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“Mayhem” is an old English legal term for the crime of maiming someone. Originally it referred to maiming by cutting off a body part that would hamper the ability to defend oneself in combat, such as a limb, but it later extended to all body parts. So if you see an old prison record stating someone was arrested for “mayhem” it doesn’t mean they were causing mayhem, it means they cut bits off another person

Hey guys. Hope you’re having a good day!!

Went for a quiz night last night with my friends and then it was a pub. Super fun! Less fun this morning, got a little bit too much of the beer 😜 slept till four today, insane. But we all was so tired. I’m off from work tomorrow as well so doesn’t matter if you have one day where you do nothing 🤗 so a long weekend!!


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ONE rule: You can’t collect photos and then make it, you have to have them on your phone already.

I tried to keep a theme here. A couple of selfies, a couple of Yoongis, and some drinks. My phone is clearly full of food/beverage pics and screenshots of funny shit and photos of BTS that I just have to save. Most of these are already on my Instagram (click through the link and follow me if you want). The Yoongi pics were mostly used as my phone lockscreen. I guess the mood I’m setting here runs along the line of a cafe/bar crawl with Yoongi? Heh.

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Modern Psycho- Modern AU-(Ramsay x Reader)

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Fandom: Game of Thrones

Character: Ramsay Bolton

Persona: Female

Word Count: 1,174

Request: Hello! How you doing? Hope having a good day! If there’s not so much problem, can I request a modern AU Ramsay Bolton x Reader were the reader is friends with ramsay (the psyco who nobody wants to be close) and he really likes her (reader) and he really gets mad when guys flirt with her so he sticks with reader wherever she goes which really annoys her but in the end is all cute and fluffy? Thank you, darling! (sorry for my english :( it’s not my mother language) 

A/N - This takes place in a Modern Alternate Universe, enjoy <3 (I’m thinking about doing a part two for this so if it’s something you’d like to see, please let me know!)

The small, coastal town you lived in was quiet. Nothing eventful ever happened, everyone knew everyone, that was until a new family moved into the more remote area of your village. Nobody knew anything about this family only their last name, the Boltons.

The Boltons were even more silent than the town in which you lived. There was a constant flood of whispers about this family, about why they moved and why they kept to themselves and they all seemed to contain one common theme; their son. No one really knew his name, only what he looked like. The descriptions from various witnesses described him as hauntingly handsome- tall, lean, ghostly pale with cold, piercing eyes and a mass of brown hair with scruff to accompany the disconcerting calm express on his face.

Every so often someone would see the family in the local supermarket, or the local library and there’d be more rumours floating around about them. ‘There’s something sinister about that family’, your grandmother’s words echoed in your ears, ‘Stay away from them and stay away from that boy’.

At one time you planned to heed her advice, but now here you were, walking over to the young man all because of a stupid dare from your friends.

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I think this performance shows that the “rainbow, pancake, slam dunk” etc. freestyles on Fallon were… actually probably pretty easy for Lin.

Lin-Manuel Miranda freestyling at Joe’s Pub after “a couple rum and cokes”
published 2/22/10