Here we have the “Atlas Nope”. Found in the tropical and subtropical forests of “Fuck that Noise” in the country of “Oh god! Please shoot it dead, then salt and burn the corpse!” #icky #ew #ptooie

im running on just over 2 hours of sleep and im trying to study whilst also figuring out what kind of animal i look like at the same time which is making it pretty hard to concentrate and im VERY SWLEEPY but im feeling strangely optimistic like. im not sure if i can do this exam but im gonna get up and go and do it anyway!!! and then i will have done it, outcome be damned!!!! it will be good bc i will have done it. and anything you do today will be good too! you dont always have to give it your all if youre tired or not feelin it. a little bit of effort is still effort and im very proud of you! youre talented and sweet! you have a lot of people who care about u! yuove made a lot of people & animals happy! WOOoo!!!!!

HGEEHGUU ok i promise this is!!!! my second and final selfie. ive been taking too many pictures of myself and i apologize. but im very stoked that i am capable of looking sort of presentable in a suit! ALSO THANK you guys for liking my pictures THAT FEELS WEIRD AND VAIN 2 SAY BUT ITS A VERY VERY KIND GESTURE.. TY……

HEY TUMBLR ILL BE GONE FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS OR SO so you might not hear a lot from me for a lil while!!! hope your days go well! i took this picture with my elbOw