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do you guys know of any other blogs like this one, but that focus more on psychosis, paranoia, and derealization rather than mostly depression/anxiety?

Hi Anon,

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[Head of a puma on tessellated background that alternates between dark purple and dark blue. Top text “Can’t concentrate or learn” Bottom text “Because if thoughts wander: Instant Flashbacks”]

It seems really counterintuitive, and that’s why I didn’t really understand it until it hit me suddenly a few weeks back. But one of the reasons I can’t concentrate on one thing long enough to really learn anything in an organised and profound way is that I almost always need to distract myself or else there will be flashbacks (or flashbacky things). So i need to skip to something else quickly and couldn’t use learning material that is slow paced - but without time to think it through for myself, I won’t learn anything new and interesting… It’s also really hard to use my brain in general when I’m having to fight off flashbacks at the same time. There are times where it’s better, but not enough for studying. Well, one day…

Hello lovey followers and readers <3

I have some news I am excited to share!!  I was accepted to help moderate two additional mental health blogs - PTSD Puma and Together We Are Strong

PTSD Puma is a resource for hilarious memes, advice, support, and resources on PostTraumatic Stress Disorder.  Together We Are Strong is “…a safe place for individuals who have mental illnesses to seek help, advice, or just someone to talk to who understands what they are going through."  It has extensive lists of resources, people to talk to, and archives of funny memes about all different Mad positions and identities.  Under the "people to talk to” list, you will see fuck yeah mad pride (me) listed under the titles General Help, Anxiety, Bipolar (II), Borderline Personality Disorder, LGBTQQIA, Mood Disorder, Self Harm, & Suicidal.

In addition to my diagnoses/Mad location have many reasons for working on these blogs.  I am a psychology major, and I am very passionate about redistributing my knowledge, especially because I am white & privileged to a college education, also because I’m the Maddest fucking Feminist you’ve ever met.  I was part of an extensive/invasive clinical study/experiment with Seroquel and have been off my medication for about 6 years. I was involuntarily confined for over 15 months, five years ago,and quietly identify as a psychiatric survivor

This blog is intended to be an archive of the Mad Pride movement and Mad Pride in popular culture.  It is meant to be positive, funny, and supportive.  I am mad proud and mad excited to now announce that “supportive” also means that if you wanna write in and talk to me, about Mad-related anything, I am here.  I already care about you and I’m already thinking of you.

I am truly honored to participate in these and future projects and I hope you check them out.  If you would like to be listed on Together We Are Strong plz write us!

Mad hatters all matter, we speak cat words, we’re fatter than you.  We’re feelin’ blue.  We love you too.  You knew it all along.  <3

your friend,

k. adelle