I guess I never really did a wrap up post for SuperCon ahah I’ve kind of been unwinding the past day or two.

Thank you again for everyone who stopped by and said Hi! I had quiet a few commissions that I really really enjoyed doing. I even got a few gifts and got to meet fans from out of the country and people I’ve known on tumblr for years! It was wild man. While Im not sure If I’ll be at Supercon next year I look forward to tabling more at other conventions :0

parent talk:

My mom and I don’t get along very well at all. Like… There’s a lot I wish I could talk about that she did. But even without all that, she hangs out with the guy that raped me and I’m still hella pissed off about it. She investigated the Church way back when but then something with an Elder. 

On the other hand, my daddy is like my best friend. I’m the only child of my dad, so we’re super close. We can stay up and sit on the porch and shoot the breeze til 5 or 6 am, or at 5 and 6 am if we both get up early. We can talk about the Book of Mormon (he also investigated the Church and didn’t wanna join, but recently I got his BoM), we can talk about his travels, I can tell him anything and he’s there. 

Yes he helps me financially to an extent, but he has defined who I am in a lot of ways. I <3 my dad.

Seriously props to Takahashi for refusing to give Kagome any panty shots and also forbidding the animators from doing it as well and they followed her wishes. She wanted to prevent her from being reduced to a fanservice character at all costs and just…yeah man.

yeah ok but what does weaboo even mean

like who just said one day 


…the WEABOO.”

and everyone else went along with it


this video is also important please watch it


I just love this scene so much.

I live and breathe this scene.

this scene is made from my flesh and blood.

So BloodyRousa, Thetalkingskull, and I will be moving into a new apartment together soon so we are all going to be in need of some funds!!! These two may be out of a job for about another month because its under renovation and their job is not compensating them at all in the mean time…..

I’m in the process of resetting my commission prices/slots but both of these guys have commissions open as well, so please check them out!


thank u!!!

Nama-mugi nama-gome nama-Kagome, Miroku miro miro mi miro miro, awasete miro miro mu miro miro
  • Nama-mugi nama-gome nama-Kagome, Miroku miro miro mi miro miro, awasete miro miro mu miro miro
  • InuYasha and the gang seiyuu

stop right nowand listen to all these voice actors fukc up and break character because they can’t get these tongue twisters right.

(translations are here)