pta video


Here’s my contribution to the PTA! Sans AU.

I hope you all like it! :)

So soccer mom undyne right


Soccer mom undyne, lifting the entire stands at the game to cheer on frisk

Soccer mom undyne driving the team in a mini van going far over the speed limit.

Soccer mom undyne beating up the ref for a bad call

Soccer mom undyne coming to every practice to “train” the children

Soccer mom undyne making sure these kids gET THERE WATER

Soccer mom undyne and papyrus making snacks for halftime

Soccer mom undyne and pta sans providing unwavering support for frisk! And actively protecting frisk!

Soccer mom undyne!!


“Paper Bag” - Fiona Apple (2000)

directed by Paul Thomas Anderson

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Fiona Apple pretends to be Magnolia, getting yelled at by a Critic (played by Paul Thomas Anderson)