Today marks exactly three months since my first serious pony art!   So in honour of the occasion have this OC that I apparently designed without intending to yesterday, and then and went and drew a bunch more of in today’s stream.  She’s a stoner-scholar and a bit of a drunk, walking a line between being overly studious and far too laissez-faire.

Wordplay in the name’s pretty weak and obvious, but ya get whatcha pay fer ‘round hyar, pardner. *hwak-ptooie*

Also my running Twi and Luna pic got featured on Derpibooru, that’s also pretty cool and makes me happy on another day that started in the low places. ^^

I Don’t Want This Kind Of Hero x MCU

Just a very self-indulgent fantasy where I crossover two of my fave things. The idea just came to me because the most convenient plot? point? crossover point? of anything Marvel is that anything can happen over ‘multiverse’ and ‘outer space’ theory. Honestly, I’m surprised this idea hasn’t crossed my mind earlier. 

One day this little spot that looks like a swirling thing starts to form in New York sky, and when someone notices it, everyone starts freaking out about it because Aliens. So the Avengers get called, (and because I can’t think of anything else these days, it’s post-CACW) and Tony and Vision and Rhodey just sit by the portal, ready to go (at least Tony and Vision are) despite them being only two viable fighters against what might be a horde. Except the portal seems to be tiny, just barely enough to squeeze through one man. 

And one human squeezes through indeed. Naga just gets ‘ptooie’d out by the portal and Tony and Rhodey and Vision are just standing/sitting there because a kid just got spat out by the sky. And Tony immediately shoots up because holY SHIT IT’S A HUMAN KID AND HE’S FALLING. 

Except when he’s almost close to the falling kid, he suddenly flips around and they just meet eyes right before Tony SLAMS INTO HIM BECAUSE HE WAS TRYING TO SAVE A KID BY INTERCEPTING HIM HE CAN’T SUDDENLY STOP LIKE THAT and they’re falling together—- Until Tony uprights himself and searches for the boy because he must have hallucinated seeing a nerdy kid - with not even a superhero costume or anything! - just fly, except he is, a few feet away, speaking in a familiar language that he can’t speak. But it sounds like Korean. 

And at the same time I imagine Naga, when he gets asked in what he assumes is English, he just uses all the english in his vocabulary all together: “Hello! Thank you! My Name Is Naga! How Are You? I’m Fine Thank You And You?” And later, much after charades while in the air, remembers to ask: “Do you speak Korean?”

Much after the fact, after Tony and Naga charade themselves down to ground level, Naga is taken to a UN building because nobody knew about Korean super  humans? And I like to think about how, while OOC, the world is actually a little bit kinder to Naga because despite his flying into foreign territory, he looks relatively harmless and seems pretty young. Except Naga has no idea when they ask for his ‘Last Name’ because his name is just Naga. No, it’s not a superhero name. No, he’s not a superhero. He’s a part of this organization called Spoon, have they not heard of it? They should know, because it’s government sanctioned. No, he’s not making fun of the representative. He doesn’t know if it’s an acronym. And after much questions like this, they come to realize that Naga is not from this Earth/dimension.

I like this idea, and I think I’m going to continue thinking about this, later. 

@omni-cube [*chainsaw noises*]

{🌱} Okay, this guy tasted of metal. Disgusting. A loud ‘ptooie’ was let out as Chomper reeled their head back, their shadow-covered eyes now glancing up at the Bomber and his food-filled offer.
Grilled cheese? Beh. Not good enough. They need something more…


{🌱} If meat is what they want to eat, then that’s what they’ll be trying to get-!