pt macros

The world would become a better place if

-all the maknaes stay in their fucking lane ffs

-yg wasn’t a troll

- hoseok’s forehead

-Jungkook gettin noticed by his lord and savior GD

-exo gets a good long ass rest !1!

-Bom comes back and slays all the h8ters

-saesang fans gtfo

-Chen or/and Kyungsoo having a solo album :^)

-kpop groups doing concerts in different cities other than Asia !!¡!

-good ass fanfic stories finally being updated from 16616969420 yrs ago

-Cypher pt. 4

fullmooniseternal  asked:

I first came upon you at the princess tutu livejournal group and I REALLY LOVE your sense of humor. I still have some of your icons. (like don't molest the tree man) XD Do you think you'll be posting any of your crack macros on tumblr? Those are the best!

It’s a shame that the PT LJ group pretty much died along with the mad flee from LJ in general. A lot of people have showed up here at tumblr, but it’s just not the same, you know? I miss the more “community” feel of it all.

Anyway, thank you! Having a bad sense of humor seems to run in my family, so I’m glad you could get some laughs out of it. Haha. I miss the icon-making days sometimes, too. And as for the crack macros… I did post a lot of them here! I even made a tumblr for them and have new ones on it, too. You can find them here:

I really do need to update it again sometime. I still have stuff to post for it.

I was indirectly reminded that I have a ton of old macros to update here, as well as new ones. Forgive my absence. I forgot all about this poor tumblr.

As a side note: I have said this before, but I will say it AGAIN - This is a crack blog. It is NOT meant to be taken seriously. If you have an issue with one of the macros, you’re welcome to tell me, but bitching and not saying anything about the problem to me is counter-productive.

Now enjoy Fakir nearly getting his head taken off and his show of mad skillz.