized and we’re so aware of that. Me and any of my friends that are also bigger can’t even eat around people because of the looks and the judgements we’re scared we’ll get from people. 

Hell I can’t even go out in public, i can’t dance, I can’t hang out with my friends, I feel like I can’t do anything without being some sort of laughing stock. 

because somepoint, in my life, ive seen a video or soemthing of a fat person doing something that’s just a normal part of life as something that’s funny, that if i were to do some silly every day thing, it’s funny specifically because I’m fat.

so yeah. you can reblog your “fat is beautiful uwu” posts and then turn around and reblog a post thats supposed to be funny because a fat person is eating weird, dancing, or just having fun because you think its funny that their fat even though you wont admit thats the reason. 


The Ones BTS Would Fall For

J-Hope: Angel girl. For real probably walks on water. Always bakes cookies. Probably a bit of a mom friend. Completely wholesome. Tells surprisingly dirty jokes from time to time. Longest eyelashes. Such a little cutie pie and probs doesn’t know it. Undeniable social butterfly that children love. 

Rap Mon: Ooooh mama. V spicy. Sexy and open minded. Knows how to articulate opinions well. A bit intimidating but passionate. Good at knowing how people are truly feeling. Eyeliner wings so sharp you could commit murder with them. The turner of heads. 

Suga: Introverted, quiet, thoughtful. Always gives 110010% towards everything. Laughs quietly, pretty eye smile. Mutters some seriously funny shit under their breath. Blushes easily. Some sort of artist, probably. Likable, but only maintains a few close friends. Buys colorful clothes and then ends up wearing the same 3 black shirts anyways. 

Taehyung: Puppy in human form. Excited for no reason. Feels every emotion to the extreme. Dances in public anytime there is music. Carries all the groceries in one trip. Super fun, bold, life of the party. Has no enemies. Tries too often to walk backwards. Wants to see the world. Unstoppable force of nature. 

Jin: Probably won Prom Queen. Highlight is always poppin’. Holds up peace signs in selfies. Can make any outfit work. Literal deity that descended to the mortal realm. Trendy, knows too much about fashion. Such a good cook, Gordon Ramsey approves.  

Jimin: So loud. Laugh fills up the vacuum of space. Owns the coolest sunglasses always. Borrows everyone’s clothes. Looks like the embodiment of summertime. Bright smile. Screams a lot for no reason. Hits you when talking excitedly. V indecisive. Ready to fight anyone. Knows all the constellations, for whatever reason. 

Jungkook: Talk. About. A. Meme. Queen. Internet culture 101. Always knows whats happening. Dances like a dad at a bbq. Pulls stupid faces at small children and gets awkward when the parents look. Waves to people that aren’t waving at them all the time. Optimistic outlook, almost always in a good mood. 

Jean-Léon Destiné (March 26, 1918 – January 22, 2013)

Haitian-born American dancer and choreographer. He was born in Saint-Marc and moved to the United States with the dance company of Lina Mathon-Blanchet in the early 1940s. He later studied at Howard University. His work, becoming well known in the 1940s, often addressed Haiti’s history of resisting colonialism and slavery. He also danced with Katherine Dunham’s company and founded a national dance company in Haiti in the late 1940s. Destiné is known as the father of Haitian professional dance. (Wikipedia)

Portrait of dancer and choreographer Jean-Leon Destine. Printed on front: “Louis Melancon.”

  • Courtesy of the E. Azalia Hackley Collection of African Americans in the Performing Arts, Detroit Public Library
Preference - How they kiss you

Jeff Atkins

Jeff is very touchy when he kisses you, and it’ll almost always turn into heated make out sessions. He loves to grope your ass or thread his hands in your hair. Jeff will go to kiss your lips while your at your locker and he’ll secretly snake his hands around your waist, lowering them to grab ahold of your butt. He’s very into French kissing too, and being with Jeff means A LOT of PDA. He’ll start making out with you in the school halls, and you’ll have to remind him that your in public. After kissing Jeff, you’re most likely always sporting a couple of hickeys around your neck and collarbones. Jeff will always leave you breathless after one of his kisses, wanting for more. 

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Alex Standall

Alex’s kisses are gentle but very passionate. He pours all of his feelings for you when the two of you lock lips. He’ll gently thread his hands into your hair or cradle your face between his hands. If the two of you are not in public, Alex will get more handsy with you and grab your butt, pinching it slightly while the two of you kiss. He’ll trail kisses down your neck and suck harshly on your sweet spot, leaving his mark. 

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Zach Dempsey 

Zach is a GOD when it comes to kissing. Sometimes he kisses you with so much love and passion that you’re tummy is doing little flips. He’ll cradle your face between his big hands and softly press his lips against yours. Other times he kisses you with a raw animalistic need. He’ll pin you against any surface, or have you straddle his lap, kissing you fiercely, lust evident in his eyes. He’ll rub your centre against his growing bulge, groping your ass. Zach will shove his tongue in your mouth and dominate you completely. After kissing Zach you’re always left all hot and bothered. 

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Justin Foley

Justin is either super sweet when he kisses you, pecking your lips lightly or kissing your nose, he adores the way you wrinkle it when he does. Or he is super naughty. He’ll pin you down on his bed, squeezing you ass or breasts while trailing hot, moist kisses down the column of your neck. 

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Tony Padilla

Tony is super gentle when he kisses you. He’ll lightly press his lips onto yours, savouring the feel of your mouth against his. Tony is gentlemen, and always respects your boundaries. So he is pretty cautious when it comes to more heated kisses, always asking you if what he’s doing is okay. He loves to thread his hands in your soft locks when he’s kissing you. Kissing Tony is like a fairytale dream come true, it truly is magical. 

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Clay Jensen

Kissing Clay is heaven. Clay is one of the sweetest guys you have ever met, and his kisses are even sweeter (if that’s possible). He’ll cup your cheek in his hand, slowly leaning in and pecking your lips once, before diving back in for another kiss. He’ll swipe his tongue against yours hesitantly, asking for entrance. Which of course you grant him. You’ll always have to coax his tongue with your own to explore each other’s mouths. 

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Hannah Baker

Hannah’s kisses are really passionate. She’ll start off by kissing you with a sort of delicacy but the kiss will soon turn more sensual. She’ll thread her hands in our hair and lazily drag her tongue against yours. Hannah is not big on PDA, so she’ll always kiss you in non public places, like at home. Sometimes your kisses with Hannah do tend to get a little heated… 

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Montgomery de la Cruz

Monty will kiss you with so much lust and want, it takes your breath away. He’ll come up behind you at school, pinning you against your locker and shove his tongue in your mouth. He’s BIG on PDA because he likes everyone to know that you’re HIS, and only his. 

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Jessica Davis

Jessica’s kisses are gentle, sweet, and loving. She’ll constantly be giving you little pecks on the cheek at school, or lightly kissing your lips. She does get carried away sometimes when the two of you are in public, especially at dances or parties, and will kiss you with more fiery passion, clinging onto you in want.

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Ryan Shaver

Ryan is very forceful when he kisses you. He’ll pull you against him and force his tongue into your mouth, stealing the air right out of your lungs. After kissing Ryan, you’ll have dozens of hickeys that are pretty hard to cover up. 

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Tyler Down

Tyler is very timid when kissing you. It usually has to be you that instigates the kiss. But once he gets more comfortable with this intimate gesture, he’ll run his hands up and down your back, sometimes daring to cup your butt, and kiss you into a breathless oblivion.

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NSFW Drabble based off of the ridiculously talented @lilithsaur ‘s Demon!Au couple who I adore the hell out of.   


Lilith, Rey, Soul-stealer.

Over hundreds of years, men had cycled through praises for her. Some whispering affections for the mischievous demon who visited in dreams while others searched for the source of their nightmares until awe quivered in their voice once they found her name in ancient scrolls. Some foolish men, who realized their mistakes too late, whined and begged for her to leave, but her absolute favorite worshippers were always the loudest. Those delicious, cursed few who were given the chance to scream her real name as she dug in her claws before dragging them down to hell.

Nothing sounded better to her ears than a blood covered tongue rolling over a begging that wouldn’t save them, but only one creature could twist her name into a shiver.

Even in a club where heavy bass pounded against her skin, she could feel him reach out for her. Feel his desire cutting through layers of reality until his conscious nuzzled against hers. A shadow of his lust clawing to get closer, and flashing a grin, she stroked a finger along her temple.

Now, now.

I’ve got a soul to claim.

Stroking her fingers past her pewter tiara, she scraped along her scalp. Aware that he’d feel the sensations gliding along the base of his neck too. Knowing it would torture him so, and oh how it pleased her to tease the impatient beast who had the nerve to interrupt her.

Where are you?

“New York,” she lazily answered, sitting down on a barstool. Crossing her ankles as the bells around them tinkled the sweetest sound she’d hear all night, and she continued,”Staring up at a handsome human on stage, and I’m debating on what I’ll have him call me tonight.”

Tipping her head back, she gasped. No reply echoed in her thoughts, but a sharp tug had rippled through her mind. A scratch warning his sadistic kitten to play nice, but Rey never played nice. After five thousand years, she had a reputation to maintain.

“Don’t be jealous,” she cooed, waving over the bartender. “He’s only a scratching post.”

 A human sitting beside the demon blinked in alarm. Sliding his chair farther away from the woman who appeared to be carrying on a conversation with herself, and further paling as she let out a bubbly laugh. Those sharp-tipped teeth of hers’ flashed, and he’d tell himself for the rest of the night that it must have been a trick thanks to the strobing light.

“Oooh, show’s about to start,” she hopped off her seat, drink in hand as she sauntered up closer to the stage. “So shush.”

No reply came down their bond, but the demon had stopped caring as she thrilled over the elaborate paint marks along the stage. The curves and lines she knew so well. Those splatters of crimson that made her hold a hand over where her heart should have beat.

 Aww, a pentagram. How cute.

Up on stage, the drumbeats charged forward as the rest of the band took their places. A riot of visceral noise suddenly filled the room until anticipation peaked, and Rey leaned in for more. Licking her lips as euphoric screams mixed with raw chords through the first notes, and the war-like sounds did her body good. Rolling her pointed tongue along the rim of her glass, she drunk in the chaos. Coloring in the shades of her magic with the pops of panic as the crowd surged forward.

Feeding on every last fear.

Pumping his fist in the air, the cocky lead singer screeched, “Are you ready to raise the dead?”

“Yes!” Rey gleefully shouted back.

“Your souls are mine!”

“Nope,” she snickered.

Gripping onto the microphone, the performer howled out the melodic incantations. Never accepting for one second that the ragged book he’d picked up at a witchcraft store in Brooklyn actually possessed the ability to bring hellraisers to his feet- never dreaming that such a thing was possible. Singing out the unusual, rhyming prose from the manuscript, he set the crowd into a dancing frenzy. Unknowingly leading them all to their gory ends as the bright-eyed female up front covered in draped chains and tattoos glided her hands down her body. Feeling her curves that shimmered more and more the longer he sang.

Then feeling talons snap her hips back against his.

“Kylo,” she whimpered, arching into him. “What are you doing here?”

“Ask the idiot on stage who just shrieked my name,” the voice behind her growled, his razored teeth possessively nipping her earlobe.

Don’t pretend that you didn’t come for me.

“Don’t pretend that you don’t want to come for me,” he hissed back, full lips trailing heat down her throat as he turned her around in his arms. Shameless even after all these centuries with her, her demon backed her up against the stage. Digging her spine into the wooden edge as her mouth parted in ecstasy, and his thumb dragged along her tongue until she bit down.

“Cruel thing.”

“Your thing,” she mocked.

Staring into his feline amber eyes, she skated her palms up to the chains dangling from his nipples. Playfully twining them around her fingers until viciously tugging down, and catching that lovely whine against her mouth as Kylo claimed his first kiss with a snarl. Latching on, they unleashed on each other. Feasting on the mix of pleasure spiked with pain as he hastily zipped his trousers down while continuously kissing her lush mouth. Growling against her tongue as her fingers carded through his silky onyx locks to pet the horns curved underneath. Showing her devotion to the devil who damned her for the first time as he damned her again against the stage.

“You’re going to make me miss his shock when the demons outnumber the fans,” she panted.

Impatiently hitching her thigh higher up around his waist, her magnificent demon then canted forward. Mercilessly burying himself to the hilt inside of her slick depths as the music rumbled through her body and into his. Those same vibrations obscenely pulsing around them until he slid out of her with a ragged groan,

“Then tip your head back, and watch.”

Never able to resist his breathy commands, she did just that. Staring upside down at the poor singer right as his eyes widened in shock, his realization hitting at the same time as the demon he’d beckoned forth climaxed. All the mortal’s views of the world crumbling down to ashes as Kylo filled her whole again.

See, sweet Rey, anything worth having is worth sharing.  


WATCH: “I Am an Alaska Native Dancer”

Haliehana Stepetin is a master Alaska Native dancer whose life goal is to promote and teach the many styles of dance found throughout the diverse Alaska Native cultures. See her story in “I Am an Alaska Native Dancer” from  Alaska Public Media. 

Featured on Billboard: GET TO KNOW BTS JHOPE

After their global popularity led BTS to becoming the first ever K-pop group to win a Billboard Music Award, at the 2017 BBMAs – a feat that no other Korean aside from Psy has achieved – all eyes are on the septet. With their trend-setting approach to K-pop and their charismatic, but relatable, personalities, the boy band is the most visible Asian act in the US right now.

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My Cemetery Dance Publications ‘Salem’s Lot: The Deluxe Special Edition finally arrived! It contains an introduction by King, an afterword by Clive Barker, deleted scenes, the prequel “Jerusalem’s Lot,” the sequel “One for the Road,” a town map drawn by Glenn Chadbourne, and interior paintings by David Palumbo! All in an oversized book, printed on thick paper, and encased in wonderful slipcase! It’s a dream come true, even better than their IT 25th Anniversary Special Edition! Can’t wait to see what they do with The Shining!

Summary of MomoCon Live Talks Machina Panel

Missed a little bit at the start!

  • Brian starts giving away prizes to anyone in the audience who snarks him. Many prizes are given away.
  • The party went completely off the rails on several occasions: the Fire Plane was a big one, because the party spent weeks saying they weren’t going and then went. Senokir and the initial encounter in the City of Brass was 100% improvised because Matt had nothing specific prepared.
  • Asked which characters they’ve voiced that they’d like to play in a campaign: Taliesin wants to play as the Flash, Marisha wants to play as Margaret from Persona, Matt wants to play as Kiritsugu Emiya.
  • Pretty much everyone expected Keyleth to win in the Battle Royale. She and Grog want to do a rematch because there were some minor technical errors throughout (the big one: he forgot his -2 on the save from the Water Plane). They’re going to do a “WWE-style one-on-one” game on Talks Machina. Brian: “We could put it on pay-per-view. …that’s sort of what Alpha is, I guess.”
  • Percy doesn’t carry the Contract with him, it’s locked away so he can avoid temptation. Matt: “That’s fine. You don’t have to have it on you to invoke the pact.” (long pause) “No, you do, it’s in the paper.”
  • Matt thinks of Allura as his most self-insert character. He also loves playing Gilmore and Raishan.
  • Marisha’s fave NPC is the Sun Tree, Taliesin’s is Victor.
  • Questions to ask for making good NPCs: What are their goals? What are their fears?
  • A lot of being able to push outside your comfort zone as an actor involves getting over shame. Taliesin recommends singing loudly in the car, Marisha recommends karaoke or dancing in public. Taliesin points out that generally the reaction is pretty positive and not really what you’re expecting. But it does take practice.
  • Sam and Matt had been discussing Taryon about three weeks in advance, in case Scanlan decided to leave, depending on how conversations went with the party. Sam wasn’t prepared for Taryon’s introduction when it happened; he was expecting to have another week to prepare, but Matt tapped him in over the break. It took everyone a few episodes to get used to him. Everyone was a little nervous about the group starting new characters, because Marisha, Taliesin, and Liam were the only ones who had ever really played other characters in D&D, and they were reassured to see it was possible.
  • Taliesin: “A good DM knows the difference between consequence and punishment.”
  • Keyleth’s encounter with Kerr at a time when VM wasn’t being supportive of Keyleth changed a lot of Marisha’s plans for the character. She was very close to multiclassing into barbarian before that encounter. Taliesin: “Your current track is ‘be the Lisa Frank you want to see in the world’.”
  • Taliesin on how the original concept for Percy has changed: “Percy was supposed to never be happy with himself or the world around him. And… not anymore! He’s getting dangerous, something’s gonna snap, I’m enjoying it. All it took was a really, really inappropriate relationship to ruin everything, I’m loving it.”
  • Matt was sitting on the Briarwood Arc since Taliesin gave him the page of Percy’s backstory. He was sitting on the Conclave Arc for about two years before it happened, mainly because he’d never really had the opportunity to use dragons in Dungeons and Dragons before. 
  • Marisha: “Arguably, if there’s no adventure going on for Vox Machina, we’re just a group of shitty people.”
  • The arc related to the Siphon has been in the works since Matt was developing the Briarwoods Arc, so this new arc might be the one that was planned the furthest in advance.
  • Taliesin: “It’s not that we’re nervous about Grog having the Deck of Many Things, it’s that we’re nervous about Travis having the Deck of Many Things.”
  • Taliesin’s favorite arc that isn’t his own character’s arc: Fire Plane. Marisha and Matt’s: Raven Queen. Brian really appreciated the last parts of Scanlan’s arc, because discussing it brought him and Sam closer.
  • Another big DM improv moment was when Vex and Keyleth accidentally found Clarota way earlier than Matt expected. In the Moonbrush, in the Feywild, Matt really wasn’t expecting the party to side with the werewolves.

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How about the many ways Dick manages to embarrass each of his siblings because of mother-henning, super hugs, etc, but they still love him anyway? (would really love if all the batkids were included like Steph, Cass, and Duke too though Dick and Jason's broship is my favorite)

Jason: Dick will physically haul Jason around just to prove that he still can; he does this especially when Jason makes a joke about Dick’s height or how he’s weak or anything like that. Jason could be having a serious conversation and Dick will just carry him off without warning

Tim: Dick makes awful jokes whenever Tim is hanging out with his friends and naturally, his friends find it funny, but Tim is dying because “Dude, c’mon, that’s not even funny! And it doesn’t make sense!”

Damian: Dick will hug him at any possible moment, including when Damian is attempting to be threatening and it just undermines any level of fear he’s trying to instill in people. Dick also will speak in a “baby voice” sometimes and it takes so much self restraint for Damian not to punch him in the throat

Steph: Whenever Dick wears something absolutely atrocious in public (so this happens frequently), Steph will either a.) fight down the urge to vomit b.) try not to sock him in the jaw for thinking that outfit was a good idea and c.) try to hide him away as soon as possible because god forbid anyone she knows see her sort of brother looking like a (bigger) fool

Cass: It’s hard to embarrass Cass, but if Dick is completely oblivious about something then she feels a bit of secondhand embarrassment that he’s just so clueless sometimes (so if Dick misses a social cue without noticing because he’s really tired or something like that)

Duke: Dick will dance (read: flail about like an idiot and call it dancing) in public and Duke just has to try not to cry because what the hell is this man-child doing? It looks like he’s dying and there’s always people that Duke knows around whenever Dick does this