Fortune Favors The Bold
Fortune Favors The Bold

Everything about this song is beautiful.

Just imagine,close your eyes and imagine. You’re standing on the top of a mountain,you can feel the cold air entering your lungs. You open your eyes and feel powerful,like the world,everything you see belongs to you.

it’s the song from Alexander,Hindu Kush scene,first they play Across The Mountains and then,when Alexander talks to Ptolomy,Fortune Favors The Bold comes up.

… Alexandria boasted automatic doors and hydraulic lifts, hidden treadmills and coin-operated machines. With invisible wires, siphons, pulleys and magnets the Ptolomies could work miracles. Fires erupted and died down; lights flickered from statues’ eyes; trumpets blared spontaneously. For the early procession, the city’s ingenious metalworkers outdid themselves: A fifteen-foot-tall statue in a yellow spangled tunic floated through the streets. She rose to her full height, poured offerings of milk, then magically reseated herself, enthralling the crowds.
—  A description of parades held along Canopic Way in Alexandria, Egypt in 47 BC. From “Cleopatra” by Stacy Schiff.
Disordered Characters

The characters of Legion have powers that seem to be the manifest mutant version of mental and emotional disorders.

David’s is schizophrenia (audio and visual disturbances) and maybe some DID.

Syd is borderline personality disorder.

Cary/Kerry is codependency.

Ptolomy is…what? Alzheimer’s?

Oliver, I don’t know enough about yet. Oliver is the mutant version of being amazing. I feel like he got bitten by a radioactive dose of acid.

What's in a 4th Wall

One of my favorite things about this show is how often the characters flirt with and talk themselves out of what is really going on like Oliver telling David, “It’s not real unless you make it real.” Which is the rule of the entire show.

And Syd in C1 assuring David that everything is real when he suspects it’s not. (It’s not. ) And Syd asking Ptolomy if he’s sure they’re out of David’s memories in C4 (he’s pretty sure but they’re not).

Best of all is C7 Syd meeting Cary in the TARDIS I mean phone booth and slapping the 4th wall across the face like yeah yeah I’ve been paying attention even better than this poor, riveted audience has.

The Wire and Legion

Imagine Legion had to meet audiences like The Wire did. Imagine it had been made in 2005, before Netflix or Hulu, back when a niche network like FX or then Hbo, was the only way to watch was tune in every week and on time. Imagine if it was some event you couldn’t miss. Both because it’s dazzling and because if your girlfriend’s birthday fell on the day Chapter 7 erred you’d MISS CHAPTER 7. And maybe not see it till reruns!
Then, on top of everything! On top of the way your schedule has to bend around an 8 week long masterpiece…no one else you know watches it. Actually no one. Because the Internet is still a nebulous place…there were way more handles and screen names on the Internet back then than there were real people using the Internet near constantly to tell the world the minutiae of their lives. Now…I swear a half of all social media is people talking about other kinds of media. The Internet has brought out the inner geek of the world is what I’m saying.

The Wire started in 2002 and did a slow burn across culture until it was kind of ubiquitously known 10-12 years later. It comes up in every best of TV list ever written, typically as first place. But there was no massive Twitter tag frenzy after episodes, no Tumblrs dedicated to the adoration of every rich character. No shippers. No gifsets with poignant quotes. I mean those gifsets with poignant quotes, those endless means are mainstream culture now. My mainstreamiest friends actually send me memes from time to time and I’m 30! My husband sends them constantly. No conversations or debates or rants about problematic characters acting problematically and how and why because we didn’t believe pop culture conversed with and affected culture in any real way back then.

Legion will probably go Stranger Things within the year and explode into all our friend circles at once. Even though it’s sci fi. Even though you have to pay attention and cannot blink or you’ll miss something.

Imagine if Legion premiered back in 2002 with the Wire and no one you knew watched it.

Now imagine it’s 2017 and conversation about Legion EXPLODES because it has changed television forever just like The Wire did. Imagine you’ve been waiting all this time to talk about what had almost, by now, felt like your lonely masterpiece.

And I thought the show was a mind fuck.