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SNSD Reaction to: Flirting With You Then Realizing You’re a 98 Liner

ok so I misread this as a reaction … I’m so sorry OTL

but, side note: 98 is a great year to be born in ;) the best year in fact ;) the most important year of all the years ;) good year ;) perfect year ;)

Taeyeon: will be talking about something while chatting you up, like a popular t.v show she watched as a kid. and is so shocked when you haven’t heard of it; “it was the greatest thing ever back in 93!”

“but I was only born in 98?”


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Jessica: krystal immediately labels her as a “pervy unnie/noona” and while passing by a school, will nudge jessica very obviously; “look, look, that child looks to be just your type!” so jessica no longer flirts with anyone until she’s asked their age first. bc now she will live out her days in regret no thanks to krystal lol

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Sunny: “you’re born in 98? then why are you here? shouldn’t you be studying for an exam or something?” goes from seeing you as hot to thinking she needs to hold your hand crossing the road

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Tiffany: turned into your mom when she found out. “yah! why are you eating sweets before dinner?” but not as if she’s talking down to you. she just knows that at that age, and not having had a mother for most of her life, she would have liked some guidance and feminine care.

of course she loved her father. but seeing other mothers and daughters makes her long for what she couldn’t have. so she looks out for you and maybe you see it as annoying but it’s all from wanting to make you happy

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Hyoyeon: tries to pretend like she hadn’t been trying to flirt and only wanted to hand you a cupcake out of kindness; “eat it deliciously!” while internally debating if she should still go for it or not. it wasn’t breaking any laws but then again … the girls would never let her live down the age gap

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Yuri: hops on a motorbike and drives away bc fetuses aren’t her type

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Sooyoung: holds a public announcement like “everyone beware, this is a child, please treat her/him kindly. thank you” *obama mic drop*

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Yoona: from then on, will try to keep her feelings on a strictly friend level. but if you two hit it off and she just finds you even more attractive, she’ll tell you her feelings and let you decide what to do from there

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Seohyun: likes being the older one for once. r.i.p seobaby; hello suga momma. jk this girl would make you study so hard omg

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Double Date

Summary: You go on a horrible double date with Sam.

Characters:  Sam x Reader

Word Count:  1400+

Warnings: Smut, douchey Sam, language, bad writing, public sex, idfk… reader beware. 

A/N: I’m sorry this is late. I’m a bad person. I haven’t written in like 40 years, be gentle. I’m sorry for who I am. You can thank @abaddonwithyall for the idea and @pada-ackles for the beta. :) Also, yes, I wrote myself with John… sue me.

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“So? How are you liking Sam?” Ash nudges your arm, smoothing her hair in the  restaurant’s bathroom mirror.

You roll your eyes. “Honestly? He’s kind of a dick. I mean, he’s hot but he doesn’t seem interested at all.”

You think back to the conversation before you abruptly excused yourself to the restroom.

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