public art new york

The 58-story 500 Fifth Avenue tower (Shreve, Lamb & Harmon, 1931). Fifth Avenue at northwest corner of 42nd Street. View looking northwest from Fifth Avenue and 39th Street showing the New York Public Library. Spring 1931.

Photo: Unknown.

Source: “New York Illustrated”. New York. Manhattan Post Card Publishing Co. 1938.


Crack is Wack X 1986

This mural on a handball court at 128th Street and 2nd Avenue in East Harlem was inspired by the crack epidemic and its effect on New York City. It was created as a warning and was initially executed independently without permission. Facing possible jail time the mural caught the attention of the NY Post which ran an article on it and Haring gained the public’s support. He ended up being fined only $100. The mural was soon vandalized so a worker in the Parks Department painted over it without permission. Haring was then asked to paint the mural again. The mural was immediately put under the protection and jurisdiction of the City Department of Parks and still exists.

Mike Nelson’s group of sculptures, Untitled (public sculpture for a redundant space), is being de-installed next week!

Nelson creates landscapes of sculptures from discarded materials, arranged together to suggest a narrative of objects one might find along the side of a highway or in an abandoned campground. The artist’s sculptural work for the High Line is made from rubble from the numerous development sites through which the High Line passes. The work straddles an uneasy confusion of land art and empathetic figurative sculpture.


This past October, 250 third graders from Harlem and the South Bronx became Arty Readers!  Time In’s wildly inspired program combining Opera, Manga, Film, Creative Writing and Literature, Arty Readers, helped our kids’ minds take wing.  At PS 197 in Harlem, 100% of one of our 3rd grade classes passed the ELA for the first time, thanks to Arty Readers.

 In this video, Morrisania 3rd graders from PS63 were asked what was the most important thing you did this year at Time In?  

Listen to their fantastically moving answers and then be in touch to find out how you can help!