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Time and Then some - Sherlock x reader |Part four|

Writer’s block? What writer’s block? Hey people, I’m back with another installment of this little thing here, I hope you enjoy! :) 

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Warnings: Things get a bit frisky at the end. Implied smut. 

Sherlock made his way out of his flat, a few nights after the visit of his unwanted guest. He planned on going to the pub again, to hell with Mycroft and his rules. He could care less about them right now. He thought long and hard about what he was going to do with himself and the problem that Y/n was causing. Because she was causing a problem, and an awfully big one.
Mycroft was saying one thing, Moriarty was saying the same. And Sherlock’s mind and heart were at war with each other. He honestly had no idea what to do, he was spinning like a top in mud. He could give into it, he could take her, but she has a family, people that loves her. He can’t just take that away.
Sherlock sighs walking in the direction of the pub, his hands shoved deep into the pockets of his belstaff coat. He puffs out a breath, shaking his head – what was he thinking? – This is ridiculous Sherlock. What the hell makes you think this is going to work?

I am eternal and she is but a moment. She is human, Sherlock, nothing more than dust between your fingers. You will never be ready.

His thoughts had almost made him turn around and go back to his flat. But he was determined to continue.

Despite being away for so long, Y/n looked at beautiful as ever. Standing behind the bar counter, dressed in a dark long sleeved tee and jeans, smiling at him. A smile he’s come to love, he’s noticed. Sherlock smiles back, taking his usual seat in front of her. Y/n did the usual: setting out a glass and the bottle of whiskey. “Well well well, Mr Holmes. Surprised to see you here.” she says, not unkindly, a smile on her lips still. Sherlock chuckles, watching carefully as she poured a small amount of whiskey into the clear glass. “You said that I drank a lot, so I checked out a bit for you.” He says, smiling more when she rolls her eyes at him. Sherlock takes up the glass, trying his best to ignore that little feeling that shot trough him when her hand brushed against his.

“I’ve only been busy, if you’re so worried for me.”

“I have no reason to worry over you, Will. You’re a big boy, you can take care of yourself just fine,” she winks.
Sherlock smiles and looks away from her, taking a drink from the glass. She turns away when Sherlock heard the door behind him open. Y/n smiles as always, but this smile was different, Sherlock saw something in her eyes then.
“Eric, hey.” Y/n greets sweetly as someone sat next to Sherlock. Sherlock looks to his right, the guy was tall, not as tall as he, but enough. He runs a hand through his short blond hair, a look of pure adoration nestled in his green eyes as he looked at Y/n. “Hey, Y/n,”
Sherlock looks away, downing the drink, and he knew it wasn’t the alcohol that was burning his chest right now. He refills the glass, pouring more than he’d usually. Y/n had learnt to just leave the bottle in his reach, because he drinks quite a lot. Sherlock rolls his eyes as they laugh at something together, just the thought of this happening right next to him made him sick.

I told you.

A soft growl leaves Sherlock’s lips as he refills the glass, again going higher than the last portion. “Dude, slow down a bit there. You won’t be able to see straight when you’re pissed off your face.”

Ah, so Eric finally acknowledged him then.

Sherlock couldn’t help but think the man’s name with hatred. He turns to look at him, scanning his form. Sherlock scoffs, turning back back to his drink, not the type he thought Y/n would go for.

That’s because you thought that you were her type.
Shut. Up.

I will be fine.” Sherlock says dismissively, quickly downing the whiskey and pouring himself yet another. From the corner of his eye, he say Y/n raise her eyebrows at him. He knows she heard something in his voice then. “William, you alright?” she questions with a frown, Sherlock closes his eyes for a moment. Drinking from the glass again, slowly now. “I think your friend there has had too much to drink, eh Y/n?” He hears Eric chuckle, and at that moment Sherlock felt like jumping off a building and just stop existing. He sighs, pulling money from his pocket, dropping it before Y/n could tell him It’s on the house like last time.
He downs the glass and looks at Y/n, “Nice seeing you, Y/n. Goodnight.” He says nothing more, not even a Goodbye to Eric, he just left.
But of course he had to see the hurt that flashed in Y/n’s eyes. And he hates to know it was his doing. But frankly, he could care less.

He feels stupid. To actually have been expecting something out of this. Something between them, it was silly and naive.

He stayed outside though, because he always walked her home. But what if he’s walking her home? Sherlock sighs, leaning against a wall, shaking his head as if to rid it of his thoughts. Not an hour later, Y/n stepped out of the pub, jacket on and she was wrapping her scarf around her neck. Eric was behind her, smiling at something. He says something to Y/n and she laughs, the sweet sound of it reaching Sherlock’s ears from where he stood.
He was about to be on his way, but then they said something to each other and and hugged before going off in opposite directions.
Sherlock raised an eyebrow, walking slowly to Y/n. She smiles when she saw him, a tad bit wary, he noticed. “Hey you.” she greets, “You okay?”

Sherlock smiles, define okay, Y/n. Then I’ll let you know.

“Perfectly fine, my Dear.” He says, falling in step with her, “I thought your friend would be with you,” Y/n laughs a little, shaking her head, “Nah, his mum isn’t quite well these days. Doctor’s said that Aunt Yvette mightn’t make it past Christmas.”

Wait…. aunt?

“He’s your cousin?”

“Yeah. Poor Guy, said he needed a break and someone to talk to. So I told him to drop b— Wait, why?”
Y/n looks up at him studying him before bursting out laughing, “No, No way. Will,”

Now he feels like an absolute idiot. Leave it to him to speculate things.

“That’s why you started acting like someone spat in your cheerios. You were jealous.” Y/n says, laughing some. Sherlock remains quiet, watching her. She stops laughing and an unreadable emotion crosses her features, she turns to look at him again, “William.. ”
Sherlock keeps walking, leaving Y/n trying to keep up with his long strides. “Hey. Hey, wait.” she calls, grabbing onto his arm. He stops, looking down at her and he smiles lightly, “Now you know,”
“No, I think I’ve known for quite some time now, ” Y/n smiles, and Sherlock searched her eyes, for what, he didn’t know. Rejection, maybe. But he found nothing of the sort there, just a certain shyness in the e/c pools of her eyes. “I care for you way more than I should,” Sherlock says, raising his hand to brush her cheek gently with his fingers. Y/n smiles softly, wrapping her fingers around his wrist, “Then show me,”
Sherlock’s cupid bow lips pull into a smirk as she wrap his hand around the back of her neck, caressing the soft hairs there. He leans in, pressing but a gentle kiss to her pink lips, sighing into it. It’s been a very long while since he’s kissed anyone, he’s not even sure if he did it correctly, but just the way her lips moved in time with his. That didn’t matter anymore.
Everything beyond that happened so quickly. Because suddenly, they were in his flat and he was pushing her against the wall. His mouth hadn’t left hers for a fraction of a moment.
Sherlock rests his forehead against hers when he had pulled away once, she laughs softly, brushing his nose with her own. Her fingers were in his hair, her legs around his waist, and it seemed to Sherlock that time had stopped completely.

This may have topped his list of the stupidest thing he’s ever done. His thoughts were conflicted, screaming at him to stop. One part of him dared him to carry on, to never let this girl go.

With that thought in mind, Sherlock only kissed her harder. His hand against her lower back, pressing her body more against his own. His tongue ghosted over her bottom lip, asking permission, to which she complies. Sherlock dives into the heat of her mouth, tasting her. He felt dizzy, drunk on ecstasy, it was intoxicating. Her scent, the way her hands were everywhere like she was starved of his touch. His lips trailed along her jaw, kissing her neck, teeth gently meeting skin as he nipped at her soft flesh. His hand tightens on her hip when a breathless moan left her, right next to his ear.
He pulls away to kiss her flushed lip again, his teeth bite into her bottom lip, not hard enough to break skin but just enough to drive her wild. Sherlock pulls away, resting his forehead against hers yet again, they were both breathing heavily. Y/n’s eyes were dark, lust blown, and oh how Sherlock loved that he caused that. But he needs to think. He can’t do this, it’ll get too far and he knows it, he ghosts a finger along her jaw, his eyes searching hers, “Y/n… I can’t.”
“Why not?” she asks quietly, kissing along his jaw to nibble on her ear lobe, and Sherlock feels his breath catch in his throat. He honestly had no idea how he had enough breath to let out a low growl then. He was trying so hard to to just take her against the wall, make her scream, make her his. “I know you want this just as much as I do,” she whispers into his ear, Sherlock closes his eyes then.

To to hell with it.

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Avi's birthday present!!!

Happy birthday my love here’s a fluffy and angsty Harry Potter malec au featuring slytherin Alec and ravenclaw Magnus!!

Special credit to @alecslittlesnores for helping me figure out what avi would like to read!!

Alec Lightwood had had so many labels attached to him. Labels assigned to him by his teachers, his friends, and his peers. Smart- though, well, “exceptionally smart” was never the phrase. Not to say that he wasn’t highly intelligent. He just never cared to pay attention to things that wouldn’t benefit him or that he couldn’t use.

Although, right now, he was painfully aware of everything and it was hindering his ability to enjoy the moment. Being observant was a blessing and a curse in this situation. He was aware of Magnus- the person who was kissing him, who had him pushed against the wall in the- thankfully dark- hallway. Magnus, whose hands were everywhere in all the best ways. He was aware of all of these things and that was a blessing. But there was serious downsides to this whole “being observant” thing.

There was the fact that he could hear every footstep of people who were close enough to catch them here. He leaned back against the wall and sighed.

“We are going to get caught, you know that, right?” He mumbled against Magnus’ lips, tugging him closer by this tie. That stupid tie… That tie represented everything that kept them separated, in a way. Magnus’ ravenclaw tie… It clashed with Alec’s slytherin tie. The green and blue looked glaringly wrong together, but at the same time they looked so right. He frowned as Magnus pulled away from him but tilted his chin up and closed his eyes as Magnus started kissing his neck.

“You’ve never really had a problem with trouble, so why be so careful now?” Magnus murmured against his throat. Alec rolled his eyes and trailed a finger over the fabric of Magnus’ tie. That stupid, awful, hideous tie.

“I’m not scared of getting in trouble… I’ve gotten in plenty of trouble before. You know that. I’m just saying, we are supposed to be in potions right. And I don’t want to have to listen to you whine later about how you didn’t get to pick the teacher’s brain on a potion you wanted to try.” He smiled a bit as he felt Magnus’ laugh rumble through their intertwined bodies. It almost made him forget that anyone could see them at any moment in this compromising position… And the kissing that followed definitely helped him forget, too.

Alec, yet again, was drawn to Magnus’ tie. Inter-house dating wasn’t forbidden or taboo. Certainly less common, but not frowned upon. Rather, the issue was that they both had reputations… Reputations that their same-gender relationship would ruin.

Not that they were dating. They weren’t. They were just… What was the word? They were just fooling around. It wasn’t serious. It wasn’t real. It was fun- just harmless, innocent fun. Well, maybe not so innocent, per se.
Magnus pulled away from him, looking concerned.

“Since when do you care about education? You always want to skip class, and now I’m being spontaneous and skipping class with you and suddenly you want to attend a hour-long potions lesson?” Alec sighed, knowing that Magnus was right. But there was something that was making Alec extra nervous, today. Alec looked at Magnus and cracked a small smile.

“I’m just a little confused, because lately it’s been a lot of kissing and not as much talking, and talking is kinda good thing.” He paused before adding. “Why am I the one prompting conversation? You’re the Ravenclaw.” Magnus laughed softly and kissed Alec before replying.

“Okay, you want to talk? We can talk; I just figured you’d had enough of all that thinking for now.” He sighed softly… Of course Magnus was putting him first. Magnus always did. Alec pulled him close by the tie that he hated so much.
“We don’t have to talk.” He said, grinning. Magnus smiled and kissed him softly. Alec almost got lost in it until Magnus said something Alec thought he’d never hear.

“Let’s go on a date.” Alec pulled away and, in complete and utter shock, repeated:

“A date?” He frowned at Magnus. “We don’t go on dates; that’s what boyfriends do, and we aren’t boyfriends.”

Magnus stepped away from him, readjusting his tie and sweater. He looked… Hurt?

“I know we aren’t boyfriends. I just think that you’re right; we haven’t been talking as much as of recently and maybe we should… Reconnect. So let’s go out.” Alec looked at him, confused.

“Like, on a date?” Magnus blinked, hurt faintly visible in his expression.
“No, not a date. Just a, uh, dinner.” Alec nodded slowly. It was a just a dinner. Not a date. He could handle that. They were best friends, so what they had left to talk about, he had no idea, but he’d never turn down time with Magnus.

“Okay, let’s have dinner. But it’s a not a date.” Alec enjoyed sneaking out with Magnus and making out in empty hallways. But dating would jeopardize what equilibrium they had maintained throughout the years, and he wasnt prepared to handle that. Magnus nods dead noncommittally and reached up to adjust Alec’s collar so that it would cover the hickies, and then brushed his fingers through Alec’s hair.

“Most definitely, not a date.” With that, they strode away from each other towards their classes, still fixing their ruffled clothes.


Alec looked in the mirror and adjusted his jacket before turning to his friends.

“How do I look?” He looked at them and spread out his arms. Jace smirked at him before saying:

“You look fine. Go have fun on your date.” Alec frowned.

“It’s not a date- even he said it wasn’t a date.” His friends all laughed at him and he sighed, hanging his head.

“I know; it’s a date. It’s totally a date, right?” He mumbled. Izzy hugged him and ruffled his hair, eliciting a glare from him.

“Have a good time tonight. Don’t worry about your hair- the "sex hair” look will knock him dead.“ Alec sighed and headed out the door on the way to his… Not date. Sort-of date? He didn’t know anymore. He made it to the pub and adjusted his jacket again before going inside. The minute he let his eyes fall on Magnus he relaxed, yet at the same time, he could feel a strange tension building up in his chest. He sat down across from Magnus and looked at him, trying to figure out what was going through his mind. He wanted to know what Magnus was thinking. Suddenly, without warning, Magnus laced their fingers together, still saying nothing. Alec almost let it happen until someone frowned in their direction. He pulled his hand away, putting it under the table. Magnus looked up and raised an eyebrow at him as the waitress came over and took their order. Alec shook his head, hoping Magnus would understand and drop it.

"so, what do you want to talk about?” He asked, once the waittress left. Magnus shrugged and gave him an emotionally-loaded look before saying:

“I think we should stop sneaking around and actually date.” Alec choked on his water.

“We should… What?” Magnus raised an eyebrow, unimpressed.

“ You heard me, loud and clear. So let’s talk.” Alec looked around, hoping that no one heard Magnus.

“There’s nothing to talk about!” He hissed, rubbing his face in desperation. This was bad. This would ruin everything. Dating a best friend was out of the question.

“We aren’t a couple… We can’t be a couple.” He sighed he knew the reason they couldn’t date but he didn’t want to say it out loud. So he suggested another reason why they couldn’t.

“The whole inter-house dating thing. It doesn’t work.” Alec attempted. Magnus laughed. It was one of Alec’s favorite sounds, but right now it was only discouraging.

“Alec, you and I both know that inter-house dating isn’t the problem.” Alec exhaled slowly. As usual, Magnus was right. He was Alec’s best friend- of course he knew when Alec was lying. Not to mention, he was a genius.
Alec looked guiltily at him and Magnus sighed.

“Alec, we need to talk about the fact that you’re ashamed to be gay. And there’s nothing wrong with it, or you for being it.” Alec stared at him for a moment, then looked away, pretending to be fascinated by the table they were sitting at. “I’m not ashamed.” He mumbled and he’d never told a less convincing lie in his life. That was a shame, because he was a fantastic liar. Just not to Magnus. Magnus knew him too well for that.

Magnus bit his lip and stuck his hand out.

“If you’re so comfortable with your sexuality, then hold my hand.” Alec shook his head. Normally, he’d be okay with it- they were best friends; who cared?- but there was so many people here… So many people who would judge them.

Alec knew Magnus was studying him. Magnus liked to understand things, and right now, Alec was his subject.

“I don’t understand you… You can make out with me in the hallways, but holding my hand in the Three Broomsticks scares you?”
In that moment, everything became very clear to Alec. He was being stupid- what kind of Slytherin let themself be overcome with fear? And another thing occurred to him- he did, in fact, want to date Magnus, and hold his hand in public, and all of those things. And he couldn’t let the fear of a people stand in their way anymore.

Magnus sighed, putting his hand in his lap.

“No one would care, you know. No one would care if we dated. It wouldn’t matter to anyone but us. Alec, you have nothing to be afraid of. So let’s do it. Let’s be boyfriends. You’re always talking about being spontaneous, about taking risks, about making mistakes… ” Magnus sighed again before saying the one thing that made Alec realize just how much he had messed up. How much he had hurt Magnus.
“Alec, make a mistake. Make this mistake with me, simply so I can show you that it isn’t one.”

Magnus thought they had a good chance at success. Magnus was the smartest person Alec knew. He was a man who calculated the risks of everything he did. If he was so sure, why was Alec hesitating?

He was Alec Lightwood. He was driven, spontaneous; he was a risk taker. Damn it, this was a risk he was going to take if it killed him.
Impulsively, he leaned across the table and grabbed Magnus, kissing him hard in front of the entire establishment. Magnus smiled against his lips and pulled away far too quickly. Alec looked at him, trying to ascertain whether or not he had done the right thing. Magnus laced their hands together across the table.

“We have to give people a moment to come to terms with their jealousy. Not many get a boyfriend as hot as me.” Alec laughed at him and squeezed his hand.

“Shouldn’t we finish our date before we get to labels?” Magnus leaned over and kissed him again, but not before saying:

“We have known each other since we were eleven, and we have been in some kind of relationship for most of that time. We are definitely ready for labels by now.” Alec laughed and realized domething that made the lead in his heart lighten.

No matter how much he wanted to believe that the friends with benefits thing was better and couldn’t crash and burn, he was glad it did. It burned hard and fast, but in the best way imaginable. Because now, he had a boyfriend who he knew loved him and he felt sure that breakups would not be an issue with them.
He frowned a bit when Magnus sat back in his seat, but couldn’t help but laugh when Magnus smiled at him and said:“We should get back to school before we miss transfiguration class.” Alec rolled his eyes at him and helped him up anyways. Together they walked back to school hand in hand and nothing felt more right.

I took this picture last night with the intent of saying “polkadot pants and I’m ready to party” and then I threw on a jacket for pub trivia, walked into our living room, laid down on my stomach on the carpet, and fell asleep