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Tangled The Series “What the Hair?” (Full Episode)

I cannot be the only one who is actually extremely happy that the new Tangled series includes this wonderful girl?

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Friendship between two female characters is very rare in all media outside few selected genres like Magical Girl animes and cute shows for little girls. And for Disney, they have been almost nonexistent. Their heroines are always surrounded by men. Even animal sidekicks are exclusively male. If other women appear, they are mostly villains or maternal figures. Out of Disney princesses and heroines, only Pocahontas and Tiana have actual female friends while Anna and Elsa have a sister they bond with. Tangled is no exception, since Rapunzel’s all allies are men (even every single pub thug is male).

And then they introduced Cassandra. She is a foil to Rapunzel; where Rapunzel is feminine, cute and enthusiastic, Cassanra is rough, tough and sarcastic. In any other show a girl like Cassanra would look down on a girl like Rapunzel. Here, they balance each other out perfectly. Cassandra is protective of Rapunzel but also wants to encourage her independence. Rapunzel in turn is the one person Cassandra appears genuinely soft and caring to. Their trust in each other is perfect.

I know some fans have not been satisfied with the way Cassandra comes between Rapunzel and Eugene. But I personally think it’s an interesting conflict. How many shows have we seen where the conflict between three characters like this would be a simple love triangle where the girls catfight over the guy? Instead, the conflict here is fresh and interesting. Cassanra and Eugene have conflicting personalities and Rapunzel has to balance between them. Her affection and safety is the thing they both want.

Eugene is the love of her life, but remember that Cassandra is the very first human friend Rapunzel has ever had. Romance may be amazing and important but friendship is also a treasure. It’s great to see how much Rapunzel and Cassandra value each other. Rapunzel does not simply push Cassandra aside for her boyfriend but instead tries to reach a compromise. I’m sure we will have so much fun watching how these personalities and chemistries in the trio develope over the course of the series! No story is good without conflict. So sit back and appreciate this amazing friendship between female characters.

Rapunzel’s enemy was truly a subversive episode in Western media for children. Most shows will take the easy route when handling topics like dislike and characters arguing; make everyone become friends in the end. I bet anyone can remember at least a dozen kids’ shows where an episode about conflict ended with everyone holding hands all ready to live in rural harmony together.

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Well, Tangled Series wants to take a more mature and realistic route with this. First Rapunzel is shocked to learn that someone might *gasp* NOT like her. And even worse, that someone is a sweet and popular old man! Rapunzel has lead a sheltered life where she got extremely lucky on her first adventure as she touched just the right buttons with the pub thugs (“Dreams!”) and was able to reach stern Maximus. But now our princess is actually living among other people and has to deal with all the package social life can bring.

The episode seems to take the traditional route as Rapunzel disguises herself to learn how to gain Monty’s approval. She bonds with him and even saves his life. In any other show, gratitude would make him give up his resentment immediately. But Tangled Series is subversive with the solution. Rapunzel and Monty do not make up and actually part ways as “not friends”, the one thing they can agree on. Actually, Monty holds her disguise against her since honestly, tricking people is not nice.

It might seem like a harsh solution but I think it’s something kids and adults alike need to learn to accept. Monty might be grateful for Rapunzel but their disagreements are too deep to overcome so easily. Sure, friendship is not about completely agreeing with one another. But “traditionalism vs. change” and “order vs. freedom” are pretty heavy things to disagree on. And like the episode states, not everyone has to like everyone. Monty and Rapunzel have a nice “agree to disagree” situation going on. It’s also refreshing to see Rapunzel’s temper again. We know she is able to get really angry and quite fast too (remember when she stood up to Eugene and pub thugs in the movie?) so it’s nice to see her standing up for herself even in not-so-nice ways. She is not mean but some edge is always great to see in a princess.

As a side note, the episode seemed to address one common complaint about Rapunzel; that everyone loves her. It’s not unusual to hear Disney fans bring this up as a reason to dislike Rapunzel, even though her interractions in her movie where limited and lucky. But after this episode we can safely say that actually, some folks do dislike her in her story.

It’s Okay to be a Disney Princess

I think Auli’i Cravalho seems like a great person based on what we’ve seen of her since she was announced as Moana’s voice actress. So, I’m not trying to antagonize her with this post. But I just want to say, “Why can’t Moana be both?” Disney Princesses have shown plenty of heroism in the different films that feature them. A heroine can be a Disney Princess and a Disney Princess can be a heroine.

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Snow White escaped the Queen after the huntsman spared her and the princess’ kindness helped her enlist the help of woodland creatures who helped her find the cottage of the dwarves. When she got there, she convinced them to let her stay by earning her keep. And, even though she was cooking and cleaning for them, she still had those men wrapped around her finger. When she first met them and said “How do you do?” and they didn’t respond, she enunciated, “I said, how do you do?” Yeah, Snow White could be a little sassy. And she was assertive with the dwarves and only let them eat dinner after they all cleaned up and even got Grumpy to do it. So, yes, she fell for the witch’s trick (but she was only 14 and very sheltered in the castle as a scullery maid) and then fell asleep for the last part of the film, so the dwarves and animals had to confront the queen and she could only be woken up the kiss of the prince she liked. But people always seem to forget some of the cool stuff that she did.

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Cinderella spent most of her childhood abused by her stepmother and stepsisters. She retained her kindness and never stooped to the mean and petty levels of her family. But that does not mean she just gleefully put up with their crap. She had a little bit sass and had a few sarcastic quips about her stepfamily and their cat Lucifer under her belt. Take this quote, for instance,

“Oh, that clock! Old killjoy. I hear you. Come on, get up, you say, Time to start another day. Even he orders me around. Well, there’s one thing. They can’t order me to stop dreaming.”

Also, the primary lesson Cinderella teaches us is to never give up on our dreams. That as long we believe in them, they can come true. That is a beautiful moral that not just little girls, but everyone can take something away from. 

And I’ve explained in another post how there is more to Cinderella than just marrying the prince.

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Aurora may have spent most of her film asleep, but she was a little sassy, like with her fairy guardians (she was raised by three women, that’s pretty cool, right?) And she at least had some knowledge about stranger danger when first meeting the prince. It didn’t take long for him to charm her, but she did turn away and dismiss him at first. Also, she left Phillip when she needed to and set the terms for their next meeting. I think she deserves a little credit. 

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And let’s not forget Princess Eilonwy. She maneuvered through the Horned King’s castle and allowed Taran to team up with her so that they could escape. Also, when Taran made a sexist comment about girls, “what does a girl know about swords, anyway”, oh, boy Eilonwy set him straight.

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I also talked about Ariel in that other post which I actually do recommend. But I’ll add a few points here, too. She went all kinds of adventures, including exploring sunken ships and escaping sharks. Many of these exploits of hers are shown in her prequel movie and in the 90′s TV show (and this was long before she met Eric, proving that he as her love interest, does not exclude her from being a capable heroine). Also, she is the one who saved Eric from drowning. And though she made a not entirely wise decision to run away from home and be on land, you at least have to give Ariel props for going after what she wanted, which is something the film makers made a full intent on making apparent (there was an interview from when the movie came out where this was mentioned, but I’m not quite sure where, but I’m sure the peeps that read this could find it if you’re interested :D). 

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Belle enjoys reading, even though that’s not what women usually did in her time period. She rejects the sexist, egotistical Gaston when he tries to flirt with her, insults her father (then later tries to incarcerate him if she doesn’t marry him) and tries to make her his “little wife”. She dreams of bigger and better things. She sacrifices herself for the sake of her father and later goes out to save him when he becomes ill. Belle does not take the Beast’s crap and even tries to leave when he explodes on her. When she gets attacked by wolves, she does defend herself and when the Beast saves her, she helps him back to the castle after he falls unconscious. She treats his wounds and sets him straight about his anger issues. Her patience and open-minded personality helps Beast slowly regain his humanity. And her love for him helps break the curse over him, his servants and the castle.

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Jasmine also took charge. She refused to be forced into an arranged marriage and preferred to marry who she wanted and when she wanted. She did not like being stuck in the castle, and though, like Ariel, she wasn’t that wise in running away, she still took it upon herself to get somewhere. She did not put up with the men in the story deciding her future and called Aladdin out on his lies. Also, she has a pet tiger! That’s pretty freaking cool. Sure, she had to dress up for Jafar and kissed him as a distraction. But she used her beauty against the piggish (actually he’s rather horse-like) Jafar. And Jasmine has also displayed her resolve in the extended Aladdin media, too.

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Pocahontas was just as adventurous as the last Disney princesses. She wanted more than to marry the stoic Kocoum. And, though wary, she managed to befriend John Smith and help open his mind to the beauty of the world and accepting people who aren’t the same as you. Colors of the Wind is a perfect summary of what Pocahontas teaches. Her wise, humanitarian ways stopped a conflict between her people and the Europeans. And although she cared very much about John, Pocahontas chose to stay and look after her family, friends and other peers. 

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Mulan knew that her father was too weak from a previous war injury to be drafted, so she took his place and became a soldier in the Chinese army. Yes, she had to pretend to be a man, but that’s just how it was in her time. Mulan trained and became a skilled fighter. With some help from her friends, she saved her country from invading Huns. ‘Nuff said.

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Kida kicked some serious butt in her film (including punching Mole when he said some… things… in her ear) and she took responsibility for the sake of her people, like Pocahontas did.

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Tiana worked very hard for what she dreamed of. She did not put up with Naveen’s selfish, narcissistic ways and taught him of what it meant to strive for something truly important in life (while he showed her that there is more to life than work, work, work). Though she could get down on herself, Tiana tried her hardest to obtain her dreams and in the end, refused to let people stop her (like those realtor guys). She become the owner of her own restaurant, just like she always wanted, and helped her late father’s dream become realized as well. 

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Rapunzel was trapped in a tower for her entire childhood. The reason why she didn’t try to escape is because Gothel pretended to be her mother and insisted that staying in there was for her own good. And being as sheltered as she was, Rapunzel believed her. But when she got her chance, Rapunzel made the decision to leave. She knocked Flynn out and tied him up and didn’t let him go until he agreed to help her see the floating lights like she always wanted to. On their journey, she faced pub thugs and a very intense horse and helped them reveal their better sides. She also did this with Flynn, bringing out Eugene Fitzherbert. Rapunzel used her extremely long hair as a valuable asset on her adventure with Eugene. She stood up to Gothel and was willing to sacrifice her freedom so that he would not have to die. And a tear, her care for him and sorrow over his death combined, brought Eugene back. And it appears that Rapunzel will go on many more adventures in Tangled: Before Ever After in 2017!

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Merida loves archery, sword-wielding and horseback riding. She also is very good at those things. She’s very active and goes out to explore, even climbing a tall rock structure at the beginning of the film. Merida is a very capable Disney princess. She also, like Jasmine, does not like her future being chosen for, especially when it comes to marriage. She does make unwise decisions, like trying to give her mother a spell that will make her see things Merida’s way. And it takes her a while to take responsibility for her actions. But she learns to understand her mother better (and so does her mother with her), the two bond, and she does her best to break the curse she set and make everything right again. She learns to be diplomatic and maturely express her thoughts to the men at her castle. She defends her mother and bests her father in a sword match. All the while, Merida still retains her adventurous spirit. 

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Sofia is a wonderful role model for young girls and older audiences, as well. She helps those in need, even those who have done her wrong (though she doesn’t always forgive people that easily, like when Amber took her amulet and brought a curse on their home- though that was an accident, and Amber, too, is a testament to a character learning to be more responsible and open-minded). She changes the status quo and becomes the first female member of her school’s flying derby team. Sofia makes mistakes, but she learns from them. She goes on many adventures where she and her friends learn important lessons. She’s saved her family and friends numerous times, as well. Also, the film princesses appear every now and again to help bring the moral of the episode home. 

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Anna is just as adventurous as many of the others I’ve mentioned. And she certainly has good reason, spending her entire childhood behind castle walls, similar to Rapunzel in the tower. She is very brave, going after her sister in harsh winter weather, despite their estranged status. She enlists the help of Kristoff and Sven, treks up the mountain and also confronts the giant snow creature, Marshmallow. And she gave her life to save Elsa. Sure, she took things too far, too fast with Hans, but she was desperate for affection after all those years alone and like some of the other princesses, grew up sheltered from the world. Anna’s parents were dead and she believed that the only other family she had abandoned her. She learned her lesson with Hans, though. And, well, he got what he deserved. 

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Elsa isn’t a princess, she becomes a queen early on in her film, but Pocahontas and Mulan aren’t technical princesses, either (but they are in the official lineup). So, yeah, I’m going to include her, too. I can’t just have Anna and not Elsa. Elsa dealt with many problems after growing up thinking that her powers were a curse. But after she had some time to herself, she realized that her abilities were actually capable of wonderful feats. She bested Weselton’s goons and almost killed them before Hans intervened. And with Anna’s help, she overcame her fears and brought happiness to her kingdom. And she has been a great ruler ever since. 

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Elena is a princess learning to rule her kingdom as queen. She defended her family from a wicked sorceress and was stuck in Sofia’s amulet for a few decades. Once she was freed, she defeated the villain and now is becoming a capable monarch while also going on several daring adventures with her family and friends.

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So, there is nothing wrong with considering Moana as a Disney princess (I also think it makes sense because she is a chief’s daughter like Pocahontas). She will display brave, empowering traits just like the other royalty before her. A princess can be a heroine just as much as a heroine can be princess. Those two things do not have to or need to be mutually exclusive. Disney has been proving that for decades and with the arrival of Moana this fall, I think we can see that it will continue on for many more years to come.


Word count: 812

Pairing: John Shelby x Reader

Warning(s): none

Author’s note: I had way to much fun writing this. John is one of my faves. The endings a bit rubbish but I had to stop myself before I went too far haha

Send me a request. 

It was a Friday evening and you’d had a stressful week at work. You were employed as a nurse at Birmingham General Hospital. You decided that you’d stop at your local pub for a drink before you went home.

So you headed to the Garrison, still in your nursing uniform. Your mother had always warned you away from this place, she said there were gangsters in there. Men worse than the bogeyman, and worse still than the men you’d heard stories about: the ones who simply took girls like you from the streets. You didn’t believe her, of course.
‘Gangsters in Small Heath?’ You thought as you entered the pub, ‘that’s not likely.’

You ordered an Irish whiskey and sat yourself down at a table away from the hustle and bustle of the bar. You popped your briefcase open on the table, just next to your drink, and began looking through your patients’ notes.

You must have gotten too distracted by your work because you didn’t even notice the handsome lad stroll out from the private room. He was actually meant to be going to the bar, but when he noticed you sitting alone, he couldn’t resist coming over to you. He sat across from you, smiling slightly with a cigarette between his lips. You looked up, sensing someone’s eyes on you.

“Are you lost?” You asked, giggling.

“No,” he replied, “I was just wondering why a lady so pretty as yourself was alone in the middle of a pub full of thugs.”

“I’m pretty sure I can handle myself around a few drunken men.” You held out your hand for a handshake. “I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N).”

“John Shelby.” John chirped, a dopey grin on his face.

“Pleasure to meet you John.” You flirted shamelessly, it wasn’t often you met an attractive man on your night off.

“It’s always lovely to meet a nurse,” John winked, “you’re not scared of me then?”

“Scared? Why would I be scared of you?” You asked. Your innocence seemed so obscene that John was intrigued by it.

“I’m part of the Peaky Blinders gang. Are you new ‘round ‘ere or what then? 'Cause I’m pretty sure I’d know if I’d seen you before.”

“I’ve lived in Small Heath my whole life. I was homeschooled, so that’s probably why you’ve never seen me. I moved down to London for a few years to do my nurse’s training, mind. My mum always said it was dangerous 'round here.” You explained, fiddling with your cardigan.

“Sounds like a smart lady, your mum.” John chuckled. “She’s right, it is dangerous for pretty girls like you in Small Heath.”

“You tryin’ to make me feel like a damsel in distress, John Shelby?” You teased.

“That depends,” he replied, “is it working?”

“No. I’m not scared of you, or your little gang, at all actually.” You smiled sweetly.

“And why’s that?” John asked.

“Well, you’re over here chattin’ me up, aren’t you?” You giggled.

“Mm, that’s true.” John hummed, “want to come and meet my brothers, Miss (Y/L/N)?”

You ended up having a wonderful night. John’s brothers were lovely, maybe a bit menacing at first, but they were nice. John was a little bit handsy but you were too tipsy to care. At the end of the night, he walked you home and kissed you on your doorstep.

When you woke up in the morning, you found yourself unable to think of anything but that charming man. Little did you know, John was at home with his mind on you alone. He couldn’t seem to resist your innocence, or your determination to remain unafraid of the Peaky Blinders. John couldn’t stay away much longer; he dressed swiftly and walked to your house as fast as he could. He pounded on your door, pacing as he waited impatiently for you to answer.

You looked out of your bedroom window and saw John fidgeting on your doorstep. A hoard of butterflies bombarded your stomach while you jogged down the stairs and towards the front door. You swung the door open to reveal John, standing there with a stupid smile on his face.

“I’ve been thinking about you,” he teased.

“You have?”

“Yeah, I have. I’ve been thinking about taking you out.” He was so cocky and sure of himself, you couldn’t help liking it.  

“Oh, really? Do I have a say in this?” You asked, you were trying to be smooth but all you wanted was to kiss him.

“Of course, but don’t tell me you don’t want to go out with me because I know that’s not true.” John stepped towards you, hands on your waist, gently planting a kiss to your jawline. He leaned in close and whispered, “it’s not, is it?”

“Oh, God, no. It’s not.” You gasped, grabbing his hand and pulling him into your kitchen.

Tangled the Series: 1x10

One Angry Princess

Possible spoilers; I don’t talk explicitly about what happened but I do talk about my feelings on the episode.

Okay, I really loved this one. I don’t know if it was having the thugs in an episode, or the struggle between others’ perception vs their dreams, or Rapunzel kind-hearted gumption, or Atilla’s defeatism about how some dreams aren’t meant to happen… Probably a mix of all of it.

Likewise, I was really invested in the story. Even if I knew who the culprit was as soon as the evidence of “two puncture wounds the width of Attila’s horns” was exhibited.

It was also nice that the guards and the Captain and even her dad took Rapunzel seriously. She didn’t have to go up against prejudice against her. (As Aladdin probably would’ve had to do in a similar situation.)

And I like the world they’re building: a little quirky, a little magical, a little dangerous. In the quirky sense, I’m thinking of everyone’s confusion about who Rapunzel’s witness was.

And I am REALLY looking forward to the next episode: baby Pascal and Rapunzel! I’m a sap for Disney leads and their animal friends meeting.


Citronshipping: HoND and Tangled 

I was inspired to draw these when I saw some old thiefship Disney (Tangled) crossover artworks. Although I chose TKB because I was listening to both of the films soundtracks and the song “ God Help the Outcasts”  reminded me of him and he is more apt for these IMO.Citron is so underrated. The ship is basically the YGODM counterpart to Tangled if done in an Ancient Egypt fairytale something AU. 

 I don’t know what Mariku is doing there. I felt the need to add him, he is supposed to be Pascal but he reminds me of the Pub Thugs/Ruffians for some reason. 

January 31, 2017


Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi Reprise their Roles
From Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Acclaimed Film 'Tangled’

KINGDOM OF CORONA – Set between the stories told in Walt Disney Animation Studios’ acclaimed film “Tangled” and its short film “Tangled Ever After,” the Disney Channel Original Movie “Tangled Before Ever After” makes its debut on FRIDAY, MARCH 10 (8:00 p.m. EST) leading to the highly anticipated premiere of “Tangled: The Series” on FRIDAY, MARCH 24 (7:30 p.m. EDT). Reprising their roles are Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi as Rapunzel and Eugene (formerly known as Flynn Rider), respectively.

The visually vibrant animated adventure/comedy movie and series unfold as Rapunzel acquaints herself with her parents, her kingdom and the people of Corona. Her irrepressible spirit and natural curiosity lead her to realize that there is so much more she needs to learn about the world and herself before she can assume her role as Princess of Corona. Beloved characters from the feature film accompany Rapunzel on her journey, including her partner in life Eugene; her loyal chameleon sidekick, Pascal; no-nonsense and dutiful horse, Maximus; and the Snuggly Duckling Pub Thugs. The series introduces newcomer Cassandra (voiced by Broadway’s Eden Espinosa), a tough-as-nails lady-in-waiting, who becomes Rapunzel’s good friend and confidante.

In the Disney Channel Original Movie, Rapunzel grapples with both the new responsibilities of being princess and the overprotective ways of her father. While she wholeheartedly loves Eugene, Rapunzel does not share his immediate desire to get married and settle down within the castle walls. Determined to live life on her own terms, she and Cassandra embark on a secret adventure where they encounter mystical rocks that magically cause Rapunzel’s long blonde hair to grow back. Impossible to break and difficult to hide, Rapunzel must learn to embrace her hair and all that it represents.

“Tangled Before Ever After” will be available on the Disney Channel app and Disney Channel VOD platforms beginning Friday, March 10. “Tangled: The Series” will be available beginning Friday, March 24. Following its U.S. debut, the Disney Channel Original Movie and series will roll out globally in 33 languages in 162 countries on Disney Channels worldwide.

Extensions of the story span new “Tangled” print and e-book titles including an original middle grade series by Leila Howland, inspired by the series from Disney Publishing; Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media will debut new playsets, dolls, role-play, apparel and accessories later this fall at Disney Store and all other retailers; the singles “Wind in My Hair” performed by Mandy Moore and “Life After Happily Ever After” performed by Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi and Clancy Brown, releasing on February 10 and March 10, respectively, from Walt Disney Records; and a DVD of the TV movie and four animated shorts releasing April 11 by Disney Studios.

Starring alongside Moore, Levi and Espinosa are Julie Bowen (“Modern Family”) as Rapunzel’s mother, Queen Arianna, and Clancy Brown (“Shawshank Redemption”) as Rapunzel’s father, King Frederic.

The recurring guest voice cast includes Jeffrey Tambor (“Transparent”) as Snuggly Duckling Pub Thug, Big Nose; Sean Hayes (“Will and Grace”) as Pete the Guard; Jeremy Jordan (“Supergirl”) as teen alchemist Varian; comedian Jeff Ross as Pub Thug, Hook Hand’s brother Hook Foot; Richard Kind (“Spin City”) as Uncle Monty; Paul F. Tompkins (“Comedy Bang! Bang!”) as Pub Thug, Shorty; Jonathan Banks (“Better Call Saul”) as Varian’s father, Quirin; Peter MacNicol (“Veep”) as Nigel the Advisor; Diedrich Bader (“American Housewife”) as Stan the Guard; M.C. Gainey (“Lost”) as Captain of the Guards; Laura Benanti (“Supergirl”) as Lady Caine; Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (“Lost”) as blacksmith Xavier; Pat Carroll (“The Little Mermaid”) as Old Lady Crowley; Charles Halford (“Rectify”) as Pub Thug, Vladimir; Steve Blum (“Star Wars Rebels”) as Pub Thug, Attila Buckethead; and James Monroe Iglehart (Broadway’s “Aladdin”) as Eugene’s friend Lance Strongbow.

In Wanted: Flynn Rider, the Stabbington Brothers disguise themselves as Eugene and commit crime, confusing the townspeople by appearing to be in two places at once. Eugene gets arrested, but Rapunzel, with the help of the Pub Thugs, get to the bottom of it.

Adorable illustrations and completely in-character dialogue through the whole thing.

zeroiasd  asked:

Ok, so apparently in the deleted stuff there was a discussion on which disney princes have dicks? How'd that turn out?

tarzan has one cos he winces when he saves jane from the baboons and that log like splits underneath his feet

flynn doesn’t have one cos he’s launched hundreds of feet into the air by the pub thugs and lands crotch first on maximus without even wincing

and I think that’s as far as we got in the disney prince discourse

hans has one probably as well because his crotch bulge is enormous unless it’s all a fake