Okay it’s been 6 months since I last used my tablet and it’s REALLY FRICKEN HARD TO GO BACK TO. I love it, but I’ve forgotten how EVERYTHING works.  Anyway here’s a Ginboy getting tipsy.

In my haste for Artist Alley I completely forgot to upload my foxy Gintoki print/sticker design!

Where many people like to associate Gintoki with a cat I’ve always compared Gintoki to a fox. Bonus for being able to make him a Kitsune! To be specific I associate him with an Arctic Fox, just ‘cause they’re white. I’ll be making a German Shepherd Hijikata and probably other characters with animal features and make a set of them, but for now, here’s a Kitsune Gintoki!!

(ps. yes it’s my icon, yes I was dumb enough to change my icon and not upload this)