Akihabara - Tokyo, Japan by inefekt69
Via Flickr:
I had to delete yesterday’s upload because of terrible jpeg compression artifacts in Flickr’s resized previews (which weren’t present in the full res original). I’m having a hard time fixing it and it seems prevalent in night shots with dark skies……..oh well, here’s a street scene pano of Akihabara that has a nice blue sky!

Tokyo City Panorama - Odaiba to Shibuya by inefekt69
Via Flickr:
Taken from Roppongi Hills at sunset, looking south west. This view takes in Shibuya to the right all the way to Odaiba on the far left. The sunlit highway running through central Shibuya is Roppongi Dori.

Keiths tower P8084358 by Mel Stephens
Via Flickr:
Heavy processing - yes, it’s intentional. A mix of colour enhanced by monochrome infrared. Actually I don’t like it much.

In 1795, Durris was let on a long lease to John Innes of Leuchars, near Elgin.  He carried out extensive improvements to the estate but when, in 1824, Durris passed to the Gordons, Innes - after a lengthy and expensive lawsuit - was ejected and virtually ruined.

To celebrate their victory over Innes, the Gordons built an octagonal tower, which now overlooks Park Bridge.  It is a single masonry digit lifted skywards in a wonderfully-derisory gesture

It is usually - although erroneously - called “Keith’s Tower”, a skirmish between the Keiths and the Irvines of Drum having taken place near the spot in the 14th Century.

SKY OVER HONG KONG COLOR, THE SKYSCRAPERS by xavibarca (Visca el Barça!!! Força king Abidal!! on Flickr.