When Puberty Hits Twice (Dylan O’Brien Imagine)


No one on this Earth can be as excited as I am right now.

I couldn’t stop walking around my apartment, my hands were constantly picking miscellaneous items and moving them from tables to counters. Basically messing with everything that could be fiddled with. I had walked down the hallways about twenty times and circled my living room about a hundred times, and entered and exited the kitchen seventeen times.

I was slightly freaking out.

Dylan had been away filming Death Cure and Teen Wolf for about a year and a half, and I was yet to see him. With no time off and no time to himself, he was either sleeping or acting. Besides the goodnights and I-love-yous, you haven’t heard anything from Dylan for about 18 months. 

But today he was coming home. Today. Any minute now.

And I had no idea what to expect. As much as I wanted to search up random pictures from the paparazzi online, I wanted to be surprised…

He told me he had grown out his hair from his usual 2-inches, making me wonder even more. He also had to work out for his role in the Maze Runner series here and there, to which he mentioned that his arms had finally found a little muscle.

Which one I was more excited for was really up to anyone’s guess.

If Dylan was attractive before he left, then my imagination was running wild at the possibilities.

 I groaned as I circled the living room once more, throwing myself onto the couch. This was killing me. Time was killing me. Not seeing Dylan was killing me.

Shaking my head as I covered my face with my hands, knock sounded through the apartment.

That was him. It had to be him.

With a squeal I jumped up and ran to the door. With a skip, I snatched the handle and twisted the lock, yanking the door open. I see legs clad in khakis and I quickly looked up. 

“Holy shit”

Dylan chuckles and shakes his head, stepping towards me.

“Surprised? You knew I was coming home” he smiled, still slightly laughing to himself. My eyes were still locked on him, taking in his physic.

“What the hell happened to you?” I said in awe, looking at the, the man in from of me.

“Wh-what?” Dylan stuttered, slightly confused. I felt bad for the offended look on his face. But- I was almost at loss for words.

“I-, you went through puberty twice, or something!” I yelled, laughing afterwards. Dylan let out a slight breath before laughing with me.

“Is it that much of a change?” he smirked, stepping closer. MY mouth hung open as he got even closer. Now, up close and personal.

His hair was long, laid flat under his Mets hat. A stubble had made its way to his jaw, making it even more defined and sexy. His grey t-shirt held his firm shoulders and defined arms perfectly.

“No need to try and look like you aren’t totally checking me out…” Dylan smiled, his voice low. But I couldn’t snap out of it.

“It’s, it’s just- you’re so-” I stumbled out. “Hot”

Dylan let a blush fall on his cheeks for a moment, before he tried to play it off.

“Well, I’m glad I’m not the only one” he breathed out, his eyes dropping down and back to my eyes. I raised an eyebrow and looked down, seeing nothing.

“What?” I asked.

Dylan choked up, shrugging in embarrassment now. “I-I, don’t know. I mean, you-your hair is nice and… and your-your calves look nice…”

“My boobs grew, Dylan. You can say that” I chuckled. He let out a huge breath, shutting his eyes in relief.

“Oh thank god. I didn’t want to seem like that guy, but-” he nodded, glancing down again. I rolled my eyes and placed my arms around his neck.

“How about my lips? Still looking kissable?” I smirked. His mouth formed an ‘o’, then he nodded.

“Definitely” he mumbled, before leaning down and pressing his lips to mine. I shut my eyes slowly, pulling him closer.

I heard his bags drop to the ground, then his hands placed themselves on his lower back, pressing me into his body.

“Oh my god, it feels so amazing…” Dylan moaned, dragging his tongue against my bottom lip. I smirked and gave entrance, his tongue smoothly massaging against mine.

“I missed you so much” I mumbled back.

Dylan gave a slight nod, still kissing me.

Finally, with a small peck, we broke apart a bit out of breath.

“How does it feel to make out with a man?” he wiggled his eyebrows, running a hand over his chin and then he proceeded to flex his arms. I rolled my eyes.

“I don’t think I know exactly how man you are…” I smirked, backing up back into the apartment. Dylan caught on and his eyes widened, before he slumped in an awe way.

“God, I love you” he smiled, before quickly grabbing his bags and throwing them past me, shuffling to the spot directly in front of me.

“I’ll show you what you’ve been missing for 18 months”



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