Fortune Favors The Bold
  • Fortune Favors The Bold
  • Vangelis

Everything about this song is beautiful.

Just imagine,close your eyes and imagine. You’re standing on the top of a mountain,you can feel the cold air entering your lungs. You open your eyes and feel powerful,like the world,everything you see belongs to you.

it’s the song from Alexander,Hindu Kush scene,first they play Across The Mountains and then,when Alexander talks to Ptolomy,Fortune Favors The Bold comes up.

… Alexandria boasted automatic doors and hydraulic lifts, hidden treadmills and coin-operated machines. With invisible wires, siphons, pulleys and magnets the Ptolomies could work miracles. Fires erupted and died down; lights flickered from statues’ eyes; trumpets blared spontaneously. For the early procession, the city’s ingenious metalworkers outdid themselves: A fifteen-foot-tall statue in a yellow spangled tunic floated through the streets. She rose to her full height, poured offerings of milk, then magically reseated herself, enthralling the crowds.
—  A description of parades held along Canopic Way in Alexandria, Egypt in 47 BC. From “Cleopatra” by Stacy Schiff.