here’s part two of my brush settings list!!! (part one here)

Note for marker tool for the drawr brushes, i sometimes use it for coloring too, but feel free to experiment with them however you like!

Also guys I recently posted my first full coloring speed paint video here ;v; check it out if you’re interested in seeing how i color things lol// subs and likes would greatly appreciated <3 (i still don’t know how to enable comments OTL)


Some notes on how blending works in Sai.I’ve been getting my brushes, blotmaps, and textures from ptsbrushes & Deviantart.

If you can’t find a certain texture that’s listed here, just google “Sai + THAT TEXTURE” and it’ll show you a link to any number of ppl on DA who provide those textures for download including instructions!

Some other notes in messing around with various brushes & settings:

The “fringe” layer effect in Sai is akin to Photoshop’s “stroke” layer mode option. It essentially adds an outline to anything on that layer. Combined with watercolor texture and watercolor brushes/blending brushes, that’s how you get that authentic look since real life watercolors push the pigments to the edges of your brush strokes due to water tension. This creates the darker outlined fringe that is so trademark to the authentic watercolor look.

By blending with a different foreground color, it is similar to having some pigment left over on your brush when you try to blend the colors on the paper with water. In sai, the harder you press, the more the foreground color inserts itself into your blending (when using the pictured brush & settings). The softer you press, the more diluted the blending is, and thus the softer it looks. Give it a shot! Post questions in my ask.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I hope you don't mind me asking, but what are the settings you use on your line art brush?

My brush settings are personalized and i’m not comfortable with sharing them publicly ;0; sorry! But you can get some awesome brush settings from this blog: !!