pt stephens

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Placing the plate and water on the night stand, she fluffed the pillow a bit before going to the washroom and knocking on the door.(PT 2)

Stephen ran the blade along his jaw, cutting away the stubble. He turned slightly when he heard a knock. He stood shirtless in front of the mirror, cream still on one cheek as he tapped the blade against the sink. “Come in.”

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"Mr. Wraysford, dinner will be ready soon." She explained (Pt 2)

Stephen sat silently on the stump, looking out at the horizon. The sun was setting, and he focused his eyes along the orange of the sky as he took another long swig of whiskey. The alcohol was slowly taking effect, making his kind swim with nonsense.

At the sound of her voice behind him, he jumped up, dropping the rest of the bottle on the ground.

When he realized it was her he calmed his breathing, swallowing deeply and eyeing her warily. “No, thank you….I’m not hungry.“

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Until she reached the last three notes and decided to reverse the scale. Eleanor looked back at her,half a frown trying to show through. "Sept, huit, neuf." Elenor repeated the correct notes "Sept, huit, neuf." Françoise continued to play the scale to her liking. Eleanor sighed, slightly frustrated but still proud of her student. "Sept, hair, neuf." Eleanor attempted to correct her one last time. Continuing to play it how she wanted to play it Françoise looked up at Eleanor proudly, (Pt 3)

Stephen took a seat on a nearby tree stump, resting one arm along his knee as he kept taking drag after drag of his smoke. There was something calming about the way it burned down his throat, and in this moment it was one of the few comforts he still had left. He eyed the bottle of whiskey on the table, before reaching over and popping the cap off. He didn’t care for manners at the moment, and he immediately took a huge swig of the alcohol.