Caitriona Balfe Twitter Q&A (It’s very long) | October 26, 2016

FAN: your favorite accomplishment, as an actress or as a human being?
CAIT: As an actor … @Outlander_STARZ of course ! As a human - the amazing friends I have

F:  you are hot
C:  Eh … thanks !?!

F: do you like to have your own brand in fashion? Saludos desde Uruguay
C: no …

F: what’s the best joke you’ve heard? (No Paddy jokes allowed)
C: Horse walks into a bar … bar man says “ why the long face ”  

F: fave holiday destination? X
C: Mongolia is top of my wish list right now.

F: Where has been your favorite place to film?
C: New York cause it’s magic … on Outlander - Loch Rannoch

F: What’s on your iPod?
C: … Music ….. !!!! Ha. Right now loving Bat For Lashes new album

F: which star or stars would you like to work with in the future?
C: Gena Rowland’s would be a dream

F: Will you be at BAFTAScotland Awards? ComiCon in 2017?
C: Yes… Maybe….  x

F: what’s your spirit animal?
C: Had a dream once it was a bear … so sticking with that for now

F: iv only watched the 1st episode of outlander. do you hate me
C: No…!! Me too !! (Joking!)

F: what do you and Claire have in common (besides the looks)?
C: we both adapt well but might be a little bit irritable … ahem @SamHeughan thoughts???
SAM: saying nothing…   (Cait waaaay better than Claire!)

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anonymous asked:

Firstly I want to say thank you. Your art always puts a smile on my face and I've been having a really tough time in RL lately so I really appreciate that ❤️ I know you probably get heaps of requests so feel free to ignore this part, but if you do have time I would love to see how you imagine a NaLu confession scene would play out ❤️ Thank you for your time Senpai and please keep making your beautiful artworks! ❤️

i’m so sorry.

Sorry this is so late like a year or two! I was just fooling around and I remembered your message so I put this silly thing to it. Thank you so much for the support! Your message is honestly one of the most heartwarming I’ve gotten so far! I’m so happy to hear my work brought you joy! Thank you again I’ll do my best! 

most people just assume that Party is the “”“"sassiest”“”“” member of the Fab Four because he fucking bleeds sarcasm but honestly?? spend some time around Kobra Kid and you will see how wrong you were. he might not say much but when he does it comes out of NOWHERE and it is fucking BRUTAL

The Demon ZoZo

@r0ughhouse Submitted:

so this is a true story , i’m still kind of scared shitless 

so me and my former friend were hanging out and the idea popped in my head we should play the Ouija board. so we made one (actually several times we were stoned) 

and we started to play we kept getting the same spirit named zozo it started it harmless through out periods of time about 4 months we played and we never got someone different ,it was always zozo after awhile we thought he was our friend and we could trust him ,he told us his name was Abraham but he called himself zozo and if we googled him his name wouldn’t come up we just ignored that statement for a while but one day we decided to watch scary videos online and we saw a video called Possession by the demon zozo and that video was messed up. so we googled the demon zozo and it turns out its a HUGE thing all over the world zozo kills and possesses people ,usually teenage girls (me and my friend) 

he takes girls off to paradise and he called it that’s when things got weird 

 we had a session after that i guess which i do not remember where i guess my friend was scared of my and my voice wasn’t the same i just acted strange ,i do not remember that session i’m just quoiting her words.

we found out zozo likes to kill people in car crashes*on the internet*

 me and my boyfriend were driving in a huge snow storm and we were under control we were silent for a few minutes and then it felt like someone hit the car really hard with a lot of strength we spun out of control and made some other cars spin but oddly no one hit us ? 

then we just stopped spinning we stopped perfectly into another lane like it was to scare us 

another time about a week or two after the snow was gone and we were driving down a small busy road and we were not paying attention but the last moment i see this car pull into our lane coming head on at us my boyfriend turned the car and we went into someones yard but i kept watching that car it had a weird feeling to it like eerie feeling and it kept going down the wrong way in our lane as long as i could see it 

I am also haunted but horrible nightmares and night terrors 

for awhile i was afraid of my life because zozo was very fond of me as you might say he had no interest in my friend only me  weird things still happen but i try not to be afraid because demons feed off fear. 

this may not be scary to read but its damn scary to live this. 

google the demon zozo and see what comes up. 

its scary to watch the videos. 

Fuck Yeah Moderator Gracie: 8/10 This is scary to read I’m so glad you,your boyfriend or friend didn’t get hurt. I’m curious what you said to your friend during that session you can’t recall, Your story is the third one I rated that deals with Zozo and I have read a good deal about him and I am considering doing a post about him. I hope your post and the others ones serves as warnings to people who want to talk to zozo not to do it. Thanks for the scares!