puberty done good


Rating: Light T or strong K+
Word Count: Roughly 1,500+
Genre: Romance, Fluff, a bit of Hurt/Comfort

Falling for your best friend was actually simple, but falling for the Avatar was and would never be an easy ride. A Kataang Valentine’s Day oneshot

A/N: AAANNDD this didn’t turn out to be a drabble. My writer feels are kinda tired but yay I wrote something for Valentine’s!
Also I was writing this while listening to “Thinking Out Loud” because I’m trash
But this was fun to write! And fluffy! Initially prompted by httydatlalok (I’ll say what your prompt was at the end because it would be a spoiler :P), but I think it also fits in with firelordizumi’s prompt (Commitment) and one of obbessedturtle’s (Falling). Thanks for the prompts, guys! I appreciate them a lot! ^_^
Also for the Supreme secretsecrettunnel
Hope you guys like it! And Happy Valentine’s Day <3

Katara sighed, both exhausted and irritated. The party was suffocating.

But then again, what party wasn’t? Team Avatar never failed to grab the opportunity to reunite and have fun, but events like these were just politics, social climbers trying to get close to the “world’s heroes”, and girls fawning over her boyfriend.

Pretty, made up, rich girls dressed in frilly gowns and wearing the kind of jewelry that made your knees shake just thinking of how much they cost.

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Cry Plays: Throughout the Years
Cry Plays: Throughout the Years

Audio: cryaotic

Mixing + Editing/ Artwork: tavikat

2010 -10 sec.

2011 - 1 min. 55 sec.

2012- 3 min. 15 sec.

2013- 4 min. 50 sec. 

2014 - 7 min. 05 sec. 

Puberty Done Good…

So last night while I was sleeping over at xkillerbunnyx we both fell asleep to Cry’s voice (Limbo let’s play) and nostalgia hit me hard. I’ve been following Cry since before Amnesia..damn I’m getting old, his fifth anniversary was in 2011…right?? dude…I don’t even know anymore- home boy’s voice has gotten deeper over the years. Yeah I know he’s sick  I feel his pain right now in the last bit but still, it’s a lot to take in. The earliest clips I was able to find was Amnesia - but I remember when streams had the phone calling taken away and technically he introduced me to silent hill…

It’s been a long while coming…


And to think I still can fall alseep to him yelling profanities after so long says a lot too xD

Any who - here’s Cry Plays Through the years, Enjoy :3