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I don’t really understand how people have A Style, y’know? I have so many different outfits, different tastes. And I work hard to cultivate them all but God, I don’t have A Look, I have 1200 Looks that I have to shuffle through, like Short Angry Punk In Leather Jacket, Soft-Flannel Hiking Lesbian, Classy Pink Prep, Cool Emo Who Probably Pops Bubblegum In Your Face, Kicky Daytime Burlesque Dancer, Masquerade Ball, 2006 Improbably Perky Mall Goth, Accomplished Junior Politician, I Am Super Classy But Definitely Wearing Lacy Lingerie Just In Case, Covered In Nerd Merch, and Boho Chick Who Wears Flower Crowns And Dances In Public.

Like. How do you define Your Look when you’re a goddamn chameleon??

Jean-Léon Destiné (March 26, 1918 – January 22, 2013)

Haitian-born American dancer and choreographer. He was born in Saint-Marc and moved to the United States with the dance company of Lina Mathon-Blanchet in the early 1940s. He later studied at Howard University. His work, becoming well known in the 1940s, often addressed Haiti’s history of resisting colonialism and slavery. He also danced with Katherine Dunham’s company and founded a national dance company in Haiti in the late 1940s. Destiné is known as the father of Haitian professional dance. (Wikipedia)

Portrait of dancer and choreographer Jean-Leon Destine. Printed on front: “Louis Melancon.”

  • Courtesy of the E. Azalia Hackley Collection of African Americans in the Performing Arts, Detroit Public Library

My Cemetery Dance Publications ‘Salem’s Lot: The Deluxe Special Edition finally arrived! It contains an introduction by King, an afterword by Clive Barker, deleted scenes, the prequel “Jerusalem’s Lot,” the sequel “One for the Road,” a town map drawn by Glenn Chadbourne, and interior paintings by David Palumbo! All in an oversized book, printed on thick paper, and encased in wonderful slipcase! It’s a dream come true, even better than their IT 25th Anniversary Special Edition! Can’t wait to see what they do with The Shining!


I am dancing around my house like an idiot, and I don’t care!! Loving all my shipsters today!!👫😍😙❤❤❤❤


Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy

Portrait of dancer Pearl Primus. Stamped on back: “Pearl Primus. Austin Wilder, artist management, promotion. 745 Fifth Avenue, New York City.” Handwritten on back: “Primus, Pearl.”

  • Courtesy of the E. Azalia Hackley Collection of African Americans in the Performing Arts, Detroit Public Library

gryfinngal  asked:

For the fic ask: 11 and 15??? Please!!!

11.) What’s a fan fic idea you haven’t done yet?

Hmmmmm… Probably gender flipped Anakin. Or a Maul redemption arc. Or being nice to Qui-Gon. (I am TRYING but he’s always being so damn difficult!) Or just a straight up mostly-serious Sith! Obi-Wan/Jedi Anakin, as opposed to the sarcastic sassing of Darth Arulas. Or AhsokaxAnybody because I am trying y’all and my Ahsoka receiver is just not picking up the shipping frequencies.

And SCARverse. Man that is going to be painful if that ever gets truly going.

15.) Give us a snippet of something from your WiPs!

From the next chapter of Where Shall We Three Meet Again?

“For the record, I have no desire to see myself dancing in public, Old Man,” Arulas declared to the group in the red speeder as they flew through the crisp cold air of Coruscant at dusk. “Are we understood?”

Old Man rolled his eyes and folded his arms over his chest. “Well then if we are being honest, Arulas, I have no desire to see you at all and yet here you are.”

“Does that mean he can dance?” Anakin asked Little Sister as she looked back at the two men in the back seat.

“Will you two stop sniping at each other for five minutes?” Little Sister chastised. “Now before we go in, is everyone agreed on our story?”

“Yes, yes! We’ve gone over this already,” Arulas muttered, waving away Little Sister’s concern. “We are freelance security hired by Anakin. By all the Sith hells, woman! Stop mothering me! Last time I checked my master was not an attractive woman with perky OW! Damnit, Old Man!”

“Hey! Don’t make me turn this speeder around!” Anakin shouted over the squabbling Kenobis. “Arulas, I know you’re anxious about seeing the Duchess again but you’re going to have to learn to control yourself. Why don’t you take some slow breaths or something? Meditate and release your anxiety into the Force.”

Stunned into silence, all three Obi-Wan’s turned to gape in shock at Anakin, who looked back at them confused. “What? It’s what Master Gregor always says to Padawan Ayden!”

“He has to be a clone,” Arulas said to Old Man, who shook his head in dazed shock. “My Anakin would never say something like that.”

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Happy Sleepover Saturday! We saw Beauty & the Beast today - I'm still pondering my thoughts on it. :P Have you/do you plan to see it?

I saw it last night and my thoughts are nothing but good.  

I thought it was a lovely blend of classic musicals with the modern lushness available through CGI.  I thought it was  a wonderful marriage of historical realism and fairy-tale fantasy.  I thought the music was lovely and well-performed and the additions to the story were entertaining and gave it depth.  I thought Emma Watson was a darling, I could listen to Dan Stevens sing ballads about his feelings for hours, Luke Evans and Josh Gad were totally hilarious, and the whole thing left me with an unstoppable smile.

For me, it was completely perfect, and no one will be able to convince me otherwise.

It’s Sleepover Saturday, come to my inbox and say words!