Paint the town blue || Kylene

"Alright, so um, never done this before." Pushing past the doors of the pharmacy, Kylie turned to face Irene with a wide grin. "Where’s the blue hair dye?" 

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Attempt to piss off your muse: 'Bolin is a mediocre earthbender' *throws Desna into an arena to fight to the death for my amusement* *sets Bolin on fire* 'You're not even slightly intimidating' *puts Bolin out by urinating on him* 'Bolin never loved you' *proceeds to strip Bolin until he is naked, throws him to the floor and pleases him sexually*

"The sense of this is none, it lack walls and base to how to anger anyone."


Everything goes wrong


The Greatest Ant-Rotation Song Of All Time


maniac by peter and the test tube babies / no video