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What is the legal drinking age in the UK?

According to the BBC, teens aged 16 or 17 can drink beer, wine or cider with a meal if it is bought by an adult and they are with an adult. It is illegal for this age group to drink spirits in pubs even with a meal. It’s also illegal for people under 18 to buy alcohol in a pub, off-licence, shop or elsewhere.

However, when I was around 14, I knew tons of people who had been drunk before by borrowing/stealing alcohol from big brothers/sisters/friends/etc. A common ‘starter’ drink for teens to drink in parks is WKD, but it’s not ver alcoholic.

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In the old days pubs used to have their own off-licences as these were the only places that you could buy alcohol to take home. These served as a vital part of the community and also one of the original recyclers as they would take your bottles back, rewarding you by giving a discount on your next purchase. I feel this would be a delightful thing to bring back. By having a fine relationship with my brewer I would sell their original beers from a small booth in the corner of the pub, but it would also be accessible from the street.  

I think it would nice.

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