Uh Oh 7: Fictional spy dude to be paired with woman his own age; Redpillers declare end of cinema

Uh Oh 7: Fictional spy dude to be paired with woman his own age; Redpillers declare end of cinema

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Daniel Craig in the clutches of hideous monster hag Monica Bellucci Antifeminist douchenozzles regularly mock feminists for caring about so-called “first world problems” like “manspreading” and rape and systematic gender discrimination. Unlike those trivia-obsessed feminists, those who’ve taken the Red Pill only concern themselves with momentous questions, like the age of a certain fictional spy…

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I just HAVE TO share my excitement for the upcoming Disney animation film, Moana! D23 gave a first look at the characters, and can you believe it? Not only will we have a kick ass heroine - she’s also a Polynesian (the first 3D Disney leading character of non-white background, and the first Polynesian heroine since ‘Lilo and Stitch’), a brunette (an overdue! Moana is the first 3D princess to have dark hair) AND she has a cutie pig (yes, PIG!) named Pua as one of her sidekicks.

I’m so excited to see Moana come November 2016. Only 15 months to go, right? 

PS: About the first 3D brunette princess - I remembered that Rapunzel’s hair darkened after the cut, but she’s still miles off from being a brunette. Her short hair is light chestnut/slightly auburn. 

8Channers are trying to pick up women on Tinder with a famous neo-Nazi slogan. It's not going well for them.

8Channers are trying to pick up women on Tinder with a famous neo-Nazi slogan. It’s not going well for them.

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Hitler demonstrating his mastery of Nazi Game. So one Twitter Nazi recently had a bright white idea: Why not try to pick up women on Tinder using the neo-Nazi catechism known as “The Fourteen Words?” The results so far? Let’s just say they’ve been mixed. (more…)

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“pick up artist” RooshV posts the biography of the bear mascot of montréal’s police force, after he got a beer thrown at his face for saying rape should be legalized. i’m not sure if he’s pretending that it really is a police report or if he really is that clueless (both options are tremendously, deeply sad)

i can’t remember who said it, but it was a very eloquent way to put it: “pick-up artists and garbage men should swap names”

ok I’m signing in briefly because I just need to share this I N C R E D I B L E comment that someone left on my Black Lives Matter article. tw for the furthest ludicrous extremes of MRA bullshit and also whorephobia oh and also me making fun of LessWrong and Eliezer Yudkowsky again:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “Black Lives Matter and Public Art”:

ATTENTION: Spread this message far and wide, copy and paste it and send it to EVERY MALE you know!

We men must boycott marriage, and never marry. Why? Because there are ZERO benefits for men in marriage. If you get married, there is at least a 50 percent chance that your wife will divorce you, kidnap your children from you, and steal all your money in divorce.

So, what are the alternatives to marriage?
1. Learn how to game and seduce women
2. Fuck prostitutes
3. Masturbate to porn

Did you know that it’s cheaper to fuck a prostitute once a week than to maintain a wife? You will get bored of fucking your wife after the first six months of marriage but with a prostitute you can fuck a new one every time.

There is already a MASSIVE anti-marriage campaign worldwide, with men basically giving up on marriage and refusing to get married. Here are two recent articles on it:



Now, there are THREE main ways we can destroy feminism forever and take women off the massive pedestal they are on. We must fund and promote the following three technologies:
1. Virtual reality sex programs
2. Artificial wombs
3. Sex Robots

Once these three technologies are in place, women will no longer have any power in society. After all, why would you waste time chasing after fat women in real life when you can fuck hot supermodels in virtual reality or fuck a female sex robot? And since women’s main power comes from their reproduction capacity, if we REMOVE that capacity from women through the technology of artificial wombs, then women will have ZERO power left in society and thus feminism is finished forever.

THIS is the solution, gentlemen! Now we must do our part and spread the above message to as many men as possible so that we can raise the consciousness of men worldwide. I am the guy who created the famous Boycott American Women blog, which reached around 40 million people worldwide through the internet campaign I created. Therefore I know what I am talking about.

In summary:

Do not ever get married. Simply seduce and bang women, or fuck prostitutes, and help promote the above three technologies, and we will DESTROY FEMINISM FOREVER! Thank you!

If you still have doubts about WHY you should not get married, I strongly recommend you to read the following article:

[some wordpress link]

There’s a lot to unpack here. The biggest question I think is: is this real? I’m currently debating with zomburai​ about whether or not this is a Poe, and we haven’t reached a conclusion, mainly because of:

Now, there are THREE main ways we can destroy feminism forever and take women off the massive pedestal they are on. We must fund and promote the following three technologies:
1. Virtual reality sex programs
2. Artificial wombs
3. Sex Robots

On the one hand, this seems too ludicrous to be real. But on the other hand, remember that time Eliezer Yudkowsky wrote about how this was a realistic possible future because men and women are just so biologically and therefore psychologically different that we would prefer to live alongside sex bots than live with each other, and that’s why gay people are happier?

I am not making this shit up:

But men are not optimized to make women happy, and women are not optimized to make men happy.  The vast majority of men are not what the vast majority of women would most prefer, or vice versa.  I don’t know if anyone has ever actually done this study, but I bet that both gay and lesbian couples are happier on average with their relationship than heterosexual couples.  (Googles… yep, looks like it.)

I find it all too easy to imagine a world in which men retreat to their optimized sweet sexy catgirls, and women retreat to their optimized darkly gentle catboys, and neither sex has anything to do with each other ever again.  Maybe men would take the east side of the galaxy and women would take the west side.  And the two new intelligent species, and their romantic sexbots, would go their separate ways from there.

That strikes me as kind of sad.

I’m willing to bet that a few psychological nudges in both sexes—to behavior and/or desire—could solve 90% of the needlessly frustrating aspects of relationships for large sectors of the population, while still keeping the complexity and interest of loving someone who isn’t tailored to your desires.


It seems ludicrous but like at the same time I’ve read way more ludicrous stuff than “we need to invest in artificial wombs so we can beat feminism” (which I mean doesn’t that just suggest that trans women could set up a self sustaining all trans feminist utopia?? I mean we can use that technology ourselves, guys. Is that what Robin Hanson meant by “Futarchy?” I can only assume so.)

Anyway it’s always nice to be reminded that no matter how terrible this site is, at least it’s not 4chan or LessWrong or Reddit or this dude’s wordpress. Wowie zowie.

Who took down Roosh V's sites this week? Danes, gays, Jews ... or Big Toilet Paper?

Who took down Roosh V’s sites this week? Danes, gays, Jews … or Big Toilet Paper?

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  So Roosh Valizadeh’s websites — Return of Kings, the Roosh V Forum, and his own blog — have been hit with DDOS attacks this week. Roosh isn’t sure who’s to blame, but he has a few ideas. In a note on the DDOS attacks he posted to his site, he wrote: (more…)

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A Most Solipsistic Nature

By IllimitableMan “A picture held us captive. And we could not get outside it, for it lay in our language and language seemed to repeat it to us inexorably.” – Ludwig Wittgenstein
Contents:1.) Introduction
2.) The Pause In Priority3.) Communication, Abstraction & Solipsism
4.) Struggle
5.) In Closing
6.) Relevant Reading
1.) Introduction:
Women conflate histrionics with characteristic depth, …read more

Source:: Illimitable Men

egyébként legújabb burkolt bókom viszonylag alacsony lányoknak,

olyanoknak, akik azt is gondolják, hogy fogyniuk kéne, meg ilyenek, hogy de te egyébként nem adhatsz vért, nem?

persze az egészet még szépen fel kell vezetni, nem csak úgy kontextus nélkül random kérdezgetek ilyeneket, mert az azért elég furcsa/ijesztő lenne, csak ha szóba kerül. :3333