pu sews



I took a ton of shots, and I’m bending my “if I get it done by midnight” by just… 40 mins, but whatever.

YAY I FINALLY FINISHED TEREZI. First time I’ve ever made a pair of… crocs. uhh. (detail shots will follow later). Everything’s made by me, from scratch, blahblah. Check out my sewing tag if you wanna know/see more!

the scalemate is like, two inches tall. Itty Bitty Pyralspite


I want to work on him ;m;

didn’t get as much done on him this weekend as I wanted. What a difference in the eye and head shape it makes once the eyes are actually set. Check out that slightly changing expression depending on the angle~ tohoho.

(because this one’s mine I gave him freckles. HAA HA HAHA I love vantas boys with freckles. stupid crabs)


(so the construction is finished from all of the flood damage and I yet again have access to my sewing and needle felting stuff. I finished up this little guy to get back into the groove of working on plushes. Have a huge list of things I’m super behind on now thanks to the absolute mess my life has been lately. AHHH)

but that blahblah aside, here, have a Karkat grub. Further proof that I never get to keep a single Karkat I make.


I made a tiny husktop for my Sollux!

I had a dumb moment and I think i assumed a fanon design was canon and didn’t realize it until way later, so props for the design goes to the amazing http://cowbuttcrunchies.tumblr.com/ !

I may in the near future just print out a screen to put on the mini screen instead of hand painting it, because it’s so tiny I couldn’t really do anything too precise, but I kinda like how hand painted it looks lol :D

anyway, I love making miniatures and this was a fun little break-project. 

deliriousbiznasties  asked:

I'm sorry if I'm overstepping since your faq said not to ask much about the dolls but how do you get your needle felted dolls to stand on their own? is it just like balance and luck? I'm assuming you're using a wire framework so is that the key?

Yes and no!

As loosely felted as the puffs are, the small wire frame absolutely gives them the structural integrity they need to stand.

The real key, however, is balancing the doll and providing them with either a flat, solid surface, or a “tripod” to balance them.  Eridan’s cape is actually too thinly felted to act as a tripod (and he’s actually difficult to balance, though he can and does stand on his own, it isn’t stable like my larger armature dolls)

The real key though I would say are the “half eggs” I make for their feet. They’re baked, hard clay with a flat bottom. The wire from the doll is inserted directly into a small hole [I also bake the feet on the exact same type of wire I use as the felt skeleton, so the hole will fit perfectly when the foot is moved to the doll itself. But baking your hard parts on a wire or a very small rod allows you to handle them and paint/glaze them without ruining them).

The combination of the wire and the flat, hard foot  gives them enough surface to plant them and the wire then acts as a skeletonto support the doll.  They still don’t stand perfectly on their own just due to how small they are (and how light they are, a sigh could knock them over lol) but they stand well enough that I can pose them and photo them. I usually either prop them against something, hang them off of something, have them sitting or use a small stand to display them though.