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Yoongi x Reader x Jimin

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 2567

A/N: not proofread or edited. Be ready for grammar/spelling errors. 

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Ever since you got home from Yoongi’s place, you spent the entire evening in bed cuddling with that travel pillow that he had gotten you years ago. You could have sworn that the scent of him on that pillow seemed even more prominent than before.

Everything felt perfect. Everything felt like pure bliss. You were happy. Yoongi was happy. Even thought you agreed to start over as friends, you relationship was mended again and you couldn’t be anymore happier than you were now and nothing could ruin that happiness.

Until your manager came busting though the dorm’s front door. 

All of 2S’ members gathered in the common area after hearing the loud slam. The atmosphere in the room felt heavy as all 5 members looked at Chang Mook. It was obvious that he was absolutely furious. 

Before anyone could ask why he was so angry, he reached for the television remote and turned on the TV. On the news all the girls read the headline:

[BREAKING NEWS] BTS Park Jimin and 2S Y/F/N Dating Scandal!!

In addition to the news reporter spewing many different speculations on the supposed relationship, photos of Jimin and you by the Han River were being displayed for all the world to see. 

All six pairs of eyes were glued on the screen as the images flashed by. Everyone was silent trying to make sense of the situation.

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meme packs masterlist

its tea time

well bitch you can choke pt 1

well bitch you can choke pt 2

bitch say it again

this is going to be lit

stop it

chaotic gay (?)

lawful gay

realizing they ran out of chicken nuggets but you’re next in line and you haven’t eaten in seven hours

booty had me like

funny (?) I love you

super depressed because you know your baby is going through a hard time but you can’t help them so you have to sit and watch them suffer when all you want to do is hug and support them and tell them you love them

kpop mean girls

I can´t handle all this

waiting in the doctor office waiting room





sale at your fav store

Jisung and Seongwoo (from produce 101 / Wanna one)

stayed up three nights in a row to study for this exam

school stress

can’t find my wallet

my favorite memes (except GOT7, BTS and EXO memes)

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GOT7 only

BTS only

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american horror story x riverdale series | jarchie edition |

pt.22, where Archie shares his thoughts with Jughead and hardly feels like something is coming 

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“Forget Me.” Pt. 13.5 (END)

Park Jimin x Reader

Genre: Angst

Format: Text Post

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“…So I never got to tell you why I disappeared. Do you remember how my dad passed away? Yeah… well turns out what he had can be inherited and lucky me, I inherited it. 

I found out a few months ago, and even then it was already too late. There was nothing I could do that would have prolonged my life, and telling you then wasn’t an option because I never wanted your last memories of me to be something like that, I didn’t want you to remember me as someone you’ll miss or someone you know that is going to leave you soon. So I couldn’t tell you. For those reasons, I couldn’t say and now I’m telling you through a damn letter. You deserve better than this you don’t deserve any of this and I’m sorry.

There are so many things that I want to say, to write down and tell you. But with so many thoughts clouding my mind, I don’t know where to start and where to end. I hate myself for losing you this way, I really hate myself for all of this. Why me? Why did it have to be me? Why did the world want to take me away from you? When I love you so much? It’s not fair. Life isn’t fair. I have my dreams too, I want to live my life to the fullest too. I want to walk down the aisle and meet you at the end of it. I want to have that future we’ve always looked so forward to. I wanted to have kids and grow old with you, but I can’t. I don’t want to be taken away Jimin. I want more time. I need more time. More time to tell you how much I appreciate you. More time to remind you how important you are, how much you matter to so many people and you should never feel otherwise. But time isn’t on my side because it seems to want to get rid of me as soon as it can. 

Because I can’t Jimin please live your life to the fullest, don’t blame yourself for anything that has happened to me because it’s not what I want and life is too short for you to blame yourself for something that isn’t your fault. I hope you find someone better, I hope you find someone that you can live the rest of your life with, grow old and have children with. I know we promised, but I’m sorry I can’t keep those promises. Jimin, I love you so so much I wish I could have told you that more but I was selfish and only thought of myself. But let me be selfish one last time, forget me Jimin. Don’t think of me anymore, please just forget me because by the time you’re back and have read this I’m already gone. Don’t try to find me because you won’t be able to.

I love you and I miss you so much.

With all the remaining love that I can give, goodbye.


That’s it, maybe now it really is time for me to finally…forget.


I’m so sad this series is over ~ Thank you to everyone who read this series!! I really appreciate it with all my heart 💜



Di piano e forte 02

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pt. 1 ↠  pt. 2  ↠ 

↠Summary: Piano; A keyboard of cypress, played with soft and loud. Was it the ivory and onyx keys that let you escape from your reality…Or was it the man with sable hair and ivory skin.

↠Genre: Angst, fluff.

↠Warnings: This fic contains domestic and verbal abuse as well as mature things.

author’s note: Updates for this series on Thursday or Friday, enjoy!

The middle aged professor with fuzzy brown hair in a low bun continued to lecture the class and you were trying your best to take notes but she didn’t bother to slow down his speech. You were struggling to keep your notes organized as he went on and on for an hour or so before finally dismissing the class. You sighed in relief as he went to his desk to pack up and your fellow classmates booked it out the door. Anxious to get out of here as well you put your books in your bag and held your note book against your chest as you scurried out of the class room. 

As you walked down the university’s spacious hallway you thought about the message you received a few days ago. Sometime in the night Yoongi had texted you, and at the end of the conversation he told you to take care of yourself. A single text message has brought upon thought provoking questions as to why he would send something so small yet impactful. The two lessons you’ve received were good and you’ve learned some interesting things.

Don’t forget the meeting next week Y/N!” You looked back to see Lisa heading downstairs.

“Ok, I won’t.” You were half way walking backwards, not paying much attention to what you might be running into. “Ah!-” You turned around and immediately slammed into someone, making a few pens fall out of your note book and the liquid in there hand spilled on you and them, more on you though. “Are you ok? Sorry,-” Before you even saw who you bumped into you started apologizing even though a freezing cold liquid was making your shirt stick to your skin. You looked up with apologetic eyes and an uneasy smile to see Yoongi holding the cup away from him with little coffee remaining in it. “Oh, Yoongi- sorry, I wasn’t watching where I was going-”

He cut you off. “Why are you apologizing? I’m the one who spilled coffee on you.”

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Joe Sugg

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‘I Fricken’ Love You!’

Fireworks and Weddings (Pt 1)  White Dresses And Black Tuxedo’s (Pt 2)


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Nonbinary baby Noodle icons for anon. Sorry there are only three. You’d think phase one photos would be easier to cut out, but they’re actually more difficult because there are more jagged edges and thin pieces compared to phase four art. 

Noodle Pt. 1

Noodle Pt. 2

Noodle Pt. 3

Noodle Pt. 4

Stu Pt. 1

Stu Pt. 2

Stu Pt. 3



👑💖 liveblog pt. 14

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At last: the Hollow Bastion, perhaps the origin of the Heartless? We have blown up many things to get to this point. Now it’s time to blow up our good bro Riku. Probably.

I’ve got to admit, given that I am already conflating ‘Hollow’ and ‘Heartless’ in my head pretty often, this is not going to help. Anyway, sweet set, sweet music.

Also this guy is here. Does that mean we’re not going to see a Beauty and the Beast level? I guess that makes sense.

The Beast is here to take Belle back. (I hope Belle wants to go back.) He has a go at Riku, but Riku does an acrobatic pirouette off the handle platform then just… straight up fucking murders the Beast with his sword.

Sora intervenes and Riku takes ownership of my keyblade! The bounder! The cad! My OP superweapon!

Riku throws me a wooden sword to be extra patronising… and Donald Duck and Goofy immediately abandon me to chase after the keyblade! Donald doesn’t even hesitate. Wow. Jerks.

So now we have a puzzle dungeon with Beast. It’s pretty fun.

We enter the castle and get a cutscene with a hall of sleeping Princesses. Maleficent does some wonderfully hammy acting to begin the Evil Ritual.

The Beast leaves to chase a Heartless version of Belle (I think) and…

Hey it’s this guy! He tells me the darkness will destroy me. Like, honestly dressed like that, and you tell me the darkness will destroy me…

Sora says ‘the darkness may destroy my body, but it can’t touch my heart’ and like… you’re not going to be able to do much if you’re just a heart are you, Sora?

Anyway at that point Riku tries to murder me. I really don’t see how this is helping save Kairi, but I guess he’s a Sith Lord now so whatever, he’s fallen to the Dark Side and won’t become good again until we beat him up. Luckily, Goofy changes his mind about the whole ‘betrayal’ thing. Donald decides to do the same (he totally wouldn’t have done if Goofy hadn’t ¬¬)

Sora says he has a better weapon than the Keyblade: his heart! More importantly, I can still cast spells just as well without a keyblade. But I think I’m about to get a sweet heart sword…

…nah, the Keyblade came back. I guess it liked Sora’s little speech about friendship.

The Riku fight is a bit of a slugfest, and not too difficult. Probably going to be another phase though…

Riku’s new outfit is dispelled, indicating… uh… he’s not into goth anymore? Anyway I finally get the white Trinity. There’s a lot of places I’ll want to go back and use that.

Party reformed (+ Beast, who came back after the fight), it’s time to explore. There’s a door with four slots, which presumably takes some macguffin to open. (The hint text is like a riddle, but I don’t think there’s anything in my inventory that fits.)

Instead, I find a library. Reshelving a book opens a secret passage, which must be really frustrating for the librarian. In fact seven or eight books need to be correctly reshelved before the final secret door opens, in the process completely rearranging the library. But that last door just leads to a lift that goes to a place with nothing I can interact with, and a chest that’s just out of reach of my jump. Maybe it will be important later.

Back in the room where I fought Riku, there are various small puzzles to solve to get four pieces of the Heartless emblem.

Not sure how Riku got through the door without doing that. Sorcery, probably.

Speaking of Riku, he’s getting a visit from a Robe Guy:

Apparently the Keyblade doesn’t care about like, politics or good intentions or anything, and Robe Guy encourages Riku to get a stronger heart.

‘Plunge deeper into the darkness’ says the mysterious Robe Guy. Riku, don’t listen to this cr- Riku, what are you doing? Riku, you get out of this green smoke this instant young man!

There follows a maze of lifts that kind of reminds me of the teleporters in the original Half-Life.

Oh, I figured out how to lower the too-high-to-reach chests! You have to cast the gravity crushing spell on them.

That guy is back with a extra-evil voice filter! Ready to complete the evil plan which seems to be… huh. How’s that going to be useful to Maleficent and Riku again?

Apparently it’s just an acceptable side effect.

So yeah, Maleficent wants to rule all the worlds. Figures. To any particular end, or does she just like ruling things? I mean it will probably suck for everyone regardless, but like, what will she even do if she takes over?

I mean I’m just going to murder her so, eh, no big deal.

Riku gets a new keyblade anyway. It’s red and black, presumably to signify that he’s an anarcho-communist.

Maleficent comes to deal with us.

The voice actress clearly had an enormous amount of fun recording these lines.

So - that’s pretty big talk. Let’s see if she deserves her Chief Villain status.

…OK, that was a fun fight. Good mix of boss and adds, for once the villain voiceovers weren’t annoying (because they were just so over the top - METEORS OF HEAVEN, UNLEASH THY FURY!), felt like you were accomplishing stuff and there were even a couple of different ways to approach the fight. It wasn’t super difficult, but it was cool.

So now it’s time for that guy. Riku explains what’s so special about his Keyblade:

Then he demonstrates on Maleficent to establish his status as new Chief Villain:

Rather than killing her, opening her heart to the ‘true darkness’ lets her turn into a giant dragon.

But this post is getting quite long, so we’ll deal with the dragon in the next one!


Regina not feeling Emma’s presence in the same world as herself | insp.|
Once Upon A Time 5x01 | 6x21

The fairy. She’s as good as her word. She ripped us apart.

This is for @wittyy-name and her (and @wolfpainters) fic SUADWM! <3

Alright my hand is hurting so jUsT tAkE IT! I’ve been working with Paint Tool Sai 2 on this one! (the struggle :’))
Happy Birthday Witty!! :D I hope I’m still kind of on time??