pterodactylus antiquus

Since I skipped Inktober I decided to try out something I saw on someone else’s blog: “Dinovember.”

Good excuse to draw dinosaurs. Sixth is Pterodactylus antiquus. Not to be confused with Pteranodon, Quetzalcoatlas, Rhamphorynchus, Tapejara, or any of the other pterosaurs that came up on a Google search when I was trying to find reference. At least half of those sketches are something else that I tweaked to make into pterodactyls…Oh, and pterodactylus antiquus was the first pterosaur discovered!

Basically I think it’s just supposed to be one dino drawing a day, but I decided to do 10 skeletons and 10 with skin/muscles (referenced from google images) and then one speedpaint. Since I’m not intimately familiar with most dino anatomy the sketches were a huge help for the final piece. And it was interesting sorting through all sorts of outdated paleoart for the more modern interpretations.