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i know this is a big thing to ask for a post on but can you articulate why you're into one direction (eg. politics), what [esp. politics] of theirs as a band/ individually are you most dubious of & how do you reconcile that, and what do you think now that zayn left (both in terms of politics and longevity of a band)?

I’m not really sure I can give you a lot. I’ve invested much less of myself in One Direction since the Adult Woman Fandom became less safe for me, a lot of Adult Women With Under-Read On Blogs That Are Just Trickle Down RGR refused to stop associating with my rapist, with so many enemies [who got into 1D because of me in the first place] lurking around the corner. Since “Little White Lie,” too, and knowing that nobody gave a shit about it. That song was indefensible. And maybe if Midnight Memories didn’t bring in a bunch of Adult Women 1D Fans Happy That Another Band Sounds Like Mumford & Sons ‘Cause That’s Their Taste Level it’d be easier to take.

The easy answer to your actual question? Totally hard for the Shellback sound especially in its total cultural dominance of 2011-2012. My second answer follows from the first, and also lol from my emoblogging this afternoon: I like music that’s subjectively indulgent and about creating arenas for public feeling that probably just erase the author altogether. That’s what a boy band is! It’s about me. For me it was most powerfully about #pts1d, no one in the world could stop me from not moving on. And I like when music is an accessory and a joke before it is even music. I like tropes. And the songs were always there, or they would have been a flop from the start. They were cute but not that cute.

My political concerns have nothing to do with “What Makes You Beautiful,” if you’re asking, I think anyone publicly concerned over that song was only publicly concerned because they conceived of themselves as beyond its influence to begin with and only made a fuss to assert power over girls with low self esteem, and I think most everyone with a problem with it is significantly stupider than me. My political concerns are really just, it was only a matter of time before a bunch of dudes in public were a bunch of dudes like we know them to be, right? (Liam went first, probably.) This, too. This is what was always wrong. Which leads me to:

I wasn’t kidding when I said I was happy for Zayn. I’m so happy for Zayn for getting out and ending this thing while there was almost something left we could remember without distaste. One Direction has no future which is great and how it was always meant to be.