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View of interior of a 1976 Buick car. Label on sleeve: “General Motors, Buick interior, 1976.”

Courtesy of the National Automotive History Collection, Detroit Public Library

Super Excited To Announce My First Book’s Release!

The Corpse Garden is a collection of fourteen of my short stories, including four, previously unreleased tales! In addition to the new tales, NoSleep and Tumblr favorites, such as The Murder In My Backyard and I Buried My Fiance On Our Wedding Day, also make up part of the garden.

If you guys are interested in purchasing a copy, it’s available for Amazon devices here.

Obviously I will continue to post new stories on both here and NoSleep, but the four unreleased stories are book-only!

Thank you for all of your support! I appreciate you all!

Packard Co. file photograph of a 1952 Packard front view, passing through large puddle, man behind wheel. Inscribed on photo back: “1952 Packard 250, twenty-fifth series, model 2531, 8-cylinder, 150-horsepower, 122-inch wheelbase, Mayfair sport coupe (body type #2577), fitted with exterior sun shield, note: redesigned pelican emblem, no "P-A-C-K-A-R-D” above grille, Packard crest mounted on grille, three redesigned jet louvers on rear fender, setting Packard Proving Grounds.“

  • Courtesy of the National Automotive History Collection, Detroit Public Library

Halloween mega post pt. 1! You guys are super creative and adorbs! Me and my lazy witch-hat-headband salute you!

1. Halloween Costume. Competitive Intelligence Librarian, Law Library, New York. I needle-felted the planets (and Pluto!) for the crown. Everything else, I already owned! First place in the office costume contest!
2. Young Adult Librarian, Public Library, Georgia
3. VPL Special Collections - Halloween. Public library, Canada
4. Library Services Specialist, 6th-12th grade library, California. Steampunk!Captain Marvel.
5. Emily Davenport, Librarian, Carter High School, Strawberry Plains, TN USA
6. I am the YA Library Associate in the Southeast Anchor Library of the Enoch Pratt Free Library, the public city library serving the citizens of Baltimore, Maryland. I’m here channeling Billie Joe Armstrong from the band Green Day!
7. Sally, Snow White, a back cat and the Grim Reaper. We are all part of the Publishing and Depository Services team with Public Works, Government of Canada. Sally is our Systems Librarian and the rest of us are Cataloguing and Acquisitions.
8. EVE celebrates Halloween at the Freeport Public Library with tiny WALL-E at my belt, plant in boot, and glowing green plant badge.
9. Dressed as Belle for my archivist job at an academic library in MA aujourd’hui. #bibliophile
10. Library Director, public library, Tennessee, USA. My goth tendencies made a Minnie Mouse costume very easy to throw together.

Amazing Supreme x North Face Collection

View of music librarian Kurtz Myers with singers Eloise Uggams and Eva Jessye during a visit to the E. Azalia Hackley Collection at the Detroit Public Library. Unidentified man and woman also stand around table; table is covered with an open suitcase filled with documents. Handwritten on back: “Eloise Uggams (extreme left), Eva Jessye (middle back). Touring company of ‘Porgy and Bess,’ visit to Hackley Collection, 1-6-67. Suitcase sent by Tom Anderson just opened. Photo by Lester Sloan.”

  • Courtesy of the E. Azalia Hackley Collection of African Americans in the Performing Arts, Detroit Public Library

View of a woman posing with a 1966 Mercury Park Lane sedan. Label on sleeve: “Ford Motor Co., Mercury Park Lane, 1966.”

  • Courtesy of the National Automotive History Collection, Detroit Public Library

Martin Luther King and the Montgomery story : how 50,000 Negroes found a new way to end racial discrimination : December 5, 1955, walk to freedom. December 21, 1956, victory for justice. Title from cover. Fellowship of Reconciliation, 1957.

  • Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library

Happy (almost) St. Patrick’s Day from The Cleveland Public Library!

We’re getting ready for shenanigans here at the Cleveland Public Library, so we thought we’d post some pages from one of the highlights of our Special Collections department.  This is a facsimile copy of The Book of Ballymote.  

The Book of Ballymote is a 501 page manuscript written by scribes in 1391. Ballymote Castle in County Sligo was the home of the McDonagh family, whose scribes wrote this book. It is written in the Ogham alphabet, an ancient form of written Celtic.

This manuscript has a long history of being stolen. It was held at the Library of Trinity College in Dublin from 1620 until 1767.  Mysteriously, the book disappeared from the library and traveled to France.  In 1785, it was returned to the Royal Irish Academy.  The Academy photographed the book and made 200 copies of the book in 1887.  The Special Collections Department of the Cleveland Public Library owns one of these copies.

The middle photo depicts scales or a key to the Ogham alphabet.  The bottom left photo is from the first page of the book and is probably a drawing of Noah’s Ark.

Go raibh maith agat to our colleague Stacie Brisker in Special Collections for all of her research on this great cultural treasure!

Portrait of a young woman with her hair pulled back, wearing suit coat, vest and turned down collar with small bow tie. Printed on photo back: “Revenaugh & Co. successor to Geo. C. Gillett, photographic & art studio, Kelley’s Block, East Huron St., Ann Arbor, Mich., negatives preserved, old pictures enlarged to any size desired, and finished in ink, oil or watercolors in a superior manner.”

  • Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library

View of a 1963 Mercury Meteor coupe. Label on sleeve: “Ford Motor Co., Mercury Meteor, 1963.”

  • Courtesy of the National Automotive History Collection, Detroit Public Library

Having malefic planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, which are often considered malefic in modern astrology) in the tenth or eleventh houses often leads people towards social change, to wanting to impact society as a whole due to the public and collective nature of these houses. Yet, it also leaves us vulnerable to nefarious influences, perhaps even joining causes that may not be all that beneficial. We may be drawn to those that speak with passion, despite the actual words that they are speaking.