here’s part two of my brush settings list!!! (part one here)

Note for marker tool for the drawr brushes, i sometimes use it for coloring too, but feel free to experiment with them however you like!

Also guys I recently posted my first full coloring speed paint video here ;v; check it out if you’re interested in seeing how i color things lol// subs and likes would greatly appreciated <3 (i still don’t know how to enable comments OTL)

i made a little thing of the three brushes i use the most for a friend so i decided id post it here!!

Sketch + Lineart brush is the brush i probably use the most. I also use it for shading details!

Flats is sometimes a lineart brush, but its mostly just for colour in stuff

Watercolour brush is used for blending colours together and make everything look a little less cel-shady