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Chance the Rapper to donate $1 million to support Chicago’s ailing public school system

  • Standing behind a podium surrounded by educational posters, Chance called out Governor Bruce Rauner for his inaction on the Chicago school system’s budget problems.
  • Chance also announced his intention to donate “1 million dollars to CPS to support the arts and original programming.” He pulled out a big game show-sized check to prove it.
  • “This check that I donated is a call to action,” he said. “I’m challenging major companies and corporations in Chicago and across the U.S. to donate and take action.” Read more (3/6/17 4:13 PM)

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Batfamily NSFW headcanons

Well, here it is. Because of the nature of the questions, IT IS NSFW, so if you’re uncomfortable with that, do not read, I have PLENTY of other work that aren’t NSFW at all that you can check ;-) (right here, my masterlist blog : Anyway, I’m not great at writing headcanons so thought I practice a bit…hope you’ll still like it :


The Goodies-

Bruce Wayne

  • What turns them on?

✶When you touch him inappropriately in public. Especially at charities, galas and other balls. It drives him crazy the way you do it so sneakily so that no one but him notice. It’s a sure way to convince him to go home earlier. 
✶Seeing you putting someone in their place with your wits and sarcasms after they’ve been rude to you…Oh he lives for this, and will have trouble to concentrate on anything else but wanting you. 
✶Your smile. Your laugh. The way you light up his dark World.
✶That man has a thing with lifting your skirt slowly, and putting your panties aside. He couldn’t even tell you why, he just loves it. And obviously, it instantly turns him on when you let him.
✶Knowing that the emotions he feels for you can outlast the orgasm you both had. Oh yes. Knowing he’s loved, and can let go with you. 

  • What turns them off?

There is very few things that turns him off when he’s with you, if not nothing (like literally, even when you’re being annoying, or when he’s being an ass, or if you just woke up and are disheveled and not really attractive…he’d still want you), as everything you do is just…Wow. He can’t get enough of you. Everything you do turns him on really. But He had experiences with other women before… :
✶Women who couldn’t handle a simple conversation. No connection at all with them, just sex. In and out, and then they’d be gone. He hated that. Which makes him love you more when you just spent time in each others arms talking about anything and everything. You’re the only one that makes him want to talk about what he feels and such…It’s a big relief. You’re his big relief. 
✶He use to hate SO MUCH when he took a woman out that had a “fake hollywood accent”, or any fake accent. A lot of fake French one. They thought it made them more interesting, but the only thing it did, was making them super annoying to hear so…Yeah, massive turn off. He cringed more than once because of a high pitched voice, or an annoying one with a stupid fake accent.
✶Narcissism turned him off instantly. Oh the many women Alfred had to escort out because Bruce misjudge them…It happened to him a lot when he was younger, long before meeting you. He thought he’d find a kindred spirit, but turned out, it would just be a woman who wanted him for his money and fame, and who thought she was irresistible. Spoiler : those kind of women were rarely irresistible, to him at least. He could resist them very well. He could resist most women very well…But you. Oh you, it’s impossible. 
✶Lack of passion. He just cannot even think about dating someone who isn’t passionate about anything. 
✶Fake tits. That doesn’t even remotely look (or feel) natural. Fuck them. And oh the women he went out as a younger man had a lot of fake things physically (fake ass, tits, teeth, nose…), every thing was fake in them really, to their personality and smiles. He hated that with a passion, and often wished he could drop the “womanizer” and “playboy” persona, that wasn’t like his real him at all…Everything changed when you came in. You’re the best thing that ever happened to him, nothing fake about you (for real though, if you wanna tell him to fuck off because he’s being an asshole, they you’ll do so, and he loves that!). 

  • Kinks?

Nearly violent sex. Bitey, grabby, pinny, not-holding-back sex. Paired with sweet words of encouragement and gentle forehead/Cheek kisses.
✶Surprise sex. You waking him up because his cock is in your mouth. Him whipping you around while you walk around the Manor, and boom.
✶Sex after an injury. He loves the way you’re careful with him, or how he needs to take care of you because you’re hurt. 
✶He likes giving more than receiving. WITH YOU. Because he feels like he has to thank you to put up with his shit and antics…And you do it so well, oh he just has to please you. Doesn’t mean he’s against a good old blowjob though. Oh, and damn, the good old 69 am I right ? 
✶He can be vanilla and/or rough, and you love it. He would never really hurt you (even if you ask him too, just light biting really), and most of the time you make love, rarely just fucking (unless you haven’t seen each other for a long time and you just need it)…He’s all for the sweet and cuddly aftercare. Cheesy man. 

Richard Grayson

  • What turns them on?

✶You. Your mere presence. A slight touch of your fingers on his arms. And he’s gone. It’s not always great, like, you’d be in public and you’d just touch his thigh softly, as you do, and he’d give you “that look”…
✶Snuggles. Cuddles. Oh yes. 
✶Neck kisses. It drives him beyond wild. 
✶He will get harder inside you by the mere sound of your moans…And hearing you orgasm, clenching around him, is a sure way to send him over the edge too. 

  • What turns them off?

✶Being with someone boring. Glad he found you. 
✶If he’s with a “selfish lover”. He doesn’t mind giving at all, but for him, making love is a way to show mutual respect, to show how much you mean for each other…so if he’s with someone who only think about themselves ? No.
✶When his partner is too forward about wanting sex. “Want to fuck ?” Oh. Nope, he likes when it’s subtle. When you give him sultry looks and such. He likes the building up. 
✶Bad breath. As simple as that. 

  • Kinks?

✶Once, he was arguing with you and in the heat of the moment, you slapped his face. Of course you excused yourself profusely, until you realized he went from being annoyed to argue to being very aroused…You both learned something about him that day. So, light BDSM. Who would’ve thought ?
✶He lives for silly giggly sex. Pleasure, your moans and bad puns, how could it get better than this ? 
✶Women’s mid sections. He loves slight belly and curvy hips. As simple as that.
✶He’s a sucker for romantic evening, that turns hot and steamy. 
✶Rubbing your legs, ass and back during the act. Oh yeah. 

Jason Todd

  • What turns them on?

✶Seeing you punching people. It sounds awful, but the way you don’t let anyone walk on your feet and don’t hesitate to punch people even twice your size…He loves it. 
✶If you wear a dress, your legs will instantly turn him on. He loves your legs. Especially when wrapped around his waist. 
✶You love to dance, and hum songs you like…Big turn on every time, as he can’t get enough of your voice, and you’re damn sexy when you dance. 
✶When you’re trying to contain yourself, but simply cannot. Muscles spasm and contort as you climax.

  • What turns them off?

✶Judgmental people. The kind who decides what you are before knowing you.
✶The daddy kink. Oh God, NO. 
✶It’s something kinda silly, he knows, but he hates long unclipped toe nails. Ew. You laughed the first time he told you. Well, yeah, it’s super gross. 
✶Lacks of enthusiasm and initiative. He can’t be with a woman who lets him do everything, chose everything for her. And who never initiates anything. Basically, the opposite of you. 

  • Kinks?

✶Clothed sex, because it feels like you two are so hungry for each other, that you just can’t bother getting all the clothes off. 
✶Sex games. First one to come loses. 
✶Public and semi-public sex. Hey, he likes danger. When you two are almost caught…Oh the thrill.
✶He’s very creative when it comes to sexual position. As long as your comfortable of course…He’s sure glad you’re flexible by the way.

Timothy Drake

  • What turns them on?

✶Intelligent woman. Intelligence in general. 
✶The way you look at him, with so much love, that makes him feel like he’s really wanted and needed…Sometimes, he just needs validation, as he doesn’t always gets it with his family. Fortunately, you’re here for that. 
✶Nibbling on his ears and neck, while whispering sweet nothing.
✶Eye contact. He just loves it. 

  • What turns them off?

✶Loud people. Oh God can’t they shut up ? He hasn’t slept for the past 36 hours and they’re making his head explode. Instant turn off if there’s too many noises. Though he loves your screams…It’s different ok ? 
✶If you starfish. Making love is a thing he wants to do with you, not to a very passive you. Fortunately, you’re never able to “starfish”…you’d do it as a joke sometimes, because you know he doesn’t like it, and then you wouldn’t be able to resist moving in sync with him.
✶Nothing to talk about but yourself. Someone obsessed with themselves. Oh he hates it. He’s so glad he didn’t find someone who didn’t had any subject else than themselves. He’s so glad he found you. Because with the name “Wayne” comes a plethora of women only interested in money and fame, who loves no one else but themselves. 
✶He hates feigned incompetence. Like a girl who acts like she doesn’t know anything about sex, while she’s clearly experienced. He always feels manipulated when this happens…

  • Kinks?

✶He loves to “discover boundaries”. Like what you like, dislike, what you two are willing to do, the extent you can go etc etc..Knowing just until where both of your boundaries go. 
✶You two nerds invented a secret “sex langage” to be able to talk about it in public. Of course you would.  
✶Nerdy dirty talk. Oh the puns about technologies, and pop culture you two are able to get out while making love : it’s endless. And he loves it. It makes him feel like he found just the perfect person for him. And you really are. 
✶Lazy morning sex. Bath sex. Those private moment with you, where you can just both enjoy each other. Domestic moment sex if that makes sense. 

Damian Wayne (older than his current age of course)

  • What turns them on?

✶Training together, seeing you fight and such. The way your body moves…Gets him every time. 
✶The way you look at him and tell him “I love you”. He’ll never get tired of it. Seeing the love in your eyes for him, knowing you mean it, that there’s at least one person in the world that really love and appreciate his bratty ass. 
✶When you caress his hair, fingers massaging his scalp. Soothing and arousing at the same time. 
✶The way you bite your lips or stick out your tongue when you’re focused. 

  • What turns them off?

✶He tries to be nice about it but…Body odors. If you smell because you two jumped on each other before you could take a shower…Instant turn off. Even his own smell could turn him off. Basically, if it smells bad, he won’t be able to concentrate on sex at all. He’s a living paradox however as he loves the smell of your sweat.
✶Hurting you. 
✶Rude and vulgar people. 
✶Lack of empathy.

  • Kinks?

✶Sensory deprivation. Like blindfolded, so you have to rely on trust and such. Or handcuffed, so you can’t touch and…again trust comes in. Sometimes, he would put headphones on your ears, so you wouldn’t know what his next move is by the sound…Basically, knowing you trust him and letting him do all that. 
✶He likes trying new things.But will never do anything you’re uncomfortable doing of course. Consent is key.  
✶Always the tease though. 
✶Sometimes, he’ll argue with you ON PURPOSE just for the amazing make-up sex afterward…Each time you’ll give him a look meaning : “really Damian ?”, and he’ll just smirk back at you. He knows how to push all your buttons, and oh, he just really like the way you are during make-up sex. 
✶You come first. He loves you, he wants you to be comfortable, but he also like trying new things and he’s so damn glad he found someones like you who’s willing to be adventurous. 


One thing I love about all these stories coming out about Ovi is that for a guy the critics loved to rip as too flamboyant, too selfish, too much of a showman, too non-humble, (and let’s face it, basically too Not A Good Canadian Boy), is how diametrically wrong they are.

All these stories pouring in about his basic generosity and kindness mean something. The officially publicized things like his charity work and his foundation efforts and the various Make A Wish efforts done on a bigger stage and through his organization are amazing. But so are things as small and everyday as taking the time to play with the kids in his neighborhood, giving away his sticks, and being solicitous of the people he works with. He’s Gr8.

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The Flying Graysons

Prompt: Batmom meets Dick Grayson.
A/N: This is the first part of my new series, which is mainly about Batmom meeting the batkids. I’m going in order, so Jason is next!

When you first heard that Haly’s Circus was coming to Gotham, you had immediately begged Bruce to go with you.

It’s been ages since the last time you both did anything fun. Usually, you’d only go out in public for galas and charity balls, but now that the circus was in town, there was no way you’re missing out on it.

Luckily for you, Bruce gave in to your begging, much to your satisfaction.

“Bruce, come on!” You ushered, pulling on his arm to try and make him walk faster.

Bruce chuckled, “The show doesn’t even start until 7:30, and it’s not even seven yet.” He said, amused by your eagerness.

The billionaire knew exactly why you were so excited. Today might be your only chance to see the Flying Graysons up close and personal. Ever since little Richard joined in on his family’s performances, the act had gotten more popular, and you were one of their biggest fans.

“We need to get good seats.” You said, trying to defend yourself.

Your husband gave you a ‘really?’ look. “Did you suddenly forget who you’re married to?” He asked teasingly.

You stuck out your tongue childishly and continued to drag him closer and closer to the large tent.

As soon as you were inside, you picked the seats closest to the front and sat down happily.

There were already several people inside waiting for the show to start, some of them even pulled out their phones and started to not-so-subtly take pictures of you and Bruce once they caught sight of Gotham’s most famous couple.

Bruce wrapped his arm around your shoulders and started to whisper random things in your ear.

One of the main reasons why he even agreed to go with you was because of the publicity, which sounded bad but you understood. He was the Batman. The more Bruce Wayne went out in public with his wife, the less people were suspicious of him.

Time flew by fast as more and more civilians entered the tent. You caught sight of familiar faces such as those of the Drakes and their young son, Tim.

You weren’t particularly close to them, but Tim was just so adorable. So when he waved and smiled toothily at you, you couldn’t help smile and wave back.

A minute later, the ringmaster appeared and you looked up at Bruce with an excited grin. He affectionately smiled back down, happy to see that you were happy.

You watched in wonder as the opening acts came out and performed. Though you hadn’t exactly came here for them, their performances still had you blown you away.

When the ringmaster finally announced the Flying Graysons, the whole tent bursted into cheers.

You and Bruce watched as the family took their place atop the trapeze.

After seeing how small Dick Grayson actually was, you couldn’t help but worry about his safety, even though you knew acrobatics was probably second nature to him.

The crowd cheered loudly in amazement as Dick started the performance off with his famous “Quadruple Flip of Doom,” a maneuver that only the Grayson family was able to perfect.

You sighed in relief and clapped as Dick swung to safety, causing Bruce to chuckle amusingly. Seeing you so worried about a child’s wellbeing brought a warm feeling in his chest. ‘She would be an amazing mother,’ he noted.

John and Mary Grayson, Dick’s parents, prepared to attempt a simultaneous triple flip.

The two acrobats smiled lovingly at each other before swinging out together, earning ‘oohs’ from the crowd.

Everyone waited for the two to land, but they never did.

Not even a second later, you and Bruce heard a terrifying snap. The both of you immediately tried to find where the noise was coming from, but in the end all you could do was watch in horror as the two Graysons plummeted several stories to their deaths.

Screams erupted and many began to rush out of the tent, not even giving a second glance back at the scene before them.

It was like a switch flipped in your head. Your eyes instinctively sought for Dick, who had been watching from above with tears streaming down his cheeks.

Without even thinking, you ran from Bruce’s side and climbed up the ladder while ignoring his calls for you. Your first priority was the hysterical boy grieving all by himself.

Once you reached the top, Dick’s head snapped from his parents’ bloodied bodies to you.

The pain in his eyes reminded you of Bruce’s right after his own parents’ deaths.

Your lips quivered at how utterly broken he looked.

You knew you couldn’t offer him much, but what you could give him was comfort.

No words needed to be spoken as you bent down in front of him and embraced him in the tight hug. He wrapped his shaky arms around you, crying excessively into your shoulder.

You could care less about the tears and snot getting on your expensive clothes. The only thing that mattered was the sobbing boy in your arms

seasons-of-stories  asked:

How do Fi users get mistaken for Fe users and vice versa?

Several reasons:

  1. The typist does not understand the theory fully yet
  2. The subject’s motives or behaviors are unusual for their type
  3. The focus is on what they are doing rather than how they are doing it

Not all Fe’s will be “here, listen to my feelings about everything.”

Not all Fi’s will be “I never talk about my feelings.”

Not all Fe’s will give a damn what strangers think of them, or care whether their behavior, conversation, or topic is “socially appropriate for the setting” or not.

Not all Fi’s will not care what other people think of them, or fail to consider how others may react to their beliefs, worldview, statements, or interests.

You must look at motives and how they accomplish things.

Fe motive: this is for the common good.

Fi motive: this is what is right for me.

How do they engage with others?

Fe will try to bring a sense of unity or togetherness. We can do this. We know the truth. We have things in common. Together, we can do this.

Healthy Fe’s often focus more on what they have in common even with people they disagree with than their differences, because Fe believes to get things done, people need to get along. Motivate people in a group, and you can accomplish great things (together).

Fi will use their strong sense of right and wrong to inspire others, but feel uncomfortable with the “we” business; a Fi believes they are in this alone. If given charge over a group, instead of togetherness or motivating dialogue that focuses on the “we” aspect, you will see Te manifest in handing out jobs. It will be less about emotional dynamics and more about “You have this skill, you are in charge of this. I need someone to do that… how about you?”

Let’s use a life example.

A newspaper publishes something controversial that upsets a lot of its readers on the political spectrum. Immediate damage control is required. So the paper runs, in their next issue, a front page article about a local charity. Boom! Public opinion goes through the roof. People forget they were mad last week. The charity receives an outpouring of donations and support.

Now, did a Fi or a Fe do that?

Fe (and Ti) would say: since there is division about our image right now, we must remind the public that despite our political differences, we can unite under common humanitarian goals. This will reverse the negative publicity and help the charity, since it’s also the right thing to do.

Fi (and Te) would say: our bottom line depends on our advertisers and public liking us. This charity needs help and I believe it is a good cause. I can kill two birds with one stone – recreate our brand through a public outreach, and bring awareness to this important charity at the same time. Everyone wins.

The mistake would be in assuming humanitarian outreach, or that decision, was motivated by Fe (for the greater good of the community, and our reputation), when in reality it might be Te doing damage control (and aiding a cause Fi feels intensely about at the same time).

MOTIVES (thought process – is it Te or Fe based?) and HOW the person does what they choose to do… matters.

Behavior does not indicate type. Brain function indicates type.

- ENFP Mod

Reaper and his fans

Ok because of this post I want to talk about Reaper and the people who care about him. And I don’t mean the people of Overwatch, who probably all miss him to some degree. Nah, I mean his fans.

The people to whom he was Major Gabriel Reyes, hero of the Omnic Crisis. Gabriel Reyes, one of the leaders of Overwatch, a public figure despite his less-than-public job.
Until Overwatch was first formed the war seemed all but unwinnable and suddenly there’s a strike team, led by Gabriel, who pretty much single handedly wins the war. He has the adoration of the public. We know there are posters of Reinhardt and Jack. 
There were posters of Gabriel, too.
He appeared in talk shows, making a dramatic entrance everytime that his fans lapped right up because it made the stern figure from the war footage human in a way they could all relate to.
He was on Sesame Street, explaining the concept of teamwork. He did a silly dance with the characters.
Millions of teenagers had his poster hanging above their beds, swooning over him on the internet and following every one of his public appearances religiously.
He attended charity events, the kind that make the celebrities collect money by doing silly or crazy things. Gabe led a team of twelve-year olds in a lasertag battle against Reinhardt’s team of twelve-year olds. They won, although Gabriel came fourth in the statistics. He hasn’t lived it down yet.

And then Gabriel dies. The Swiss base goes up in flames and millions mourn. His fans don’t give a crap what the news say, making him a villain. It’s a conspiracy, anti-blackness, the UN’s probably involved. They all have their own theories, but one thing they all have in common. They lost the man they all loved. 
Cut to Reaper roaming the streets of the city he’s in. Maybe he’s on a mission, maybe he’s just brooding. In the end it doesn’t matter. Because there, surrounded by flowers and lights, is a memorial dedicated to him.
It’s obvious it’s not sanctioned from the city. There’s a note hanging on the wall that reminds people mourning for a man who was a terrorist and a traitor will get them placed on watchlists.
But it’s there, nonetheless. So many flowers they hide the dirty concrete of the wall against which the memorial has been built. Drawings, digital and traditional, of him are placed between them and in all he looks so much more vibrant and handsome than he’s felt in decades.
The day of the dead is nearing and though he’s nowhere near Mexico there are bread and calaveras placed on small pedestals. There are letters and he reads them with a feeling he doesn’t dare inspect closer.
We miss you, Gabriel.
We love you still.
We wish you were here.

The message is clear. Six years after he died. People still remember him. Drawn on colourful ribbons that sway lightly in the breeze is another message.

Never forget.

The public and media have forgotten Reyes. They despise him.
These people do not. To them he’s still a hero.
A man worth loving.

anonymous asked:

What standing does Sansa have with the smallfolk? She was quite prominent in KL, obviously she's gone under now and people think she killed Joffrey. I know you believe her to be an eventual mother of kingdoms, but what social standing does she have with the common folk? Won't she need that in order to achieve the future you believe she has?

Well, they’re not called “the fickle mob” for nothing, opinion can change quickly. Sure, some believe she murdered (or helped to murder) Joffrey, but others believe it was Tyrion, or the Seven smiting him. It’s the same as Brienne and Catelyn both taking the rap among some for Renly.

I don’t believe that any problem that Sansa would have with the commoners would be insurmountable, as they are focused on protecting themselves from the savagery of war and the impact of the following winter famine. With careful image politics and public charity, I’m sure Sansa can secure plenty of common goodwill. She’s got both the compassion to help and the wits to know that she should demonstrate it. If there’s a character who can end up “doing well by doing good,” Sansa is it.

Thanks for the question, Anon.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King

Anon Please...

“In particular today I’d like to take this occasion to remind all of us of how much we need sisterhood in a world where some women write horrible things about bloggers they don’t even know and jump to conclusions about the motives of bloggers because those women don’t fulfill their very retrograde view of how women should behave.*

Wow!  the utter, utter lack of self-awareness and  the total irony of these lines are astonishing.  Try tweaking this one thought in particular and see how it plays out on a day to celebrate women… “We need sisterhood in a world where some women write horrible things about A WOMAN they don’t even know and jump to conclusions about HER motives because that WOMAN doesn’t fulfill their very retrograde view of how women should behave.”

There that sounds better!  Because if there is any example of a segment of people who have been obsessed at being totally judgemental about someone who they don’t have the first clue about, it is the SGB/Hater/“skeptics” for going on 3 years now

It isn’t wrong to stand up to internet bullies who harass the friends and colleagues of BC and SH.  It isn’t going against “sisterhood” to call out a group of hateful people who have made it their mission to slag a woman for her looks, her clothing, her pregnancies, the way she holds her child in her arms, the way she walks, the way she smiles, the way stands or the way how her husband and her carry on with their private lives.  Those who believe in “sisterhood” don’t try to shame another woman by calling her a drug addict, a “whore” or a gold digger - all without a shred of actual evidence. 

The people behind sites like The_Cumberbatches are folks who see a moral wrong and say “This person doesn’t deserve such treatment! And here is why!“ 

The bloggers who continue their campaign of vileness against BC and his wife and family are the ones who are saying things like wishing SH was in jail or dead of an overdose.  They are the ones who accuse her of illegalities (fraud, abuse, drug addiction, prostitution) and yet not one charge or investigation of any of these serious charges has EVER been made by an actual authority.  That is slanderous and morally reprehensible behaviour in almost any right-thinking person’s book.

Sophie Hunter is NOT Ann Coulter or Betsy DeVos.  That analogy is totally false and the so-called “skeptics” know it. 

Coulter is someone who had written thousands of words that attack all kinds people who don’t fall in line with her political ideas. When has Sophie Hunter EVER done anything like that?  She has never even uttered any words or written about any public policies, nor has she ever encouraged others to support people she endorses politically. 

DeVos is a US cabinet member and is in a position of influence that can affect thousands of people by her politics. 

Sophie Hunter is a woman who married an actor and has no political influence on anyone’s life (either in the US or her own country of the UK).  She has pretty much confined her public life to supporting charities, working in her niche art area, raising a family and accompanying her husband to events.  There are only a small handful of interviews she has ever done, and she has NEVER one word about the bloggers who continue to insult her on a daily basis.

To say the Hater’s efforts to vilify Sophie Hunter is comparable to fair criticism directed at highly visible women in the political arena is completely without any rational basis

And it is just an attempt to obfuscate the issue - that the “skeptics” are just a group of rude, ignorant people who like to target insults at someone who they don’t even know as a person at all.  They haven’t spoken to her (and she hasn’t ever spoken to them either), they haven’t had any direct communication with her and yet they have decided (without any basis in fact at all) that she is someone who is only worthy of their scorn and derision. 

There is a famous saying - “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”  Well, relentlessly attacking someone who has done no harm shouldn’t triumph as far as I am concerned.  Sites like this are a positive way of showing THE OPPOSITION to that type of hatred. 

Absolutely nothing wrong with that!

Thank you! This is exactly why I have this blog, to offer a positive voice to counter the negative ones.

anonymous asked:

Could I possibly very much ask for you to do the body guard post with got7 please? Not that it will matter lmao but it's my birthday tomorrow so if you do I will literally die of happiness your blog is my life lol but if it's too much of a hassle don't worry about it and keep doing yo thang B)

since it’s your birthday tomorrow, i am honored to accept this request and hopefully it’ll make you smile !!!! here’s bodyguard got7~


  • silent, but the most deadly out of everyone because he’s got a reputation in the business as being one of the most physically skilled and stealthy bodyguards
  • sometimes you’re not sure if you hired a guard or like a secret assassin 
  • enjoys a variety of sports and when you practice he’s always there to lend a helping hand like that time you took up tennis for a while and when your teacher was gone, mark very politely offered to help you with your stance and maybe just maybe having his strong hands maneuver your hips has made you a tinsy bit shy around him now…….
  • but as a guard he’s very reserved and mannered. he doesn’t enjoy the other guards touching you if it isn’t for safety precaution and if anything when bambam starts making jokes and putting his arm on your shoulder mark is always there to keep him in check
  • but unlike jinyoung he’s not a complete downer, you’ll see him laughing at the younger bodyguards antics or when he catches jackson falling asleep during an important meeting
  • and he looks so handsome and perfect that sometimes you can’t concentrate on your work when he’s on solo duty and standing beside you looking….well… That
  • one time mark had gotten to work a little late and you had run into him before he had got to change into the uniform
  • and there he is, in just some grey sweats and a low hanging tank top, hair still sweaty from what you assume was his morning workout
  • and you’re so startled by the sight you drop the pile of papers you’re holding and mark notices you and you’re like ohno oh no o h N o 
  • but he’s already jogging over to help you and when he leans down you can practically see down his tank and you’re like eep and he’s like hmmm
  • and when he looks up you guys are so close, noses practically touching and …… and you’ve gotta be dreaming but is mark tilting his head to lean in and ……
  • jacksons voice echos from somewhere like MARK DUDE JINYOUNGS SO PISSED YOUR LAt- o H AM I inteRRUPtING 
  • and you and mark pull back but it’s too late jackson is giggling his head off and telling you to continue doing whatever but you and mark are bLUShing messes 


  • for the fun of it im giving bodyguard jb a motorcycle in this au 
  • and jinyoung nags that it’s unprofessional for a guard to show up on such a loud bike!!!!! but when you pass by you compliment jb on how cool it is that he’s got a motorcycle and how you’d love to ride on one one day
  • and when you’re gone, jb just turns to jinyoung with the most smug smile like ‘the boss approves’
  • jinyoung stomps away huffing and misses the part where jb has to cover his face with his hand because GOD you just called him COOL he’s gonna be thinking about this all day
  • likes having two guns because he can be extra but also probably because he actually knows how to handle the weapons and tbh he can even spin them and yugyeom keeps begging jb to teach him how to do it but jb is like “you’re too young kid”
  • yugyeom; looks into the camera like he’s on the office 
  • bodyguard!jb has this scar on his back from a motorcycle crash a couple years before and all the guards think it’s badass so when they’re changing they’re all like he’s soooooo tough and chic and WOW
  • in reality jb watches dramas on his phone when you’re all in the car to an event and jackson’s like watcha watching and jb’s like ……nothing im watching a documentary on like. guns. yeah. guns
  • he crying over the new moon lovers episode please
  • there was a situation once at a public charity event you were holding and someone was basically chasing after you and jb since jb had been alarmed at the danger and was trying to get you to safety
  • so you’re running behind him, jb turns around to grab your hand and instead of going all the way to where your car is he tells you he’s parked his bike closer so he hops on, gives you the helmet and tells you to hold on
  • and you grip his waist as he gets the engine started and you yell that he needs to be careful because he doesn’t have an helmet on since he gave it to you, but jb just shakes his head
  • and once you’re far away enough he pulls over to the side of the road and you practically throw yourself into his arms because gOd you were so scared he was going so fast
  • and jb’s like don’t worry! i always go fast, motorcycles are-
  • but you hit his chest and you’re like THATS NOT WHY i was so scared we’d crash and you’d get hurt
  • and jb feels his heartbeat skip as he looks down at you and you’re just like “don’t put yourself at risk like that for me” and you sniffle a bit but he only pulls you into his arms and is like “it’s my job though, but..i promise ill try to be more safe from now on.”


  • acts like a big kid, memes like a big kid, but can snap someones neck with his bare hands
  • doesn’t ever want to resort to violence but he has this really bad impulse control that if someone as much as /looks/ wrong at you he will go at them
  • and that’s why he’s always got scrapes and bruises on his hands and face because he’s always getting into arguments that turn into fights with assholes whether he’s protecting you or even when he’s like off the job
  • like if jackson sees someone being harassed by someone else he has to step in and protect the weaker person 
  • he’s basically a natural protector 
  • but also god does he make you laugh and god does he put himself in embarrassing situation to do so
  • like once he literally backflipped into a meeting room just to introduce you like 
  • he flipped and then got on one knee with his arms out and yelled INTRODUCING MY BOSS
  • and you were laughing hysterically while jinyoung and jb were having heart attacks and youngjae was like “jackson, should i throw the confetti you gave me now or???”
  • jackson loves doing faces @ you during conference calls like you’ll be doing a skype chat with a big lawyer and behind your computer jackson is making faces to help keep you concentrated but all it does is make you want to laugh which would not look good for you rn
  • jackson once was like wanna see my impression of jb and you were like ok and he literally clenched his jaw and drew two dots above his eye with a pen and you were like DYING ……..and then jb walked in and both you and jackson were like cough cough what cough cough 
  • one week you notice that jackson has been taking off like 4 days in a row and you think it’s because of maybe a vacation but then youngjae mentions how he visited jackson in the hospital the other day and you’re like WHAT HES IN THE HosPITAL 
  • and when you find out why you’re like OF COURSE and you literally cancel everything on your schedule to go check on him and when you come into the room jackson almost falls out of the bed trying to get up to greet you and you’re like “WANG JIAER” 
  • and he’s like oh no you’re using my full …real…name and you’re like wHY did you get into another fight and end up breaking your leg- and he’s like i had to this drunk guy was picking on his wife and you know i can’t let things like that go!!
  • and you’re just like GOD WHY ARE YOU SO….SO GOOD AT WORRYING ABOUT OTHERS WORRY ABOut YOuRSELF and he’s like it’s fine!!! my body is my own and im ok with it being-
  • and you like lean over and you’re like “jackson, your body is yours but think about this: im always worrying for you ok -please for me, don’t pt yourself on the line you’re my bodyguard and so a part of you is my responsibility”
  • and jackson kind of maybe blushes for the first time and you’re like,,,,,,ohmy god and he’s like “ok~ my body is also yours from now on” and you’re like asdfaasfdada that’s so—–but ok ill take it


  • bodyguard and moral consultant on just about everything 
  • sometimes you ask jinyoung why in gods name he became a bodyguard he’s so intelligent he could be working for the government or he could be a professor
  • and jinyoung just bashfully declines because ofc he’s not that /smart/ (he is) and plus he enjoys his job because he gets to protect someone as precious to the nation as you
  • and you’re like “wow, you’re so smooth you must be popular when it comes to romance huh” and jinyoung looks away and gets pink like wh-what who has time for romance all he has time for is to think of ways to protect you and maybe enjoy a lengthy classic novel every now and then
  • but in reality jinyoung is one of the more clumsy guards, as in he doesn’t feel comfortable handling a weapon and would lose to mark and jackson in the athletics department 
  • but he’s incredibly detailed oriented and organized so he keeps everything running smoothly and if there’s a problem, all he does is whisper a code into his earpiece and boom - everything is taken care of
  • but his sharp approach scares a lot of people away
  • and so when you smile sweetly at him and thank him for always helping you out whether it be a wardrobe malfunction, keeping you safe from hired hitmen, or just knowing that when you’re pulling all nighters you enjoy earl grey tea and chocolate as snacks like ………. jinyoung thinks he’s falling in love
  • and he knows he’s falling in love when he accompanies you to a children’s orphanage where you’re donating a good sum of money to be able to get school supplies and hire teachers for the kids
  • and the kids all run up to you and hug your leg or ask you to pick them up and jinyoung watches as you glow like the sun, surrounded by all this children who adore you
  • and when one little girl you’re holding points to jinyoung and mumbles that he’s scary, you just turn around and you’re like “he’s not scary at all, he’s my knight in shining armor - he keeps me safe!!”
  • and the little girl giggles and she’s like “if he’s your knight, do you love him?” and jinyoung damn near has a heartattack
  • and when you smile and nod, saying “yes, i love him very much”
  • jinyoung does have a mini heartattack and excuses himself to sit down and you’re just playing obliviously with the children and jinyoung is just: screaming internally with happiness
  • on the way back home he whispers that he loves you too but doesn’t think you hear him but you Do. YOU DO 


  • bodyguard that’s more like your best friend 
  • you’re supposed to be listening to some governor talk about the new building they’re putting up but instead youngjae is like “psst i beat my highscore in farming frenzy yesterday” and you’re like WHAT no show me
  • you guys spend way too much time laughing over bad memes and vines in the car that jinyoung has to remind you to go over your speech like 5 times and then confiscate youngjae’s phone so neither of you can laugh about the mr. krabs spinning meme anymore 
  • he’s seen you do some embarrassing stuff like sing into your brush when ringdingdong came on shuffle or when you accidentally used your chopsticks backwards
  • but like i said, he’s more of a best friend than a bodyguard and he doesn’t judge you at all and never tells any of the guards about the dumb (but cute) slip ups you have
  • like jinyoung, he doesn’t handle guns very well so instead he has like a whistle and a baton and he’s like “i feel like a hall monitor” and jackson’s like “it’s ok, if anything just use bambam as a weapon he’s so light just pick him up and throw him”
  • bambam: i didn’t sign up for this
  • it’s the day of one of your really big presentations and you’re completely shaken because you spent the last week in bed sick and you’re sure you’re going to forget your speech
  • and so you run off and have like a breakdown in a private room somewhere and ofc like the guards go into a frenzy because no one can find you
  • until youngjae stumbles across the room you’re in and he knows you well enough that he knows to check the closets and under the desks and he finds you curled into a small ball and you’ve got tear stained cheeks
  • and he pulls you out gently and holds you and he’s like “you know, you don’t have to do the presentation today - everyone will understand”
  • and you’re just like i can’t let people down like that, i can’t be a failure
  • and youngjae kisses the stains of your cheeks and he’s like “you’re not a failure, you’ve achieved so much and ill stand by your side forever - there’s nothing to be afraid of”
  • and you look up and youngjae like. he really wants to kiss you but it’s obvious he’s holding back and so you take his face in your hands and kiss him first and youngjae falls back in shock but kisses back
  • and you guys return holding hands and jinyoung is about to rant, but mark nudges him and looks at your hand with youngjaes and jinyoungs like…………….im letting it go. onCE


  • no one finds him threatening and that gets on his nerves SO MUCH 
  • like he’ll jump at any chance to protect you JUST to prove to his hyungs that yes - yes he is suitable for this job and he’ll give it his all
  • and when i say any chance i mean it
  • like he jumped in front of a frisbee that got thrown while you were walking through the park and got hit in the head with it instead of catching it and literally passed. out
  • and when he woke up his head was in your lap and he was like “did i do good??? at least it didn’t hit you????? right?????”
  • and jb is like “you passed out because a plastic plate hit your damn head-”
  • but you shush jb and pet bambam’s hair and you’re like “im really glad you were there for me, thanks for keeping me safe~” and bambam gets so smug about it all day he keeps reminding everyone by pointing to the bandage on his head 
  • and some uglys that work with you are always critiquing bambam’s sometimes loud, sometimes bold actions and they’re like “he’s so thin and immature, why do you keep him around?” and you wanna be like “you can shut your dumb ass mouth up because he’s hardworking and loyal and makes me smile” but you’re just like “he’s my bodyguard. don’t speak ill of him if you dont know.”
  • and bambam is cute he shows up to work with a different designer tie and designer cufflinks and he’s like “i wanna look the best in front of my boss~” and yugyeoms like “you have a crush don’t you??” and bambam is like WHAT NO SHUT UP 
  • but he does and when he hears you standing up for him when other people tell you to fire him, it breaks his heart because he doesn’t want to be this burden to you
  • and one day when he requests to talk to you alone he says that he’s considering quitting because he’s done nothing to protect you or make you feel more safe and he’s shit at being a bodyguard isn’t he
  • and you literally slam your pen down and get up and you stand in front of him and you’re like “you’ve done more than make me feel safe, bambam you make me feel comfortable because you never lie. you never hide your intentions, and i love that about you.”
  • you lean in and brush his hair aside and bambam swears he’s looking at an angel (you) and he’s like,,,, im sorry for bringing this up and being weak,,,
  • and you’re like “maybe you’re not as strong physically as jackson or as quick witted as jinyoung but ….. you’re the only one i want to be with all the time.” and when you say this you can literally see the hearts in bambams eyes and he stands up and just throws his arms around you and gives out this long happy sigh and kisses your neck and you’re like bamb- ah bambam!!! not now!!! i have to work and he’s like SORRY SORRY 


  • healing eye smile that probably makes any criminal who even thinks of harming you regret their decision all together and instead of attacking you, leaves to repent their crimes because no. they can’t hurt you…….and they cannot for sure 100% hurt your cute bodyguard kim yugyeom 
  • he isn’t allowed to have a gun or even a baton …….. but it’s like ok because he kinda looms over everyone with his height and broad shoulders and so just having him wear the suit is enough
  • like once some guy cursed at you at a meeting and yugyeom just walked over,  put his arm around the dude and threw him over his shoulder and was like “you’re being mean, so im going to escort you out of the room sir.”
  • jinyoung was like put him down. but mark was laughing and jackson was like thaTS right YUGYEOM you tell that dude off 
  • bought a book on martial arts and tried to teach himself, but got really bored of it and so all he learned was the roundhouse kick but it’s cute once he perfected it he was so eager to show you he was like!!!! look i learned this cool move that’ll help me protect you
  • and then he proceeded to do the kick but his legs are long and so he knocked over a lamp and got really apologetic and tried to fix it, but broke it even more and was like omgomgomgomgomg im sorry please don’t fire me i didn’t mean it
  • and you just giggled and told him it was ok, his kick was cool and if anything you could always get another lamp
  • yugyeom loves it the most when you praise him and when he comes in with his hair smoothed back one day you’re like “woW so cool, so handsome~~” and he literally did the big smile, showing all his teeth like hehehehehe YOU think so,,,,,,anything you like boss ill keep~~~~~ and you were like good because i like everything about you 
  • and yugyeom literally smiled sO BIG at that that his happiness almost blinded you
  • once he was on solo duty to take you to have a lunch meeting with the CEO of a big business and the whole time the sleazy guy was totally trying to flirt with you and you could see from the corner of your eye that yugyeom was starting to twitch and even glare at the guy
  • and usually yugyeoms a happy guy, never taking anything too seriously but the way he was piercing daggers at the guy you couldn’t help but laugh against your palm
  • and when lunch was over you could see how tense yugyeoms shoulders were and you were like is everything ok??? and he was like yeaaaaaaaaaah….no………
  • and he turned to you and scratched his neck and was like “are you and that ceo…more than……you know….or like….do you want to be more………you know it’s not my business.”
  • but you can see the little hints of jealousy and you’re like “yugyeom, lean down i wanna tell you a secret” and he’s like OH OK 
  • but when he leans down you kiss his temple and you’re like “the only person that’s something more to me is you, but shhh ok?”
  • and yugyeom turns red like a cherry but he’s so GIDDY heS like ok!!!!!! ill keep it a secret!!!!!!!!! but hey you know,,,, i like you too!!!!!! keep it a secret tho!!!!!!!!!! hehehehehe 
A Twist in the Tale

Pairing: Carter Baizen x Witch!Reader
Word Count: 2.9K
Warnings: Allusions to NSFW(?). Bad language, shitty writing.

This is my entry for @angryschnauzer and @ursulaismymiddlename fic challenge - “If you go down to the woods today”

As always, a big thank you to @abovethesmokestacks and Kati for listening to me rant about this!


I wonder how this one will go.

Once upon a time? No. Too old hat.

A long, long time ag- Nope. Been there, done that.

In a kingdom far, far… Definitely not.

How about this?

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