dis is turquoise!!! She’s kinda inspired by ptsdean’s character Chartreuse… who is beautiful but I thought it would be neat to see a character that looked a little more like me!! ( ~ .^)~*

Anywaiz so Turquoise is also a escort like Chartreuse and they are liek bffs liek sisters~~ Turquoise might look kinda rough but she’s mostly nice!! But she doesn’t take s*** from anyone she can be fierce so wathc otu!!!!! ( ~ .*)~*

Turquoise © meh 2014 DON’T STEEL!!

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after u receive this, u must share 5 random facts about urself (but only if u want to) and then copy and send to some of ur followers, or u can just post it either way is fine friend (・ω・) <33

oh man, five random facts? well, okay!

1. i tend to get lost a lot, especially while driving. if it’s out of my bubble of local area knowledge, one should just assume i got lost and am trying to get google maps to work while simultaneously telling myself “it’s around here somewhere; if i’m stubborn enough i’ll find it!”

2. i have yet to break a bone! all thanks to drinking milk constantly as a kid, i suppose.

3. i’m double-jointed in all of my fingers.

4. i have a small scar on the palm of my right hand from the time i broke a test tube in 11th grade chemistry.

5. in first and second grade i was a bonafide gang leader. my gang was smaller than our rival gang, but our territory included the swings and the play structure and all the space up to the tether ball. we also had informants from time to time. it was all very legit.

thanks for asking, friend!

plimplomtavern asked:

after u receive this, u must share 5 random facts about urself (but only if u want to) and then copy and send to some of ur followers, or u can just post it either way is fine friend (・ω・) <33

oh god uhh i don’t even know what to say that people don’t already know??

- i have only seen pacific rim five times
- i love lemonade
- i’m awful at math
- i will have cats some day
- blitzwing from tfa is my fav transformer„

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You have been tagged! You must tell 5 facts about yourself and then pass it on to your 10 favorite followers! :)

(hey I don’t know when did you send me this, tumblr has been eating my messages since september and spit them out just now, so sorry if my response was late! )
Uh well 5 things? Let’s see…..

  1. I have a 14 years old sister and an 11 years old brother. I like my brother but I couldn’t care less about my sister (she’s a really unpleasnt person).
  2. I own a female calico cat called Macchia (you know, cause she is spotted. So much fantasy), she is kind of an asshole but I love her. :3
  3. I have lingual braces and my dentist told me to keep them on till every piece falls off. (We don’t go anymore to him because he kinda ruined my mouth. I hope keeping that thing in my mouth doesn’t ruin it more ;_;)
  4. I hate when people with big dogs shove them towards me like “Come on pet it! It doesn’t bite don’t worry! PET IT”. I don’t care, I’m not comfortable around them, I’ve never had one, I don’t know how the heck to behave around one and I will kick you in the shins if you try to push me toward one.
  5. Two of my grandparents come drom South Italy, one from North Italy and one from Australia. Though I’ve only ever met my realtives from North Italy since they live quite near me and we never get to visit anyone else, I discovered at like 10 that my father was half Australian, I could have been so much better at English right now*sigh*. (Yeah we’re not really a united family *coughmyfather’sfaultcough*)

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B, Q, Z!

B: 3 biggest pet peeves.     1) people who chew with their mouths open. seriously i don’t want to listen to that, it’s disgusting.  2) it’s kind of selfish, but when people don’t acknowledge the fact that you just did them a favour. like they don’t say thanks when you hold the door open for them or pick something up for them.  3) when people say they are thirsty, then drink pop or something. dude you’re thirsty! drink freaking water! you know, something that actually gives your body what it needs!?

Q: Your guilty pleasure?   Well, I’ll leave any kinks out of this so….I guess my guilty pleasure is that sometimes I’ll still sit down and watch the first two seasons of Glee. Shhhh.

Z: Do you pee in the shower?  No. I tried it once just to see what all the hubbub was about but it icked me out.