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You’ve got to watch this bad ass musical trailer for the paralympics showing the true meaning of “differently abled”

“This campaign is the most important we have ever undertaken, and isn’t just about Rio,” Channel 4 CMO Dan Brooke told Adweek. “It’s about revolutionizing public attitudes to disability forever." 

Gifs: Channel 4 (UK Paralympic Broadcaster)


Chiron - The Wounded Healer (Long Post)

To find your Chiron, get your chart on, it’s already added in.

Chiron is known as the comet asteroid. It is said to represent the deepest wounds in our natal chart - while we may have many wounds Chiron is said to be the wound of the soul, however, with wounds comes invaluable experience, lessons that we learn much quicker than others. It is important that we take into account the House and Aspect as well as it’s residing sign when looking at our Chiron placements. 

Chiron in the Signs - 

The sign that Chiron is in tells us a lot about the nature of the wound we experience. 

Chiron in Aries: This person may have deep wounds as a result of experiencing anger - either from themselves or others. Their ability to heal themselves and others focuses on their passions and their own self expression/motivation.

Chiron in Taurus: This person may have deep wounds from experiences as a result of financial instability or perhaps the greed of others. They may also have experienced wounds surrounding a lack of self-worth. Their ability to heal themselves and others focuses on their appreciation for the beauty in life and the ability to work hard for what they want. 

Chiron in Gemini: This person may have deep wounds from verbal encounters with others or situations involving early childhood, school and siblings. Their ability to heal themselves and others focuses on their communications and making themselves heard. 

Chiron in Cancer: This person may have deep wounds from family ties or conditions in the home, they may have experienced emotional trauma. Their ability to heal themselves and others focuses on their emotional intelligence and ability to accept their own feelings.

Chiron in Leo: This person may have deep wounds linked to their self-esteem and their creative expression. Their ability to heal themselves and others focuses on their artistic ability and their self-love.

Chiron in Virgo: This person may have deep wounds from academic pressure either from themselves or others. They may have expectations to live up to that result in unhappiness. Their ability to heal themselves and others focuses on their ability to take care of others while balancing their own self-care.

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Five Real Crime Stories that Inspired Fiction

1. Scott and Laci Peterson - “Gone Girl”: Self-proclaimed true crime addict Gillian Flynn, the author of the popular novel that then became a popular movie, has said she didn’t want to base her story on a specific case, but she had to admit that there are strong similarities between it and the real life murder of Laci Peterson… at least in the first half of the plot. Like Laci, the fictional Amy Dunne goes missing, pregnant, and her husband Nick becomes the main suspect. It doesn’t help that Nick, like Scott, acts like he couldn’t care less that his wife is gone, has an inappropriate attitude in public and turns out to be a philanderer. While the book/movie takes a turn towards a different path, in reality Laci’s body and that of her unborn son were found on April 2003, five months after her disappearance. Scott was sentenced to death for the crime.

2. Elisabeth Fritzl - “Room”: We know of plenty of tragic real life stories that could match the one told in Emma Donogue’s book, turned into a movie in 2015, which is about an abducted young woman raising her son while locked up for years in a room. But the case that the author mentioned at the time her novel was released in 2010 is that of austrian Elisabeth Fritzl, who spent 24 years as a captive of her own father, Joseph, and ended up having seven children with him. “The newspaper reports of Felix Fritzl (Elisabeth’s son), aged five, emerging into a world he didn’t know about, put the idea into my head”, said Donoghue.

3.  Dr. Hawley Crippen - “Rear Window”: The Alfred Hitchcock classic is based on a short story called It Had to be Murder, but the filmmaker has cited an infamous british crime as one of his inspirations for the adaptation. In the movie, a man temporarily confined to a wheelchair after an accident becomes convinced that one of his neighbors has murdered his wife. In the real story, which happened in 1910, Crippen’s wife Cora vanished after hosting a party at her house. The doctor claimed she’d gone to the United States and later that she had died there, but the neighbors became suspicious when his girlfriend moved in and started wearing Cora’s clothes and jewelry. Month later, police found a human torso buried in the basement and Crippen was hanged for the murder of his wife. In recent years there’s been a controversy over Crippen’s guilt, some claim the torso was not Cora’s, but there’s not consensus about it.

4. The Marcus Twins - “Dead Ringers”: The disturbing real story of Cyril and Stewart Marcus, identical twins born in 1930 who couldn’t do anything apart, inspired a book turned into a creepy 1988 movie by canadian director David Cronenberg. The Marcus lived together and became renowned gynecologists. Without their patients’ knowledge, they would sometimes take over the other’s procedures. This became even more frequent when Cyril’s drug addiction spiraled out of control. Eventually, Stewart followed his brother’s footsteps and also fell in the grasp of drugs. The pair was found dead at age 45, together in their apartment, their decomposed bodies surrounded by piles of trash. It was thought at first they had died from withdrawal, but later reports disputed that. In the film, Jeremy Irons plays a fictionalized version of the twins.

5. Dennis Rader  - “A Good Marriage”: Stephen King wrote his novella, turned into a film in 2014, after reading an article about Dennis Rader, a family man who turned out to be the sadistic BTK, a killer who ended the lives of at least 10 people between 1974 and 1991 and wasn’t arrested until 2005. In the plot of his story, a woman has been married to this seemingly normal, good guy for almost 30 years until she discovers by chance that he’s a serial killer with sadomasochistic tendencies nicknamed “Beadie” . “Paula Rader was married to this monster for 34 years and many in the Wichita area, where Rader claimed his victims, refuse to believe that she could live with him and not know what he was doing”, writes King in his website. He decided to write the story because he did believe Paula was unaware of her husband’s activities.

ok so i closed to the survey, and i’ll share the results beneath the drop so it doesn’t clog up everyone’s dash because there is a Lot to look at

Disclaimer: Some fans may not like the result/ what was said about them. DO NOT come into my ask box and send me anons if you don’t like it. The commentary comes from other people. Don’t bother trying to argue with me.

so i received 241 responses in total, which is pretty good! here’s how many fans of each team i had (it won’t add up to 241 because people put more than one team.):

  • Anaheim: 1
  • Arizona: 10
  • Boston: 28 
  • Buffalo: 3
  • Calgary: 7
  • Carolina: 18
  • Chicago: 9
  • Colorado: 13
  • Columbus: 15
  • Dallas: 33
  • Detroit: 16
  • Edmonton: 18 
  • Florida: 2
  • L.A.: 3
  • Minnesota: 7
  • Montreal: 20
  • Nashville: 46
  • New Jersey: 7
  • NYI: 2
  • NYR: 12
  • Ottawa: 2
  • Philly: 13
  • Pittsburgh: 36
  • San Jose: 21
  • St Louis: 6
  • Tampa: 16
  • Toronto: 78
  • Vancouver: 6
  • Vegas: 9
  • Washington: 52
  • Winnipeg: 4

The top 3 most represented teams were Toronto (by a landslide), Washington, and Nashville (represent lmao!!!)

Best Fanbase result

  1. Nashville (18.3%, 44 votes)
  2. Carolina (9.5%, 23 votes)
  3. Colorado (9.1%, 22 votes)
  4. Toronto (8.3%, 20 votes)
  5. Vegas (7.5%, 18 votes)
  6. Tampa, Washington, Dallas (11 votes each)
  7. Edmonton, Columbus (9 votes)
  8. Minnesota (8 votes)
  9. San Jose, Montreal, Arizona (7 votes)
  10. Boston, NYR, Florida (5 votes)
  11. Calgary, Buffalo, Chicago (3 votes)
  12. Ottawa, Philadelphia, Detroit (2 votes)
  13. Winnipeg, St. Louis, New Jersey, Vancouver (1 vote)

The only teams to receive no votes were the Ducks, Kings, Islanders, and Penguins. 

as a preds fan, i am extremely flattered, and here are some of the reasons why (if you’re a fan of one of these teams and wanna boost ur own ego by reading them all lmk):

  • Vegas: “everyone’s just happy; Ride Dick jokes”
    • “they’re not real yet”
    • “they just wanna have fun”
  • Boston: “Only ever really shit on Habs fans” (mood tbh)
  • Nashville: “The chants? Did you see the play off run, they were so hype.” (i KNOW!!!!!!)
    • “they all hate the blackhawks”
    • “not annoying. not pissbabies.”
    • “they’re not the pens”
    • “if all those people who bandwagon the preds had bandwagon the bruins i would’ve choked them but preds fans never choked me so i love them.” -ashley pbergeron
  • Colorado: “they’re just happy to be here i think”
    • “no shade but how are they gonna be rude with their record”
    • “their team is bad but they’re here for the softness”
    • “we’re all here to love gabe landeskog and tyson barrie”
    • “shamed into niceness”
  • columbus according to many u are amazingly friendly and chatty and more people should love u
    • “happy to be included tbh”
    • “they’re bros”
  • carolina everyone says you stay in your own lane and it’s appreciated 
  • dallas everyone loves and supports you
  • “the flames because their uniform is red and red is my favorite color”
  • “ottawa is the nicest because they have no fans”
  • “montreal because they’re canadian”
  • “tampa calls half the roster daddy but that ain’t malicious and i ain’t judging”
  • “washington is nice and they hate the pens like me”

Worst Fanbase

I’m just gonna remind y'all that the commentary is NOT mine and that you best not be leaving hate in my ask bc tbh its not my problem if other people don’t like your team

less teams got votes for this one (which is good because it would suck if everyone was terrible)

  1. Chicago (47.7%, 115 votes)
  2. Pittsburgh (35.7%, 86 votes)
  3. Nashville (4.6%, 11 votes)
  4. Toronto (2.9%, 7 votes)
  5. Boston (2.5%, 6 votes)
  6. Anaheim (4 votes)
  7. Winnipeg, Washington, Philadelphia (2 votes)
  8. Ottawa, Montreal, Minnesota, Edmonton, Columbus, St Louis (1 vote)

ok tbh a lot of people put “self-explanatory” or “do i really have to explain” and A LOT of people said “i almost put chicago/pittsburgh but…” but here are some reasons why people hate these teams:


  • “It’s a bunch of rape apologists and people who excuse racism idk what else I could say on it”
  • “no one can match a Blackhawks fan’s persecution complex”
  • “They can’t stay in their fucking lane.”
  • “if i have to see another pk*ne stan in my life im deleting the entire nhl”
  • “In the kindest way possible, they’re dicks. They come to our home games, throw things at our fans, purposely starting fights. And they’re just obnoxious.”
  • “they always up in everyone else’s business and go out of their way to shit on other teams”
  • “One time a white Hawks fan try to tell me, a Native American individual, what I should and shouldn’t find offensive when it comes to Native American issues. They even went so far to use very vulgar expletives in their argument, which in normal circumstances I honestly wouldn’t care about, but I was trying to have a civil discussion and they were clearly too far up Chicago’s racist ass to show me an ounce of respect so. That was fun.” (Y I K E S)
  • “Absolutely trashed Amalie Arena, did not keep a family friendly attitude during public screenings, were antagonistic to Lightning fans whether they won or lost a game. Garbage.”


  • “Entitled, turning into H*wks fans with the whole repeat cups thng. They’re the new “3 cups 5 years” shit.”
  • “They don’t understand that they aren’t the only team??? You can’t say one (1) maybe bad thing about any player with out them jumping on you.”
  • “Oh my god I hate Pens fans. Dear god. They don’t stop whining ever and constantly play the victim over everything, cause drama over nothing, and turn a blind eye to the shit their team pulls. Hawks fans are a close second on the “playing victim” front, but man, Pens fans are total bitches. 0/10. Probably not the Worst fanbase, but the ones I see the most of? Since I kind of block every single Hawk fan I see. Ahem.”
  • “bc they’re not the preds”
  • “obnoxious”
  • “some (not all) tend to be a little arrogant and rude but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”
  • “everywhere, won’t leave you alone, can’t hide, WILL find you + harass you”
  • “win or lose, both online and in person, almost all of them are assholes and crybabies. they always come to my team’s stadium in mass and often start fights. I’ve seen a pen fan push someone down stadium stairs (the victim broke their wrist), I’ve seen one sucker punch someone, I’ve had some of them yell homophobic slurs at me as I walked by- and all of this was at Nationwide Arena. my friends in other fanbases have had similar expirences with them as well, they’re generally aweful people and I wish they would go the fuck away.” (THAT is bad. yikes.)
  • “They’re mean”
  • “Crosby eats jars of mayo and is a dick.”
  • “Kidney crispy and his legion of fans who insist he does nothing wrong ever”
  • “I worked at the joe louis arena and me and all my coworkers dreaded games when we played the pens, hands down no other team has fans so mean/rude/drunk/beligerent “

Nashville (unfortunate tbh.):

  • “Some of the fans are great, but a good number of them have already adopted the   annoying habit of complaining about not having won a cup and being under appreciated. They like to act as if they are just the longest suffering fans and don’t want to acknowledge that it is easy to cheer for a good team and that they haven’t really had the highs and lows that a lot of other fan bases have had at this point. Plus, I have been yelled at and hassled multiple times by Nashville fans when attending games. I really like the team and the city, but the fans are pretty bad.”
  • “fish. whiny babies. fucking carrie underwood pretending to care about hockey. bad country singers attempting the national anthem.” 
  • “i’m a pretty big preds fan as well so this isn’t really a “i love the blackhawks so 4get the preds” response. imo it just seems like there are a handful of people that are diehard preds fans that come across really cruel?? like based on what i’ve seen when they’re indirecting or responding to people- and not just blackhawks fans because i don’t really count “being mean to blackhawks fans” as a cruel thing ajdklsa- but it just seems like their really good energy doesn’t always get used in a positive way on this site that’s all”
  • “the most annoying  for me are Nashville’s fans..i was at one game and i get so much hate because of my jersey, because of who am i supporting just made me sad..i think they’re not all like this..but it happened”
  • “I’ve just met a lot of really mean preds fans in real life and on the internet, which was disappointing because they’re a pretty awesome team.”
  • “They seem to think that they’re good people just because of the player(s)/team(s) they support when they actually treat fans of all other teams like garbage. That seems really wrong and narrow minded to me.“
  • “They’ve just been really rude to me and my friends.”
  • ‘"It’s all your fault"’


  • “They’re just kind of snotty?”


  • “Leafs fans tend to think that Toronto is the center of the universe and that everything has to revolve around their team. They get defensive about every little thing and like to think that their team is better than it actually is sometimes. Unfortunately with a larger fanbase they simply have a larger volume of annoying fans, not necessarily a higher percentage than any other fanbase, and those voices really stick out”
  • “smol bean culture uwu”
  • “some can’t just take the W, sore winners  + they’re everywhere, always up to something (most of them are cool though im just bitter)”
  • “Who is Auston Matthews” (??????????????)
  • “'me stanning the leafs’ makes me want to Kermit sewer slide” (omg……….just @ karina. im screaming.)


  • “The most Extra when their team is losing, literally act like the world is ending if they’re down 1 in the first and they’re always like “wow what must it be like to have a good time” LIKE CALM DOWN it’s infuriating” (just @ ashley omg :/)
  • “They are very violent and loud.”
  • “Boston fans are RACIST.”
  • “A majority of Bruins fans I’ve met/come into contact with are very aggressive and rude towards opposing teams’ fans.”


  • “Entitlement and have done nothing to deserve it”
  • “Massive circlejerk, obnoxious, feel entitled and cocky with absolutely nothing to show for it. Will vilify players/teams without recognizing any of their players are dirty or careless. Laine looks like Donkey from Shrek.”

My personal favorites, the Ducks:

  • “man i fuckin hate the ducks”
  • “I’m gay and I hate the ducks” (i love U)
  • “Are ducks fans even real idk but if they are they’d have to be assholes in order to put up with K*sler”

Ok here’s my two cents: obviously rivalries and stuff make bias. i get that. but you also have to remember that hockey is meant to be competitive, especially come playoff time. people are gonna goalie chant and be rude and yell stuff you may not like about your team. it happens! but it doesn’t mean that the fans are ALWAYS mean. that being said, i wanna say that preds fans aren’t intentionally malicious for no reason and I’m sorry to anyone who had a negative experience.

HOWEVER, for chicago and pittsburgh, before you point fingers, really reevaluate yourselves. obviously no one is perfect, and like i said, hockey is extremely competitive, but if this many people have an issue with you and how you treat others, then its time to take responsibility. I’ve met some great people with the pens as their secondary teams and there are pens fans that tolerate my hating them because they’re nice enough and can handle criticism, but overall, people have a negative view of y'all because you allow the assholes to be the loudest fans. if anyone wants to talk to me, my ask box is open, but like i said: DO NOT SEND ME ANONS ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE’S COMMENTARY. thank y'all for participating, i really appreciate it!

The stupid mindset regarding liking Godzilla films.

Right now I’m pretty pissed off because of the stupid mindset people have when referring to the Godzilla films.

‘they’re pretty bad but I like them’
'I like them even though the story sucks’
'the effects are bad but I like them’

I hate how it seems you have to degrade the films in order to avoid ridicule for being a Godzilla fan. You have to explicitly spell out issues with these films just so people know that you’re normal - that you’re not a weirdo who actually enjoys all aspects of these films. It’s an extension of this definitely western opinion that these films are inherently bad and should be looked upon as so. 

It’s essentially a subtle apology for enjoying Godzilla movies. I’m sick of it.

Embrace being a fan if you are one - 'I love the Godzilla films. They’re awesome!’ - no 'but they’re bad’, no 'but the effects suck’ - nothing like that. 

The Godzilla movies are awesome. The effects are meticulously crafted  and often quite astounding, the story lines are fantastical and I love everything about them. End of. 


The Controversial Case of the “Murder Babes”

Authorities are calling it “the most gruesome murder in Thailand history”, but the tragedy and shocking details of the crime itself have almost been buried under the baffling reaction of the public, the killers’ attitudes and the way the local media has covered the story.

Let’s start by the beginning. On May 25, 2017, the body of 23 year old Warisara Klinjui (in the first two pictures) was discovered in the Khao Suan Kwang district, in the northeast of Thailand. Not only had she been strangled and beaten, but her body had been cut in half with a saw and disposed in garbage bins. Warisara worked at a karaoke bar and had last been seen alive on May 23. 

Police quickly identified the suspects as Preeyanuch “Preaw” Nonwangchai (24), Kawita “Earn” Ratchada (25) and Apiwan “Jae” Sattayabundit (28), three women who were soon dubbed “Murder Babes”. The three alleged killers escaped to Myanmar after the crime, but didn’t try too hard to hide. They were caught in CCTV shopping with colorful backpacks and found jobs in local bars.

The case caused a sensation in Thailand. Preaw in particular became some sort of twisted idol, and TV networks even went as far as to show footage found of her having phone sex with her boyfriend. People took advantage of the popularity and started selling merchandising with the women’s faces, copies of the infamous backpacks and even a keychain with a handsaw, as you can see above.

Eventually, the three women were caught and taken back to Thailand in mid July. The situation only got more controversial as the suspects were seen laughing and applying makeup before facing the cameras, taking pictures with police and even wearing face masks. No remorse at all and what many felt was a too lenient treatment by authorities. They confessed to killing Warisara, and explain that it had started with Preaw wanted to give her a lesson because Warisara had given police information about her drug dealing boyfriend. It had ended with her beating and strangling her, and after she was dead they’d stopped at a hardware store to buy the saw they used to dismember her.

As for the frenzy over the killers, in an interview with the Bangkok Post, Uajit Virojtrairat, director of the Foundation for Media Studies, explained: “There are a lot of people like Preaw out there and they see her as an idol now. Since she’s now being accepted by people as a hero instead of the lead suspect in a murder case, many people will try to be like her.” 


Carnivore Comeback: Bears and Wolves Are Thriving in Europe

The large carnivores that once roamed Europe’s landscapes — including bears, wolves, lynx and wolverines — are experiencing a resurgence in their numbers, a new study finds. What’s more, the animals are coming back in nonprotected areas, where they must coexist alongside human societies.

The reasons for the success include cooperation between people across national borders and strong regulations. But public attitudes towards animals are also important, said study leader Guillaume Chapron, a professor at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences’ Grimsö Wildlife Research Station.

Credit: Kjell Isaksen, Sasa Kunovac, Robert W. Myslajek, and Miha Krofel 

BTS Reacts: Your Bratty Attitude in Public but Shy Demeanor When Alone

Request: Bts reaction to their s/o acting bratty in public but turns super shy when they’re alone together (love your blog btw <3)

A/N: I really hope this was okay Anon! I kind of took the idea and ran away with it OTL

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Seokjin (Jin)

“Yah!” Seokjin shrieked but laughter quickly spilling out over his dinner in front of him. He lowered his chopsticks piled with noodles and grinned at you. He caught you mid reach towards Noodles, quietly watching from the floor, chopsticks flinching open at his screech. You watched happily as your puppy made quick work of the noodles, small tail wagging away.

“Oh, no you don’t. You were so set on having ramen tonight, you begged me and then practically threw them at me in the store, and now you’re feeding it to the puppy. I swear, kids these days don’t appreciate a thing. When I was your age-,”

You pursed your lips and scrunched your nose as he continued on with his rant, shaking his head from side to side, but smiling none the less.

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Yoongi (Suga)

You could feel the heat radiating from Yoongi’s body, his hand perched against the wall, precariously close to your burning red neck. You leaned more against the cool wall of his bedroom, heart stampeding through your chest. You licked your dry lips, Yoongi’s eyes darting to trace the motion, a crooked smile playing on his lips. “What happened to the girl back at the party? You were quite full of yourself there, teasing me with that mouth of yours.”

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Hoseok (J-Hope)

“All right guys, one more time and then we’ll call it quits.” Hoseok called out, motioning for the music to cue one more time. A chorus of groans sounded from the dance studio as you stretched and tried, but failed to stifle a yawn.

“(Y/N), would you like to show us the routine since I can’t seem to keep you awake?” Hoseok called you out as a lop-sided smiled appeared on his face. You immediately straightened your posture as 14 other pairs of eyes landed on you.

“Only if you join me,” You challenged, angling your chin up and smiling. He quirked his eyebrow, a sly smile playing at the corner of his lips.

The music cued and your body moved easily with Hobi beside you, hours of sweat and practice noticeable in your movements, your attention to every detail; just the way he had taught you. 

You watched as your classmates left for their next class, and quickly finished packing up your jacket and water bottle. You felt your face heat up as you caught Hoseok watching you from across the now empty studio. You averted your gaze and quickly slinging your backpack over your shoulder, you made a beeline for the door. You inwardly cursed as you felt Hoseok grab hold of your small wrist and turn you around.

“You are going to be the death of me, little girl, I swear,” he chuckled deeply.

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Namjoon (Rapmon)

“(Y/N)! Stop!” Namjoon’s deep laugh couldn’t stop from bubbling over in his throat as you continuously splashed water on him. You grinned in triumph, wanting nothing more than to hear the sound again.

“Make me!” you laughed as you kept splashing, eyes shut tight when you felt the force of your body being tackled into the water.

You lunged yourself to the surface, coughing at the intake of water and glared as Namjoon laughed harder, standing in the stomach-high water, his hair and face dripping, just like you.

You didn’t think twice and leaped in his direction, latching your arms around his neck, your weight causing him to tumble backwards, and fall back into the water. You quickly waddled as fast as you could away from the still submerged Namjoon, and made your way over to one of the many large tunnels the waterpark offered.

Namjoon followed seconds later, grabbing your wrist and lightly pushing you against the wall. Something like regret immediately filled your chest and you couldn’t seem to meet his eyes. You felt your face fill with color at the thought of him so close to you in public and you quickly patted your cheeks with your wet hands in hopes of calming them down.

“Make you? Is that a challenge?” he smirked, voice low, his face just inches from yours.

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Taehyung (V)

“Come on Tae! I wanna see the giraffes~” You whined, dragging out the last word and throwing yours arms around dramatically. Your fussing earned one of his boxy smiles and a low chuckle.

Tae quickly downed the rest of his cola and threw away the can. “Okayyyyyyyy~” he mimicked your whining, smiling once more when your lip jutted out in a pout. You lightly swatted at his arm, earning you an over-exaggerated yell from Tae and a full blown show of him on his knees, holding onto his upper arm where you had hit him.

You giggled at his antics and whined more. “Come ON Tae!” You bounced on your toes in place, excitement running through you.

Aish, you’re cute Jagi,” Tae exclaimed as he pulled himself up from the walkway.  You half bounced, half pulled Taehyung along as you saw the sign for the African animal exhibit.

“Look Tae! There they are!” You announced loudly, pointing in the animals direction and looked back at the boy you had called. He smiled fondly at you, and watched as you ran the rest of the way to the ledge and handrail that led out to the large open field.

You bounced more in excitement, holding onto the rail and looked around for any sign of the wildlife. “Jagi,” Tae called softly, lips brushing your ear, his arms snaking around your waist. You stiffened at the public display of affection, a deep blush crawling up your neck and onto your cheeks. “I swear, you’re too cute for your own good.”

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“Jimin-ah, I just styled your hair. Do you have to ruffle it already?” You questioned the idol as he sat in your styling chair, shaking his head and running a hand through his bangs. “Don’t make me ask you to sit on your hands like I do my niece.”

“I’m sorry Noona, its just a nervous habit.” he apologized, setting his hands down neatly in his lap. You watched as he played with his thumb and forefinger, another nervous habit you knew he had.

“(Y/N), hurry up, they’re on in five,” another member of the styling team chided you and you sighed in frustration. You eyed the other members as they exited out into the hall and turned your gaze back onto Jimin.

He was looking up at you, while you watched him through the mirror, deciding on how to fix his hair quickly. “You’re really pretty, Noona,” you barely heard him mumble. Color immediately shot to your face as you tried to focus on anything other than him and how his eyes fell on your lips.

You naturally licked your now dry lips, his eyes following the motion intently. You cleared your throat, willing your voice to sound normal as you spoke. “I need to fix your hair,” you mumbled more to yourself to alleviate some of the tension that was now filling the room. The stare he was giving you was enough to melt you to the floor. You could feel his gaze on you as he traced your features with his eyes while you blow-dried the front of his bangs.

“I’ll see you later, Noona,” He smiled softly minutes later, as he exited the room.  

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A/N: Guys I can’t this gif is too f*cking cute

“Alright, come on you guys! Time to get up!” you yelled, hoping your voice would carry to all 4 rooms as you walked down the hallway of their dorm. You heard groaning from multiple rooms, which meant you were doing your job properly. You had just started maybe a month ago as one of the managers for BTS, and being the new kid, you got the short end of the stick on jobs. Which meant you were usually the one to wake them up, go on coffee runs, and even grocery shop if they didn’t have time.

You greeted the boys cheerfully as they filed out from their shared rooms, either them mumbling a “Hello” in return or eyes still closed in hopes of sleep and completely missing your presence. You silently counted heads as they made their way towards the living room to be notified of today’s schedule, and in the end, only counting 6.

You peeked in to the rooms to see bed covers half-hazardly thrown to the side or completely off the bed, your eyes finally landing on a still sleeping mass of blankets you could only assume to be Jungkook.

A soft sigh escaped your lips as you walked over towards the sleeping form and gently shook what you assumed to be his shoulder. “Kookie, come on. You need to get up so we can get today started.”

Jungkook gave a lack-luster groan and a barely recognizable “Five more minutes”. You contemplated your options; Dumping water on him would probably be too harsh, but you also really needed to get him up before the other boys started falling asleep in the living room.

You blinked, your eyes focusing back on the lump in front of you. You watched as the blankets were slowly pulled down from his head to reveal just the top of his eyes.

“I’m still here Jungkook,” you deadpanned.

The maknae pulled the covers down from his face and gave a toothy grin, a small giggle escaping. You pulled your arms across your chest, a hand resting over your mouth in an attempt to hide your smile and your slight blush. This kid is really too cute. You tried to push away the invading thought, but it just wouldn’t leave. An exasperated sigh left you and you ruffled his hair in fondness, letting your full smile fill your features.

rose-griffes  asked:

You mentioned in passing that TWD cast kept a "just friends!" public attitude about Richonne before it happened on the show, but I was under the impression that Andrew Lincoln made shippy comments shipper for years. (I don't watch the show, but I'm surrounded by a lot of Richonne fans on tumblr.) So what went on before Rick x Michonne finally became a canon pair?

Andrew Lincoln did make shippy comments for a long time before it went canon, that’s true. The “official” line was that they were friends. The thing is, it was a love story from the start, but there wasn’t a lot of “will they/won’t they”, from the media, and fans (minus Richonners, of course) believed the “just friends” type comments and thought Andrew was just being silly when he said shippy stuff. Some still continue to say the love story came out of nowhere even though it had been building since Season 3.

Some of Andrew’s comments made it sound like he was in an uphill battle with Richonne. He’d talk about how his mom wanted it to happen and said they show needed some “political balls.” That’s probably why it flew. People could say it didn’t mean anything, because the show would never go there with their lead protag. I know there were times when I wondered if Andrew’s pro-Richonne comments were at odds with what the writers wanted.

Trystan Reese and his partner, Biff Chaplow, were already seasoned parents when they decided last year that they wanted another child. 

Years earlier, they had adopted Chaplow’s niece and nephew after his sister was no longer able to take care of them.

However, this time around things would be different.

After trying for several months, Reese, a transgender man, got pregnant. And just weeks ago, he gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Their family’s story — and their willingness to go public with it — reflects a shift in public attitudes about pregnancy and parenting in transgender men as social stigmas have started to chip away and advocacy groups have campaigned for greater acceptance.

(Photo: Biff and I/Facebook)

A number of transgender men have gone through successful pregnancies in recent years — and throughout history, for that matter — some of them long after beginning hormone replacement therapy.

Check out the rest of the story: Transgender man gives birth to baby boy. ‘Love is possible,’ he says. So is ‘being a loving family.’

A Way With Words // xxv. Lygerastia (Theo Raeken)

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Summary: A 30 drabble prompt series made up of words from this post. These drabbles range from being imagines with various guys in no particular order. One will be posted each day in the month of September. 

xxv. lygerastia – the condition of one who is only amorous when the lights are out

She’s hot, then she’s cold. Her attitude differs as much as day and night, and Theo isn’t quite sure which part of her he really wants.

In public, she’s cold towards him. Words are not spent on his presence and her eyes hardly meet his. But the moment he gets her alone in the janitor’s closet or in her bedroom late at night, her attitude changes completely. She becomes desperate for him, urging him to be inside her, letting him claim her over and over again. But once the lights are on once more, the moment has ended and she’s back to pushing him away.

In her darkened bedroom, they lay in a tangle of limbs and sheets. Moonlight pours in from her window and it’s enough to cast a soft glow on her face. Theo’s eyes searches hers for an answer, anything that will give away her true feelings.

“What?” she asks softly.

He wants her like this, staring at him like he matters. He’s grown tired of her only wanting him when they’re alone, when the lights are off and no one else is there to see them.

The smile on her face disappears and Theo realizes that he had voiced his concern out loud.

“Why does it matter?” she whispers. “Why can’t we keep doing what we’re doing now?”

Ire flashes inside him. She can’t really think that what they’re doing is okay. He’s wanted her since came to Beacon Hills; past her public display of icy attitude, she’s wanted him even after he tried to kill Scott, killed his pack, and when Liam released him. They fit together like two pieces of a puzzle.

“It matters because I want you. All of you. So why can’t you be like this when we’re at school? When we’re in public?”

She sits up in her bed, clutching the sheet to her bare chest. “This is ridiculous,” she hisses, glaring at him.

“No, it’s not, and you’re avoiding the issue.”

He watches her bite her lip, absently picking at a loose thread in the sheet. Her voice is quiet but it’s loud in the silence of her bedroom. “I’m afraid that once day comes, you’ll just be an illusion and all of this will end.”

Theo chuckles and sits up, cupping her face in his hands, kissing her slow and steady. “Oh baby, you know that will never be true.”

I don’t count my sit-ups. I only start counting when it starts hurting. When I feel pain, that’s when I start counting, because that’s when it really counts.
—  Muhammad Ali 

This corporate giant is openly calling for government censorship and propaganda, total information dominance, and the manner he describes is reminiscent of the Orwellian model all the way down to utilizing the children to control the adults. I don’t care what your political persuasion is or what you think about fake news. Everyone should find this attitude, this public campaign, deeply disturbing.