Surprises preference

It had been four month since you’d last seen Luke. Of course you had text, Skype and face timed him but it wasn’t the same as being next to him, being able to touch him and kiss him. You always said you would be fine when he was on tour and you were but the loneliness had hit you hard that day, so you where currently laying in bed in your superman pj’s with your duvet cover over your head. You had sent a text to Luke about ten minutes ago saying ‘I miss you baby, I know I said I wouldn’t let you going on tour make me sad its just one of those days’ but he hadn’t answered you yet. So you laid there on your bed, a few minutes had passed then hours had passed so you finally got up to go get something to eat, sighing you dug through your closet for something to wear, tears pooling in your eyes when you saw Luke ‘you complete mess’ top hanging in your wardrobe. Shrugging away your tears you pulled on Luke’s top and a random pair of jeans with your white converse shoes. As you walked to the door you picked up your keys and tied you hair up in a messy bun. Before you reached the door you heard two loud knocks coming from the other side making you jump and drop your car keys. You stood there for a while curiosity burning from inside you to who it would be, as a few more seconds passed and another round of knocks started you finally opened the door only to see your boyfriend Luke standing there with a small smile on his face and a bouquet of flowers in his hand. “Surpri-” he could barely get out before you launched at him, jumping up to hug him, your legs wrapped around his waist as he stumbled back a bit then wrapped his arms around your legs to support you. “You’re such an ass Hemmings” you mumbled against the crook of his neck “did you miss me that much Y/L/N ?” He whispered in your hair as he held you tighter to him as best as he could with one hand still clutching the flowers. You pulled back to get a good look of his face. “I missed you so much..Luke god I love you” you whispered to him tears forming in your eyes. Whispering “fuck it” Luke dropped the flowers and pulled you tighter against him properly “I missed you to babe, I love you” he whispered back then pulled you in for a passionate kiss.

Michael had been a little sketchy lately you had to admit. He was constantly checking his phone, acting distant, acting extremely nervous and not eating much. He even refused your slice of pizza you didn’t want which was extremely worrying. You thought about asking him about it again but when ever you did he would start stuttering and start sweating, so you had let it go and hadn’t brought it up in the last hour you guys had been hanging out. Sighing you sat back down on the couch next to your bright red haired boyfriend and cuddled back into his side. He was currently playing his new video game he just got, he was so focused on the game that he didn’t notice you staring up at him. Your mind was going into over drive trying to figure out what he was trying to hide from you, your thoughts went from him throwing you a birthday party to him cheating on you. You didn’t think it was either honestly since it wasn’t near your birthday and Michael would’ve told you if he did, he had such a guilty concience that once he showed uo at your house at 3:00 AM with tears streaming down his face, crying about how he was the one that broke your kitchen chair and not Luke who you thought did. Sighing you started to poke Mikey’s cheek in hopes to get his attention, aftet a full minute of poking each time getting hardet than the last he finally paused his game “what is it Y/N I’m trying to kill bad guys” he smirked looking down at your small frame “well… can you please just tell me what’s bothering you?” You spoke softly not wanting to set him off “U-um I dont know w-what you mean” he replied anxiously starting to fiddle with his x-box controller “Mikey I’m not stupid tell me” you demanded sitting up and facing Michael directly “well its ju-” he was interrupted by his phone beeping signaling he had recieved a text. You watched his face as he read the text a stupid smile forming on his face which made your bloof boil “fine if your not going to tell me then just leave!” You screamed then turned and ran up the stairs to your bed room ignoring Michael’s ptotests. Once you got to your room you imediently got under your bed covers and started crying, a while oassed and you heard the door slam signaling Michael had left, a couple hours passed and then you fell asleep. Once you woke up again it was dark as your stomach rumbled you decide to get up and go down into the kitchen to get food. As yoy walked into the kitchen you stopped in your tracks. Michael was standing there with balloons and a sign saying “I’m sorry”. I glared at him and crossed my arms against my chest, he rolled his eyes and flipped the sign. The other side said “the secret was that I asked the tour manger if I could bring you on tour with me” a small smile broke on your face “surprise” he joked, “and?” You questioned “the text said yes” he laughed dropping sign. A huge smile broke on your face “Idiot” you stated as you walked closer to Michael pulling his tall frame down into a kiss, both of you smiling into it.