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Ok I got more: Top 5 robron scenes? Top 5 robron kisses? Top 5 Aaron scenes (outside of Robert) 😈💗

oohh I really had to think about this and its almost impossible to only pick 5 AHHHHHHHH but there ya go:

Top 5 robron scenes

1. Obviously the kiss before the Gordon verdic/trial (”I want to be able to rely on you Robert.”

2. Robert saving Aaron from drowning + hospital proposal *winks*

3. When Robert told Aaron that he fell for him (”don’t make me think I fell for a quitter”)

4. Dirtly little grease monkey pub scene ;3

5. Aaron opening up to Robert about his abuse (I think I cried more tears than Aaron did, if thats possible)

Top 5 robron kisses:






+ Bonus coz deleted scene (haha thats not cheating ;))

Top 5 Aaron scenes (without Robert)

1. Aaron and Chas at the beach eating ice cream together. I feel like this scene fixed so much between them both and it was so lovely to see Aaron smile for a bit and also see Chas fighting for her son and never giving up on him! + Aaron winning against Gordon in court!

2. Aaron coming out to Paddy (that scene was so honest and raw and emotional and Danny was so young there and he played it so well god I cried so much!

3. Aaron helping Vic and Adam with their wedding ;) (in general, lying for them and organising things, that was sososo cute)

4. Aaron buying the mill and telling Liv about it. That smile and hug and they were so super happy (wait there was Robert too haha but he didnt get a hug poor robert)

5. Aaron and Ross’s fight in the barn (how do you live with it? - You don’t.)

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So my friends and I decided to take a trip to Nashville yesterday. We left around 8, drove a 3 ½ hour sleepy drive, shopped until 2, ate at the delicious and sugar-coma inducing Pancake Pantry, saw the city some more, then had an amazing rooftop dinner at Pub 5, where we all devoured our amazing burgers and watched the sun dip between the buildings that make the Nashville skyline. There are few friends with whom I could have had such a great time with, and I got to say I’d do it all over again, as long as I was with them. Even though my legs hurt so much that I have to take breaks to go up or down the stairs.