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Radiohead - Daydreaming | Released on May 6, 2016 | Dir. Paul Thomas Anderson. 

Dreamers… they never learn, they never learn. Beyond the point of no return, of no return. And it’s too late, the damage is done, the damage is done.


Here’s my contribution to the PTA! Sans AU.

I hope you all like it! :)

So soccer mom undyne right


Soccer mom undyne, lifting the entire stands at the game to cheer on frisk

Soccer mom undyne driving the team in a mini van going far over the speed limit.

Soccer mom undyne beating up the ref for a bad call

Soccer mom undyne coming to every practice to “train” the children

Soccer mom undyne making sure these kids gET THERE WATER

Soccer mom undyne and papyrus making snacks for halftime

Soccer mom undyne and pta sans providing unwavering support for frisk! And actively protecting frisk!

Soccer mom undyne!!


HAIM - “Right Now” | besides being a decent track, this is a great video by Paul Thomas Anderson. I love the semi-live sound to it, the movement, the lighting. Its so close and personal w/o being in your face. great stuff.
HAIM - Right Now - YouTube
Director: Paul Thomas Anderson Recording produced by: Ariel Rechtshaid Producers: Sara Murphy, Albert Chi, Erica Frauman Editor: Andy Jurgensen Recording Eng...

PTA Directs Haim’s “Right Now”

After directing multiple music videos for Radiohead last year, Paul Thomas Anderson has made another cool music video, this one for Haim’s first single off their highly-anticipated new album. It’s one cool long take!

The link above is from Haim’s Vevo!

Paul Thomas Anderson's best music videos, from Fiona Apple to Radiohead

As one of Hollywood’s foremost mavericks, it’s only fitting that six-time Oscar-nominated director Paul Thomas Anderson teamed with a few performative rebels across his foray into the music video business. Before debuting the refreshingly minimalist clip for Haim’s new single “Right Now” Thursday morning (above), the There Will Be Blood and Boogie Nights helmer collaborated with a range of music industry heavy hitters to craft iconic visuals for some of their best songs.

From Fiona Apple to Radiohead, check out the artists who’ve worked with PTA on memorable music videos below.

“Hot Knife,” Fiona Apple

Having rocketed to superstardom in the 1990s with hit albums like Tidal and When the Pawn…, Apple took a lengthy hiatus from recording music, going seven years without releasing a new album between 2005 and 2012. That changed during the latter’s summer months, when Apple dropped The Idler Wheel…, a sonically experimental collection that touched on everything from jazz to rock. The LP’s lead single, “Every Single Night,” boasted a delightfully zany music video, though Apple went back to her roots to shoot the clip for album cut “Hot Knife,” again enlisting Anderson - who’d directed videos for her songs “Paper Bag,” “Limp,” “Across the Universe,” and “Fast as You Can” in the past - to capture the haunting, raw footage.

“Daydreaming,” Radiohead

Anderson often populates his films with solid ensemble casts, but his videos typically skew on the singular side. For Radiohead’s 2016 single “Daydreaming,” the filmmaker follows frontman Thom Yorke through a series of lonely vignettes for a series of hypnotic images. Anderson also directed the video for the band’s song “The Numbers,” which, like “Daydreaming,” appears on their most recent album A Moon Shaped Pool.

“Save Me,” Aimee Mann

Anderson tends to blur the line between his movies and music videos, and that’s never been more evident than in the clip for Aimee Mann’s “Save Me,” which sees the former Til Tuesday singer-songwriter crooning the tune’s melancholy yet hopeful lyrics while posing next to actors like Julianne Moore, Tom Cruise, and Melora Walters - all of whom appeared in Anderson’s 1999 classic Magnolia. Another of Mann’s tracks, “Wise Up,” appears in an iconic sequence from the drama, which Mann wrote several original compositions for.

“Divers,” Joanna Newsom

Anderson rarely works with musicians for just a single project. He contributed two videos to Joanna Newsom’s 2015 album Divers - one for the song “Sapokanikan” and another dreamy, fantastical concoction for the LP’s title track.

“Try,” Michael Penn

Filmed while Anderson was editing his 1997 feature Boogie Nights, the video for Michael Penn’s “Try” was made inside a Los Angeles hallway (and the continent’s longest). Several members of the Boogie Nights cast - including Walters, Hoffman, and Thomas Jane - have parts in the video as well.

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If you’re struggling to teach your kiddo how to tie his or her shoes, you’re in luck.

Last year, Ross Elementary School’s Parents Teacher Association (PTA) posted a video to make shoe tying easier, borrowed from the Rosemeade Elementary PTA, on their Facebook page.


“Paper Bag” - Fiona Apple (2000)

directed by Paul Thomas Anderson

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Fiona Apple pretends to be Magnolia, getting yelled at by a Critic (played by Paul Thomas Anderson)