pterodactyl jones

Sadie: Well, you’ve split to the right place. Frank, let’s save that dinosaur!

Pterodactyl Jones (P.J.): Oh, slow down, doll.

Sadie: Well, how fast was I going?

P.J.: About 90.

Sadie: Suppose I let my foot off the pedal.

P.J.: Let’s say you hit the brakes.

Sadie: Suppose I hit the gas instead.

P.J.: How fast can that thing go?

Sadie: Suppose we find out.

P.J.: Seems dangerous.

Sadie: Ain’t that just like a dame?

P.J.: Took the words right out of my mouth.

Sadie: Suppose I did. Want me to put ‘em back in?

P.J.: If you promise not to do it the hard way.

Sadie: Is there any other way- oh, Frank! You’re right! Talking like this is just infectious.


A portrait of Patton Oswalt as Pterodactyl Jones, the house detective of the most haunted hotel in New York City, The Opal, and his dinosaur-ghost sidekick, Harvey. Their adventures can be heard on the Beyond Belief episode “The Devil and Mr. Jones” on The Thrilling Adventure Hour.

Patton’s likeness still isn’t as close as I’d hoped, but Harvey makes up for it, I think.

Soon to be colored and turned into a cigarette card. Stay tuned.

I want this to happen so badly it’s not funny, so I made a poster.

Acker, Blacker…let me know.

(While the poster obviously features Paget and Paul, they would be played by Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir.)