(stole this idea from @dagnabbler, love ya!)

Well wow, 2015 is almost over and to sum it up, it was one hell of a year (for the best, though some parts of it were completely shitty). If I’m going to be completely honest, the year started off really shitty (mainly thanks to the way that 2014 ended and I much rather not talk about it), but as the year went on, I started feeling more comfortable with myself and it’s something I’m truly thankful for. I haven’t been this happy with the way my life has been going in years and even though I made quite a few enemies this year, I’ve made some amazing friends and built on friendships that I’ve had for quite sometime now. 2016 looks like it’s going to be an improvement over this year already and I’m excited for that.

s/o to @jelloshy, @yungohara, and @ptmfc for being amazing and allowing me to come out to California for a week. It was the first time in a long ass time where I was just having fun and not stressing out. It was also amazing to finally meet you guys in person after talking to you for a long ass time now and I can’t wait to make back out someday (hopefully in May)!

s/o to @dkc2 and @dagnabbler for being the friends that I can talk to whenever shit was happening (even though they live states away), because you guys are great and I love talking to ya’ll whenever I can!

and lastly, s/o to @basschan for dealing with me ever since we met in August (so sorry it took me forever to actually start hanging out with you), you’re such a positive aspect of my life and whenever we’re together, I’m happy with you and you make feel one hundred percent comfortable around you. I apologize that I can be a burden sometimes whenever I’m being an idiot/drunk/stubborn, but thank you for sticking around and not jumping ship whenever all of that shit happened in November. I seriously do love you and I’m glad that you’re in my life