pterosaur art


Paleopins are now up for sale on Etsy! 

I’ve got 15 designs up on the etsy, including the kickstarter exclusive Allosaurus skull that after I run out, won’t be made anymore!

Finally got myself a nice camera and took some good product shots :D


ayyy so here are some of the prehistoric gryphons I designed forever ago 

The ice age gryphon is a terror bird/saber-toothed tiger hybrid and is HUUUUGE like omg, taller than a car! She’s also big and buff and gay

The second one is some kind of pterosaur (probably a gnathosaurus or ctenochasma) and a thrinaxodon (the very first “mammal”)! He’s small and bony and eats a lot of fish!

519: Ropen

Pretty sure Azhdarchidae would be absolutely terrifying if it was the Ropen.

Requested by ufohnoparty

Jonathan Whitcomb Eyewitness Testimony

By some crazy stroke of luck one Clear Alolan Night, you may have the once-in-a-lifetime pleasure to spot ghastly blue lights streaking across the sky. The Alolan Aerodactyl is still a very mysterious Pokemon to Scientists all over the World. Due to the fact that none of the eyewitness descriptions match those of the common revived Aerodactyl, some scientists believe it to be a species of Aerodactyl that never went Extinct, hiding out in the remote Jungles of Alola for Millions of years. Other scientists however aren’t fully convinced it’s even real, as no one’s been able to catch one yet.

*Flash Bang: Alolan Aerodactyl’s signature ability. If this Pokemon is stuck by a Critical Hit, it will release a bright flash of light from its body, which both causes Confusion and Harshly lowers the Speed of the opponent.

Wanted to make some adjustments to Alolan Aerodactyl. It’s now Ghost/Flying, which is probably more appropriate given Cryptids might as well be Ghosts, it has a Ghastly Glow, and it’s an Animal that should be extinct but isn’t. Its design now also looks much more different from the original Aerodactyl, taking the Crests and Wings from Nyctosaurus and the Lower Jaw of Ikrandraco.