I lied.. there was one more thing I wanted to finish before I could move on to art trades xP My little brother and I have been talking about making him a gemsona for some time and so I finally made it. Ended up going a little overboard with his gemsona since I wanted to do something different from my own. I ended up going down a path similar to Garnet.

Jade is a fusion of both Phosphophyllite and Pualingite who have chosen to stay fused due to a strong bond and longing to be with each other. Jades gems are located on the the back of both hands and does dual wield swords as her weapon. Jades personality and other information is still in the works so ill post that at a later time. But ya I’m super happy on how this turned out and she will be the new addition to my gem crew. ;D


Started working on art trades and also drawing up pictures of bloodshot Iolite. Finally decided on a weapon for her <3 Gave her a similar power like a gem fusion I made, Brookite. I wanted her to be able to manipulate a ball of gem energy in her hands that can be thrown or pushed against something. This gem energy can cause some extreme damage so I really recommend that you shouldn’t let it touch you…. might not go so well ;D Also shes can be a total softy and adores Pualingite and Phosphophyllite to no extent and would do anything to keep them safe.