I met up with theworstbaeddel, ptarasaur, and mammaryowl (not pictured) this afternoon. We had a delicious lunch, some coffee/tea/lemonade, then went for a walk around Fresh Pond for a few hours. It was so lovely to meet people in person I had, prior to now, only interacted with online. It was especially great, since they’re such wonderful people. I’m glad I got the chance to spend an afternoon with you all, and we were quite lucky to have such perfect weather.

ptarasaur asked:

Hello! I followed you a while ago because I liked your blog- I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself sooner. My name is Tara, and I'm a trans woman graduate student studying physics. Um ... I am often pretty awkward while introducing myself.

hi there :)

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i’ve met tara and she is definitely not snakes

It just happened 3 days ago. A snake with a furnace belly grew out of her tongue and wanted to devour me, but it may have just been because she was about to give birth to the hundreds of little snakes that are now growing inside Tara. My hope now is that they will move on before she explodes from their growth, that I’ll get over whatever the heck this shit is, or she’ll just shed her weak human body and become something like a gorgon. *shrug*

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6, 7, 8

  • 6.Reason you joined tumblr?

Um… I think I wanted something for more anonymous internet socialization. A place where I could talk about stuff that my family is ashamed of. I missed having that, and it seemed like a good place to start when you started checking it out for your trans stuff. Also, I wanted to learn more, too. And I have learned SO MUCH already.

  • 7.Do you have any nicknames?

Yes. Owl was my first one, and I sort of have more respect for it as my name than the one my parents gave me because my grandfather called me that forever, and I have had significant respect for him my whole life. I also have some random nicknames from friends in high school (and one from middle school).

  • 8.Do you like bubble bath?

Yes, I like bubble bath. I haven’t had one in like 2 decades, but, I would jump in one any time I was invited. (Anyone wanna invite me to their bubble bath?)

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what does tara think about this?

She thinks it would be really rad to be snakes, but she’s also pretty sure she’s not snakes. And, like, I believe her and all, that just isn’t exactly how this sort of thing works. Like, this could just be a sort of passing obsession-like hallucination that is trying to distract me from other things, which have escalated (we can talk about that tomorrow, if you want), or it could be the harbinger of a worse rescission from complete lucidity, which happens from time to time, but usually only when I am immensely stressed and have run out of other coping mechanisms. And we’re both pretty worried about the possibility of that last thing. I mean, I’m REALLY good at playing the part of a lucid person, regardless of what;s going on with my mental health, while I’m in public, but it’s really stressful and draining on my off hours, and it makes it hard for me to sleep, which makes hallucination-type dissociative behaviors more common and more intense over time.

So…. short answer: It’s really complicated, and neither of us are sure, yet.