Perfect Clione limacina por Alexander Semenov

Clione limacina, known as the naked sea butterfly, sea angel, and common clione, is a sea angel (pelagic sea slug) found from the surface to greater than 500 m (1,600 ft) depth. It lives in the Arctic Ocean and cold regions of the North Pacific and North Atlantic Oceans. It was first described by Martens in 1676 and became the first gymnosomatous (without a shell) “pteropod” to be described.

Sea Angel (Swimming Sea Slug) - Clione (Pteropoda:Gymnosomata) - adapted to free ocean swimming by the loss of their shells and the development of the foot of the gastropod into wing-like flapping appendages (parapodia).

Liza Roger & Dr. Gareth Lawson

The University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia

Technique: Stereomicroscopy (10x)
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Summary: Mirage makes it back to the Autobot encampment– what’s left of it– at last. The problems, of course, don’t stop there.

More cameos! More discovery! Fun stuff. Hopefully it’s worth the wait.