Two ptutu fanart  to celebrate the lunar new year!In fact the first one originally was the drawing of X‘mas congratulation_(:з」∠)_,and I painted too slow to finish on time….But who care,now I have finished it!  

The first one inspired by the ballet Nutcracker. Ahiru’s pendant just like the toy nutcracker,giving her a sweet,dramatic and romantic dream.

Because 2017 is the Year of the Rooster,next I painted a shell-breaking ahiru!Ahiru is sooooooo pure and endearing that I can’t control myselffffffff!!(wake up)

Happy lunar new year and wish you happy every day~ 

Hope you like it.

bird outside the kitchen, fighting his reflection
tell him I got nothing for him
bird outside the kitchen, fighting his reflection
what’s he gonna win when he wins?

first watch of tutu i was all about ahiru, second rewatch i fell in love with fakir, third rewatch rue captured my heart and finally on the fourth rewatch i find myself very attached to mytho and his journey.