pt 04

Summer Boy || Jeon Jungkook (M) pt.03


Jungkook x reader

Genre: Smut plot!

Word Count: 7,380

~ I know I am an awful human, sorry I took so long to update this. Hope you all enjoy anyway! ♡ 

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    “Was he big?”

I brushed through my tangled hair, my comb getting caught in the knots. I watched Bitsy through the mirror of my vanity. She was sitting crossed legged on my bed, eyes wide with curiosity.

  “Let the poor girl breathe Bitsy,” Coco said stepping out of the bathroom. She had a towel over her head, drying off her wet hair.

   “I can’t! I knew they were fucking but no one believed me.” I tried to hold in my laugh but I couldn’t once Coco started laughing. I couldn’t keep the secret from them forever; especially, not after I came home with melted ice cream and visible hickeys. Bitsy shouted in victory after my confession and would not stop asking me questions about it all. “Did he last long?”

Coco threw one of my bed pillows at her face, shutting her up. We were all getting ready to go next door. Like Jungkook had said, Jimin and Hobi had come by the house, shortly after me, to invite us over. Convincing us mainly because they swore Jin was the best cook and we simply could not live life without tasting his food.

   “Okay, I have this one? What do you think?” Mina walked in, holding up a blouse she brought from her room. We all turned to look at it, it was a mixture of light blues and rosy pinks. 

   “Isn’t it too thin? Your nips are gonna show through.” I asked looking over at Bitsy. We were trying to find her something to wear because she wanted to look good since it was obvious to everyone that the invitation was for her and Jimin.

    “You say it like it’s a bad thing (Y/n).” Bitsy joked, extending her hands out for Mina to toss her the shirt.

We all started getting ready once we had our clothes sorted out. We took turns and fought over hair products. It wasn’t anything big to which he had to get all dressed up but they had caught us off guard yesterday; looking tired from the road and dressed like street walkers. I took the chance to do some light makeup, not wanting to make it too obvious that I was wearing any. Only wearing some basic black denim jeans, a white v neck, and my thin green bomber jacket. There was music blasting throughout the whole house as we finished up getting ready.  Almost two hours later, everyone was done and ready to go.

   “Should we go in through the front or back door?” Emi asked and she slipped on her shoes. We all stood in the hall giving glances at each other.

   “Well, their living room is in the front of the house. I guess we should go through there.” I said adjusting my thin jacket and checked myself in the mirror one more time.

   “Oh? So you’ve been in the house already (Y/n)?” Emi gasped playfully. I chose to ignore the comment, cursing myself for letting that slip. They had told us to come by around 7 and we showed up just twenty minutes after.


    “Hey, girls! Come on in.” Hobi smiled brightly as he stood back, letting us through the front door. As I walked in, the first thing I smelled was food. My stomach growled instantly, making me remember, that I hadn’t eaten since the morning. Hoseok heard the obnoxious noise and laughed, patting my shoulder as he passed me. “The food should be ready soon.”

Jimin, Taehyung, Hobi and Yoongi were in the living room; keeping us company. While Jin and Namjoon were in the kitchen setting everything up for dinner. I seamlessly tried to spot Jungkook from my spot on the couch. I could not see him or hear him in the kitchen with the others. 

    “He’s still getting dressed.” I turned my head to Yoongi, who was sitting closest to me. He was scrolling through his phone like he had been doing the whole ten minutes. I stared at him, wondering if I should respond. My cheeks were heating up, slightly embarrassed that I made it obvious. Before I could think to play it cool, the door beside the couch opened and out walk Jungkook. He stepped out of the bathroom with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. His entire upper half exposed and dripping in warm water from his shower. We all turned to look at him as he acted surprised to see us here ‘so soon’. 

    “My bad. I just took a quick shower.” He said deciding to not look in my direction. The rest of the girls were very obviously starstruck by his body form but that wasn’t his intention. He was very proudly showing off the bites and scratches I had left on his chest to both of our friends. My face deeply flushed from embarrassment and anger. He was such a little twat. Everyone turn to look at me, with mouths slightly hung open. I bit my lip and looked down at my phone, praying for the food to be ready soon. “Food smells good,” Jungkook said, strolling off happily into his room.

Before anyone could think to question me about anything; Jin came into the room to invite us all to the table. Everyone took their seats, leaving the seat across from me empty, where Jungkook would sit once he was dressed. We began to eat quietly without him, making small talk amongst ourselves. Jin, being the cook, sat that the head of the table and watched all of us serve the food he had prepared. He seemed very excited and confident for us to taste his food for the first time, he made sure that we tried a little bit of everything. It was delicious obviously, I expected nothing but the best from Jin since walking in through the front door and smelling the food. Jin began telling us about his culinary classes and how he had begun cooking from his mother. In the middle of his story, Jungkook walked out of his room dressed in a plain white t-shirt and black jeans basically, looking fine as hell. Everyone, including me, had stopped listening to Jin for a second just to watch his casually sit down in front of me.

    “So there I was, waiting for the man to give me my order of chicken wings,” Namjoon said with his mouth full. He was trying to speak and chew at the same time without making a mess. “The guy finally comes out with my order and hands it to me. Do you know what he said to me?”

     “My god, Namjoon it was three years ago!” Yoongi groaned shaking his head. Namjoon shushed him and continued dramatically with his story.

    “Both of our hands on the bucket of chicken, eyes locked and he said; ‘Arigatō’ !?” He yelled, tossing his hands in the air before pouting his lips. Jin rolled his eyes and Yoongi shook his head once more.

    “It’s true! I was there and saw the whole thing!” Hobi yelled from across the table, backing up Namjoon’s story.

    “I mean, we don't’ even look Japanese!” I could hear Bitsy giggling next to me and I quickly elbowed her. I know she was only laughing because Namjoon was such a passionate speaker with a lot of hand movements but still.

     “Well, that was ignorant,” Mina said patting Namjoon’s back since he had gotten himself all worked up with the story telling.

    “Some people just think they know it all.” I shrugged after swallowing my food. A quiet chuckle was heard throughout the table. It was uncalled for and everyone glanced at Jungkook; who had not said a word the entire time. “What?” I asked him directly.

I was legitimately confused on why he was laughing as we all seemed to be. He looked up me, making eye contact for the first time throughout the night. Immediately I recognized the look in his eyes, that cocky, arrogant look he wore when he used his smart mouth.

    “Nothing,” He smirked looking down at his food. He paused as if he was debating on if he should say what was on his mind. “It’s just funny hearing that from you.”

Everyone stopped moving, stopped chewing, probably stopped breathing, and I was pissed. Joking or not he should know that saying in front of everyone else would not be a smart move. We weren’t in a bedroom behind closed doors, this wasn’t cute and I wasn’t having it.

    “What is that supposed to mean?” I said putting my fork down on the plate. I didn’t take my eyes off of him but he ate normally.

    “Exactly what it sounds like (Y/n).” He shrugged looking down at his phone.
I decided for the sake of Jin and his hard work that went into making this dinner, I would bite my tongue and let Jungkook’s comment slide. After the awkwardness had passed, Coco had started talking about some random thing. Though I could not get over Jungkook’s unusually behavior. While eating I felt my phone vibrated in my pocket, I would have ignored it but for some reason, I didn’t. I pulled it out of my pocket, keeping it low on my lap so no one would notice. A message from an unsaved number that I didn’t recognize.

Play along with the argument so we can get out of here.

I looked up to his Jungkook’s eyes on me. He nodded his head gently, confirming that this was him texting me. How he got my number out of nowhere, I have no idea but his plan was clear.

You storm out and go home alone. I’ll go lock myself in my room after you leave.

    “So I then realized that I had left my bag on the bus,” Jimin said making everyone laugh. I left my phone on my lap just in case Jungkook needed to tell me anything else.

     “He was running around saying, ‘Lost my bag! Lost my bag!’.” Yoongi laughed; clapping his hands hysterically.

    “We kept losing things on that trip, now that I think about it,” Namjoon said taking a sip of his water.

    “I know. We even lost Taehyung!” Hobi yelled, standing up at the table dramatically.

    “Hey! I chose to be lost.” Taehyung explained. “It’s a beautiful thing being lost in a foreign country.”

Then they began to argue with Taehyung about his crazy sense of adventure. How many times he had gone off on his own without telling anyone anything. Most of us were finished eating by this time and some of us were even going for a second plate. I decided to grab just a bit more for the sake of staying at the table longer. Jungkook was eating rather slow, he still had a plate full and Yoongi next to him seemed to notice. Yoongi leaned in whispering something under his breath but Jungkook only nodded in response.

“The point of the story is: When someone tells you to ‘get lost’; you might actually want to try it because it’s wonderful.” Taehyung finally said, stopping everyone from arguing. The boys agreed to disagree and called it a day for that conversation. But I had something else in mind.

    “It’s surprising that Jungkook didn’t lose anything.” Everyone turned to look at me. “I mean, being the youngest, I could imagine you guys had to baby him the entire trip.” Taehyung and Jimin both began to laugh, looking over to Jungkook for a response.

     “I’m not a baby (Y/n). You of all people should know that.” He challenged, placing his hands down from the plate. I took my elbows off the table and shrugged.

    “I don’t know. From what I’ve seen there some parts of you that still need growing.” I heard Hobi choke on his drink at my words. That could have been a low blow from my side but it was the only response I could think of. Jungkook laughed looking away from me, obviously stung by my comment. He caught sight of everyone staring at him and he ran his tongue over his teeth.

     “I sure didn’t hear this complaining last night.” I wanted to laugh at everyone’s reaction, it was priceless, but I needed to maintain the image of us actually fighting.

     “Well, you probably couldn’t hear me from all the noise you were making.” Even Yoongi, who wasn’t easily entertained had to bite his lip to keep him from laughing.

    “Okay, okay,” Namjoon said before Jungkook could respond. “That’s enough you two.” While Namjoon was giving his reasons for not going back and forth, my phone lit up from a text.

Chill, will ya? You’re roasting me.

“We should all keep personal matters off the table. We all just came to have a good time, right?” Jungkook completely ignored Namjoo’s words of wisdom and continued with the plan.

    “It would be easier to do that if (Y/n) wasn’t such a drama queen about everything.” Jungkook really just wanted to get off the topic of sex. That was such a random insult but I had to go along with it.

    “Oh! I’m the drama queen?” I said sitting up in my chair. “Jungkook you are literally a 6-year-old in a 19-year-old’s body.”

    “Well, I rather be that, than be a priss who thinks she better than everyone around her.” Ouch. Okay, I had that one coming, I guess.

    “Don’t call me a priss because I know my worth and it’s not anything you can afford!” We might have been fake fighting but my voice was driven by actually rage and adrenaline rush.

    “Trust me (Y/n), it’s not a price difficult to get for free.” Even I was taken back by the comment.  His own tone was very believable if I hadn’t known any different. I heard a few gasps around the table but I didn’t see who because my eyes were locked on him.

    “Are you implying that I’m easy?” I was actually shaking from anger. The heat of arguing was taking over my body and there was no way anyone would think this was fake.
“You know what!?” I finally said, tossing the napkin I just used to whip my mouth with. “I’m going home.”

    “No, come on (Y/n). He didn’t mean it like that.” Namjoon said looking over to Jungkook for him to apologize. He continued to stuff his mouth with food as I scooted my chair and stood up looking at him.  He looked up at me, meeting my eyes and chewed his food waiting for me to leave. I rolled my eyes and grabbed my jacket from the back of the chair.

   “We should go too…” Emi said looking at the other girls. They all nodded and Bitsy gave Jimin an apologetic look.

    “No,” I said placing my hand on her shoulder. “ I want to be alone.”
I thanked Jin for having me and for the food before I made my way out the door. I stepped outside, the temperature had gotten cooler and the jacket felt just right around me. My phone vibrated in my pocket and I unlocked it to look at the text.

Keep your window unlocked, and I’ll be there in 15 minutes.

A stupid smirk tugged at my lips, and I bit my thumb to hide it before I ran back home. I opened the front door and quickly kicked my shoes off and pushed them aside. I walked to my room and into the bathroom, where I grabbed the flower-scented lotion, Coco left in there and applied it to the exposed parts of my skin. I cleaned up some of my runny makeup and added lip balm to my tinted lips. I brushed my teeth once again like I had before leaving. Finished up by ruffling my hair in the mirror for some volume and pushed up my breasts in my bra, also for some volume. Once I thought I looked okay, I walked out to realize my room was a fucking mess from all of us getting ready in here. I threw some makeup products into random drawers and the scattered clothes on my bed into the bin in the corner. I made sure the window was unlocked and cracked it open just a bit for some fresh air. I could see Jungkook’s room with its light on but I could not see any sign of him. I took that as a chance to keep fixing things up before he came at my window.
I light one of my scented candles to freshen up the room a bit before I turned to my drawer. I peeked under my shirt and took a look at the bra I had on, wondering if I should change out of it. I dug through the drawer and came across one of my favorite pair of panties. They were a light color of gray with a darker shade laced around it, that would match perfectly with the dark bra I had on already.

     “Are those for me baby?” Startled I snapped my head towards the window, where Jungkook stood outside of and looked in. I placed my underwear back in the drawer and shut it while he pushed the window up wide. I watched as he pushed himself up and climbed through it effortlessly. I sucked in some air as his biceps flexed with strength and felt myself grow eager already to have those arms around me. Jungkook pushed his hair aside and stood tall with a smirk on his face. He walked closer, giving me no time to react to his hold. His hands grabbed my waist and he pulled me close. I could smell his hair from its wash earlier in the night. “Getting ready for me, huh?” He smiled and bit his lip at me. He brushed his nose against my cheek, surely smelling the lotion I applied.

   “Just wanted to make a good impression, is all,” I whispered before pressing my lips against his. I hooked my arm around his neck as he pressed me into his body. His hand moved down to cup my ass from my core.

    “Fuck… you’re so hot when you’re angry.” He groaned pulling away for a moment. His eyes were black and lips blushed red, he looked so fuckable.
I pulled him back down by his collar, tasting his lips on my tongue. I led him backward to the bed, stumbling on his own feet he fell back onto it. I took the moment to peel my top off and unbutton my jeans. Jungkook’s eyes locked on my chest as he dragged me onto his thighs. With my legs on either side of him; he pulled my waist close to his, and ran his hands tenderly over my skin. He gripped my waist tightly, pushing me down beside him flat on my back. I yelped a small breath at the fall and he was quick to began to remove my jeans. They were tight and he had to slowly pull them off. Taking them off my foot he let his hands caress back up my leg; along with his eyes eating up my figure.  
I sat up and met him with my mouth, pulling him to hover over me. He kissed down my lips to the hot spots of my neck. My hands were tightly holding and pulling on the thin material of his shirt. The skin underneath was shaped by muscle but also soft and tempting. I had him remove his shirt, showing to me his body that shivered under my hands.

   “Fuck me Jungkook.” I groaned softly taking him by surprise. I didn’t admit that the fake arguing we did had me wet the whole dinner. Watching how his lips talked back to me when he had been eating me out with that same mouth only hours before. It was frustrating in an insanely hot annoying kind of way.
He was sucking on the skin of my covered breasts, while his hand cupped my heat through my soaked panties. My belly was tensed but he mouth eased me into his hand; soon my hips following their urge for him. My body seemed much more lust driven than usual. I wanted him already and couldn’t find it in me to wait. He reached back up to my lips; his lips were wet by saliva while I ran my tongue over his mouth. My hand fell down to his torso, hooking my fingers under the waistband of his jeans and boxers. I pulled his hips closer to mine, the rough material of his jeans brushed against my laced underwear. He groaned a chuckle,  glancing my way under his dark lashes. 

    “All right then…” Jungkook leaned up and began to unbuckle his belt. He started me straight in the eyes, the look making the blood in my body rush. I squirmed in his gaze and he noticed, his eyes trailed down to my thighs that were shut tightly and trembled on the bed. “Come here, kitten.”

The name made violent goosebumps form all around my body. He hooked his arm around my waist and pulled me off the bed slightly; with the other hand he yanked off my panties. I had my hands on his shoulders with nowhere else to hold him from. He rolled his hard crotch onto my folds teasingly. My bra pressed against his chest, our hips grinding into the mattress. I struggled to keep my eyes shut at the pressure he was rubbing into my naked clit. I was feeling him under his boxers, feeling how my drenched pussy slid on his cock.

    “You want it, right?” Jungkook asked while he nibbled on my neck. I whimpered and gave a weak nod, letting my head hang back, with my eyes shut. He suddenly bit down on my neck hard and dropped me back onto the bed. I looked up at him as I had lost contact with his crotch. “Answer me.”

    “Y-yes.” I gulped a dry lump in my throat, thirsting for more. His voice was controlling and relentless when he spoke. Jungkook seemed pleased with my answer and moved to pushed down the remainder of his clothes. His erection slapped against his lower abdomen; my clit throbbed at the sight of it. He didn’t hesitate to grab his length in his fist, tugged at it as he spoke.

    “Get on all fours.” I let go of him all at once to do as he said. “And take that bra off too.”

Tossing the bra to the floor, I positioned myself as he told me. On my hands and knees facing away from Jungkook and my body on display for him. His hands gently touched the side of my thigh, moving up and following the curves of my ass to the dip of my back. It was a simple touch that drove me insane, it was hungry but still without rush. He added a bit of pressure to my lower back, making me arch it down to raise my bottom to where he wanted it. I could feel my folds spread open, soaked and hot, the more I leaned down. Jungkook groaned to himself as he kept running his hands over my ass.

    “What was it you said at dinner?” He teased. He moved onto his knees and was right behind me now. I could feel him there as he fondled my ass cheeks. “Remind me, will you (Y/n)?”

    “Jungkook please-” I shut my mouth by his hand coming down on one of my cheeks; not hard but enough to cut me off and listen to him.

    “No.” He rubbed my skin under his palm as if to apologize. “That pretty mouth should watch what comes out of it.” His other hand ran down my inner thigh, so closer to my core he could surely feel the heat radiating from it. The taunting action made me throw my ass back, hoping to get him to touch me. All I earned was another smack to the same cheek. “You listening, (Y/n)?”

    “Yes! Yes, I’m sorry.” He couldn’t even keep his serious voice on, he chuckled at my anguished body. His cold hands suddenly touched my burning core, causing me to squeal at the feeling. He had two fingers from the dripping point of my entrance to my swollen clit, adding hard pressure the entire way down.

    “All that fighting must have turned you on, huh?” I bit on my lip after taking in a shaky breath, he slipped two of his fingers inside of me. “You’re practically dripping already.”

Just as quick as they went in, he pulled them out and replaced them with something much better and bigger. He was leaned over my back, holding my hips steady, as I struggled to keep myself up. Jungkook eased in, taking time in stretching me out with each thrust, before picking up a pace. There was always a bit quick pause when he was all the way in, feeling my walls wrapped around him perfectly. He was lighting my insides on fire, with the way his cock pulsed already so hard in me. Small moans were trapped in my mouth and I grabbed onto to anything near me.

Covered in my arousal, Jungkook’s hunger took over and he slammed his hips into me. A yelp left my mouth while his hands gripped my waist tightly. He pulled me back onto his cock with each thrust making it that much harder. My heart began to pound like his hips into me. My eyes shut, imagining how good he must look fucking me from behind  Mouth shut tight and eyes blown into darkness in a lust driven state, and every muscle in his body working and sweating. His fingers were digging into my skin while my nails were on the brink of tearing the pillow. I wanted to turn, to look at his face plastered with pleasure but I could barely support it myself.

     “Oh fuck! Jungkook…” He was hitting spots so deep within me that I couldn’t even see right. I could feel myself drip onto my thigh every time he pulled out. Jungkook grunted and slowed his pace when I moved down from my hands to my forearms. My walls throbbed around him and I leaned my head against my supporting pillow. Jungkook shoved himself inside me roughly, leaning in close to me. His hand cupped my jaw and brought my face upwards,

    “Head up, baby girl.” He held onto my jaw and left sloppy kisses along my cheek. I whined as he continued to deeply thrust, my legs were weak and shaking to give out any moment. Jungkook held my waist once again and leaned his arm against the headboard.

    “There! Fuck, right there.” He was pushing himself from a higher angle, hitting my g spot repeatedly. The bed was making a loud thumping sound against the wall, and his skin was slapping on my mine. His hips pounding into me without rest, his cock was fucking my walls raw. My abdomen was contracting from the please that tingled through my blood rushing veins. My soft moans turned into harsh cries and I gripped his arm around my waist. I just wanted to keep his hands on me as he drove me into pleasure and beyond bliss. My climax was starting to build in the deepest parts of me while he started to slow back down. His breath was at its extreme, slowly guiding his cock in and out of me, trying to maintain himself from coming anytime soon.

    “Fuck…” He both groaned and cursed as he pulled himself completely out of me. I sighed and whined for the loss of connection. I was going to recover enough for me to ask if he was alright but he didn’t give me a chance.
He grabbed my arm and hip to push over onto my back; finally letting my body resting in the comfort of the mattress. I could look at him now, he was hot and bothered as I imagined. His hair was sticking to his forehead from the sweat and parts of his skin were flushed pink. Jungkook was regaining his strength, leaning down to kiss me on the lips. Even out of breath I managed to kiss him back, his hand cupped my breast and tugged lightly at my harden nipple. He moved his head down, taking it into his mouth and swirling his tongue around it. I ran my hand through his locks of hair, pushing them away from his forehead but still holding him close. I hummed at the sensation of his teeth softly grazing at the sensitive skin. My body squirming under his weight and at the empty feeling in my insides. He ran his hand down my side and looked up at me from underneath his lashes. A look like that could kill.

Jungkook removed himself from my chest, the air hitting my wet skin made my nipple ache from its harden form. He bit his lip down at me as I raised my knee to his waist, hoping to bring his attention back to my needy core. He grabbed the back of my knee in each hand, dragging me down closer to him, my ass his thighs and he began to scoot off the bed. I tried not to giggle as he brought me to the edge of the bed and kneeled down onto the floor. I leaned up on my elbows to get a better view of him, he watched me but his eyes were glued to my folds as soon as he spread my legs.

    “So pink and tight…” He used his thumb to spread my lips wide, scraping past my clit and making me jump. His eyes flickered up to me and a smirk appeared on his lips as he dampened them with his tongue. He leaned in closer, blowing cool air at the heated area and watched me squirm under him. Jungkook chuckled lowly under his breath, thumbing my clit and watching the effect it had on me. There was barely any pressure but the light touch was sending small shocks through my lower half. My hips pushed into the mattress and locked still to keep from moving. It was a small heating sensation when he quickened his pace, I leaned my head back and shut my eyes to take in the sensitivity.

My mouth shot open when he let go of my folds and ran his tongue over them, so close but not closer enough to where I wanted to feel him the most. My thighs shook as he dug his tongue at my clit harshly; he was flicking at it with the tip of his tongue before wrapping his mouth around it. My hips bucked into his pretty face and the slurping sounds he was ringing in my ears. He was holding onto my ankle, that hung off the bed; while my other foot was digging into his shoulder.

    “Ah! Fuck…”  I watched how it tongue stuck out of his pink lips, how he moved his jaw to create an amazing speed. He ran his mouth lower and began to lap at the juices that flowed from my entrance. I shut my mouth and whimpered, he placed his hand on my thigh moved closer.

    “So good…” Jungkook hummed. Bring his hands up to my tight entrance, he pushed one in and continued to suck at my skin. I had to sit up; I had to take in such a perfect view. I pushed his hair out of the way, gripping it tightly at the top of his head. He rubbed his mouth into my heat while that single finger gave me something to clenched around. He groaned at my grasping walls, knowing very well that I could take much more. Without warning, Jungkook pushed in two other fingers, stretching me out far more so suddenly. I pulled at his hair as he ruthlessly pumped them in; giving no time to adjust to the change. My chest was rising excessively while my stomach tensed and twitched every time his fingers disappeared in me. He sucked and pulled at my clit, completely determined to push me over the edge. His longest finger kept brushing against my sweet stop and the next time going in, I rolled my hips and he hit it dead on.
I pushed his face into my pussy when he tried to lift his head up to look at me. I could feel him smirk on me but I felt too good to care. I couldn’t keep my body still from all of the hot blood running through my body. My hips were bucking at the perfect pace to feel him the best, we created this rhythm that was driving me to my climax. The heat was building up in my core, making my breath shorten, and muscles tense.

    “That’s it, baby.” My nails dug into his scalp and I trembled over him. A loud, breathless scream left my mouth as the pleasure convulsed through my body. Falling back onto the mattress, my leg locked over his head while he kept pumping his fingers through my orgasm.

    “Jungkook…” My legs quivered as I moved them away from him, but he was running his tongue over me. I barely had any strength to move away from him. I tried to push his head away as the over-stimulation was starting to hurt. Cries left my mouth and my body was twitching as I yanked at his hair.

He came up with a big smile plastered on his face. He crawled up to kiss me before I had the chance to scold him on his overplay. Is lips tasted like a sweet combination of the both of us, that I couldn't’ help but enjoy his mouth on mine.

    “I could eat you out all night.” All was forgiven since his words had made me blushed; he smiled wide and child-like at my embarrassment. I shied away from his face as he kissed my cheek and stroked my back. He grabbed a hold of me and pushed me up the bed once more. “Lay on your side.”

Jungkook laid right behind me as if we were going to spoon for the night. I turned my head to meet his and he leaned in to lock his lips with mine. His cock was resting behind my thighs and he ran his hand up to lift my leg up. I kept it up, bent at the knee as he took a hold of his cock and ran it between my soaked folds. His hot breath tickled my neck as he groaned, I reached down and ran my hand over his drenched cock, guiding him to my wet cunt.
My head rested over his shoulder, his mouth was brushing against my cheek. The head of his dick pushed through my entrance, slowly feeling the stretched all the way into my stomach. He wrapped his arm around my waist, shoving his chest into my back and ass against his crotch. His grip was strong as he began to push in and out of me; I held onto his arm and leaned my head back. The position was amazing it made my back arch like a cat, and I couldn’t stop, my spot he was hitting it. He was thrusting hard and slow, deep thrusts that scratched at my next orgasm. His cock was painfully hard, I could feel it twitch every time my walls pulsed around it.

    “Fuck baby…” Jungkook choked on his grunt. His hand ran over my skin, making it way up to my breasts that were bouncing to his hips. “You’re so goddamn tight.”

My breathing was heavy and so was his against my ear. I reached up to grab his face wanting to look at him. I sometimes forgot just how handsome he was, with his bottom lip between his teeth, revealing the tiny mole he had there. His perfect brows and eyes were creased in concentration and pure bliss. I cupped his cheek and his eyes opened at my touch. It was a strange moment where we stared into each others eyes, something we hadn’t really done before. There were lust and desire but I was afraid to see anything else but that. I was afraid to feel anything else.

    “Make me come, please.” He leaned in and kissed my lips. His lips felt hot and soft, it was barely a kiss with all the tongue and groaning involved. “Are you close?”

    “Too close.” He laughed breathlessly. He jerked his hips into me faster; a constant scream fell from my mouth and caused me to scratched at his arm. His hot cock created a burning feeling in my center that was spreading through my veins. I felt my head grow lighter with every thrust he gave. I felt the need to stay close to him and hold on or I would fade away. His balls were slapping against his own skin and the sound echoed in my head. His hand left my breast and ran down to my throbbing clit. The second his cold fingers made contact with it I began to cry, with the added pleasure was just overwhelmingly painful. His name was leaving my mouth like broken ballad and my name never sounded so good in anyone’s mouth.

His hips were hitting hard against my ass and words began to choke in my mouth. I was no longer able to produce words but merely sounds of satisfaction. He rubbed my clit back and forth as fast as his wrist would let him, making my legs squirm and shut around his hand. He grunted as it made my pussy tighter on his dick and he begged me to keep my legs like that. His fingers rubbed my skin to the bone as he desperately fucked me. His mouth was struggling to kiss my neck but still managed to leave love bites on it.
I felt myself coming with a pathetic scream of his name. My mind was blank like a white room and I could only hear the irregular rhythmic beating of my heart. Feeling my chest jerk and legs shake to my curled toes while he took me through it. My legs were clamped shut and I felt my entire cunt pulse as he quickly pulled out. He groaned loudly, I could only hear him pumping his wet cock behind me. I had just enough strength to turn and watch his beautiful face contour when he came all over my ass. The sight of his abs tensing up and his dick dripping from in his come and mine made me moan loudly. He pumped himself slowly, milking every last drop he had to offer while his other hand was still between my legs.

   “Holy fuck…” Jungkook sighed, not daring to move an inch until he recollected himself. A smile spread across my lips at how good he looked after coming. I turned away from him so that he wouldn’t see and pulled the nearest pillow for me to cuddle with.

After a moment or two, I saw Jungkook arm reach up to grab a towel that was hanging over the headboard. He asked if he could his use it and I just hummed to grant him permission since I was too comfortable to care. Seconds later I felt the fluffy towel wipe over my butt, taking off any residue of him.

   “Have I told you how great of an ass you have (Y/n)?” I turned over to look at him and found him kneeling over my ass with a smile on his face. I tried not to smile back but it came out as a smug either way.

   “Shut up.” I giggled playfully. He tossed the dirty towel into the corner for me to pick up later and he moved over me to the edge of the bed. I watched grab his boxers and sliding them on.

    “I’m sorry.” My eyes switched to him as he just sat facing away from. He sounded a bit upset and embarrassed from what I could tell.

    “For what?” I asked confused. I turned up to get a better look at him since he turned to look my way.

   “What I said to you at dinner; I didn’t mean any of that.” His apology was sincere. It made my heart ache and made it hard to believe this was the same guy who just fucked me into the mattress.

    “Jungkook I know that.” I smiled and shrugged. It was obvious, though cocky, Jungkook wasn’t the type of guy to disrespect and contempt women. He knew I hadn’t taken any of it to offense but his conscious couldn’t drop it without my reassurance.

    “Mind If I use your bathroom?” He asked after nodding and standing up. He signaled to the door by my bed, while he adjusted his junk in his underwear. I simply nodded and sat up to walk over to my drawer to find new underwear for myself.

    “Oh wait.” I suddenly said, making Jungkook turn back from the door to look at me. “I forgot that bathroom doesn’t work. You can use the one across the hall.”

I said leaning across the dresser, reaching down to slip on my girl boxers. He shook his head and walked out of the room to the other bathroom. I quickly moved to grab his clothes off the floor and loosely fold them into a pile outside of the door. I shut the door to my room quietly and clicked the lock; before putting on a gray tank top and walking over to my bathroom.
I turned on the lights and stepped in front of the mirror; moving my hair to the side to look at the marks bruising my skin. I grabbed a scrunchy and threw my hair into a messy bun to keep it from sticking to my sweaty neck. The past events played through my head over and over again, not knowing what I got from dreaming about them. What I won from questioning myself on what this was leading to. I liked Jungkook; I liked him too much for my own good. For the moment the attraction was all physical and that’s how I wanted it to stay. I just hoped he wanted the same. I heard my door knob jiggle as he tried to get into the room.

I know he could hear me step to the door because he let go of the knob once I stood in front of it. I leaned my shoulder against the white door and laid my head against it.

    “Oh come on, (Y/n).” Jungkook chuckled. I heard a thud against the door, which could have been his hand resting against the other side.“ I mean, I know you like it rough but isn’t this a little mean?”

I smiled at hearing his laugh, knowing he didn’t mind my rejection all that much. I didn’t want to make him feel bad since it wasn’t anything personal; just a matter of safe precaution from my part. He waited for a moment seeing if I would say anything in response. “I’ve never met a girl who doesn’t like to spooning after sex…”

  “I prefer just the forking.” He laughed again, sweetly, but I could hear a bit of disappointment in his voice. There was a small sigh leaving his lips before a much louder thump hit the door, which could only be his back. “Hey…”

   “Yeah?” He mumbled faintly, a bit of hope lingered in his voice.

   “How did you get my phone number?” I asked with full interest for the mystery.

   “I’ll tell you if you let me in.” He promised. I could hear the smile in his words, just imagining his bunny teeth showing through his rosy lips. I chose not to respond when he already knew the answer. There was a bit of guilt that I tried to chew off my lip during the silence between the door. “Have a good night, (Y/n).”

    “Night, Jungkook.”

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I love how Rue is way better than just Ahiru, but struggles with the ghost ballerina, and Ahiru as Princess Tutu is like as good as the ghost ballerina, like, it gives you depth and reference. Also enjoy the animu,,,

Funny you should bring that up because I have some THOUGHTs germinating in my head about the nature of the Princess Tutu form! At first it seemed like a really specific copout that Ahiru suddenly becomes an incredibly good dancer through her transformation. From what I’ve seen, dance is used as a metaphor for conversation; both partners give and take in equal measure, and they have to be willing to trust each other for it to work. “I can’t dance” is code for “I can’t talk about this.” Ahiru isn’t a great dancer because she’s nervous and she always tells herself she’s “just a duck.” She lets her insecurity get in the way of her emotional expression. The ghost lady is a great dancer, but she only expresses one emotion: sorrow. Rue and the ghost lady both danced for a long time, but eventually Rue ran out of stamina. It was too much for her. Princess Tutu, on the other hand, was able to complete the dance. It’s not because she’s suddenly a super-powered dancer; in this analogy, if dance is conversation then stamina is patience. Ahiru is already empathetically perceptive, but she hampers herself with self-doubt. Her Princess Tutu form separates her from her perceived “just a duck” identity and gives her not only the patience to listen but the courage to talk back. 

Player 04 pt.3

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Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

Genre: Angst/ Smut/ Fluff

Characters: Byun Baekhyun x Reader

Summary: After a few days stuck on his dorm room, you manage get help from a guy to escape but you don’t get to leave, not before Baekhyun sees you with him and a fire starts in his heart at the sight of you with someone else. Maybe this moment of jealousy makes him realize how much he actually wants and needs you.

You opened your eyes but you already knew where you were. Almost 3 days have passed by now. Wait, 3 days? Or 2? You weren’t really sure how much time it had gone by, you were desperate to get out of there. It wasn’t enough that you were stuck on his smelly dorm all day, but he didn’t even let you take a bath in fear that you’ll somehow escape.

Every morning you woke up and he wasn’t there anymore. He leaves breakfast for you and then heads out to his classes, you assume. You wondered in your head, how long does he think he can keep you here without anyone noticing? You had thought about screaming in hopes that someone would hear but you didn’t even bother. You were drained off your energy since you basically did nothing all day. He just kept you there doing nothing.

As you ate the breakfast he left for you, you kept thinking about what he was thinking he would do with you. But your thoughts were interrupted by a banging on the door. You knew that wasn’t Baekhyun, he wouldn’t knock on his own door before coming in, why would he? Your eyes directed to the door eagerly. The door opened as a guy walked in looking around and saying “Baek, can I borrow your gear for practice today?”. As he got no response, he called out for Baekhyun again. You tried moving around catch his attention and you did. His head turned to your direction and his eyes widened as he saw you on the bed. Your eyes met and you were aware now that his was the guy from the hallway who had lead you here in the first place.

“Oh no, not you again” he said as he started walking to the door. You acted quickly and using your powers you closed the door before he could leave. He turned to you and sighed. “W-What do you want from me?” he asked and you lifted up your arms. His eyes dropped to your wrist which were covered in the handcuffs trapping you in the bed. He slowly walked closer to you and looked closer.

His hands was hesitant but he got enough courage to grab the handcuffs and pull them but it didn’t do anything but cause you pain in the wrists. You groaned and he quickly stopped. He then noticed the tape on your lips and asked “Should I take it off” and you nodded. He placed his hand on the end of the tape and pulled it off quickly. You screamed at the sudden pain and he put his hand on your mouth to muffle out your scream.

“Sh-shit, I’m sorry” he said as he put his hand away and you glared at him. “Now, go to the nightstand and check to see if a key is in the drawers” you said to him and he nodded. As he got off the bed and opened the drawers of the nightstand, he asked “Who are you?” and you replied “That’s not important right now. What is important is that you find that key and get me the hell out of here”

He remained quiet for sometime looking for the key when suddenly he closed the drawers and walked to you. With the key in hand, he uncuffed you from the bedframe and sat next to you. He looked down and asked “And now what?”, you got off the bed and grabbed one of Baekhyun’s hoodies to put on. Turning back to the guy, you said “Now, you’re going to get me out of here without Baekhyun seeing me”. He huffed and said to you “You couldn’t have chosen a less crowded time of the day? It’s recess”.

You glared at him and got close to him. His eyes when wide with fear as you grabbed the collar of his shirt with force, “Look, you should really be careful how you talk to me. You don’t know me and you wouldn’t want to either so just do as I say and you’ll be fine, alright?” you said in an angry tone. He nodded his head repeatedly and you let go of him.

He didn’t seem like a bad kid at all and you know you would regret later being so mean to him but you were willing to get out of there no matter what was the cost. If the cost was being an asshole to a guy who you just met, then so be it.

He was about to open the door to head out with you but he stopped and turned around to look at you. He said “Not to sound like I’m bragging or nothing, but I’m pretty well known in this place and if people see me walking around with a girl, it’s very possible that they’ll ask stuff so we have to have a plan if someone stops us” and you responded “I’ll just tell them to fuck off and they’ll back off”. He looked at you blankly and you rolled your eyes, “Fine, just say I’m your girlfriend or something. I don’t care.” you said changing your answer. He nodded and opened the door.

The two of you walked out the door and he began leading the way. People were everywhere around the both of you so it was hard to try and hide. Suddenly he looked back at you and stopped walking so you were by his side. When you caught up to him, he pulled his arm around your shoulders. You glared at him while he just shrugged his shoulders and said “I’m just following our plan”.

As you both walked by the halls, some guys would whistle and say things to the guy beside you. Things like; who’s she?, ayee looking good bro, wow that’s new, etc… You just ignored the comments and continued walking beside him.

As you were getting closer and closer to the exit, you had a feeling at the bottom of your stomach that told you that something was going to happen before you had the chance to leave. You thought that maybe it was just your own head trying to sabotage the moment to you just kept walking like it was nothing. Then suddenly someone called for the boy helping you.

“Hey Chanyeol, come over here. I haven’t seen you all day!” some guy said as we got closer to him. You looked up to see that it wasn’t just one person, it was a group of guys and possibly from the soccer team. Which meant, the chances of Baekhyun being there were pretty high.

You quickly looked down and tugged on Chanyeol’s shirt but he just kept walking. You groaned internally and followed him. You swore you could even feel his presence near, and this was not going to end well.

Chanyeol had a normal conversation with one of the boys while you stood behind him, in hopes that none of them would speak of you or bring your presence up in their conversation. But as expected, the world wasn’t in your favor.

You weren’t paying much attention to the conversation until one of the boys pointed you out, “Who’s that?” he said. All eyes turned to you as Chanyeol turned to you and then back at his friends. “U-um, oh her? She’s um…” he said nervously and you were left with no other choice but to talk. You nudged him for stuttering and then said “Hi, I’m his girlfriend Y/n.”

Their eyes went wide at the sudden confession and introduction. You decided to show your face because if Baekhyun was there then he already knew it was you by your voice so fuck it. You pulled down your hood and looked at the group. Your eyes quickly made contact with who you were hoping wasn’t there but he was and by the looks of it, he wasn’t pleased at all by seeing you out of his dorm and with one of his friends.

“Oh, I didn’t know our Chanyeol had a girlfriend. You had this hidden from us, didn’t you?” one of the guys asked Chanyeol. He scratched the back of his head and looked down shyly, “I guess I did” he said to them.

Then Baekhyun stepped up and said looking straight at Chanyeol “Oh really? Are you sure she’s your girlfriend?” leaving him scared of what he could do next. You furrowed your eyebrows at him and stepped in front of Chanyeol. “Yes, I am his girlfriend. Do you have a problem with that, idiot?” you said in an angry tone.

He chuckled at you and said “Well we have never seen you around here, much less with Chanyeol. If you’re so sure that he’s your boyfriend, prove it”. You smirked at his challenge. Does he really thing I wont do something? Is he really stupid?, you thought in your head.

“My pleasure” you said turning around, wrapping your arms around Chanyeol and crashing your lips with his. Chanyeol stood there, eyes wide open and stiff as ever. The kiss lasted a few seconds after you pulled your lips from the poor boy who was dragged into this mess. After all, you just wanted to prove your point and make Baekhyun mad. And you did.

As you pulled away and looked at him, you swore you could almost see the smoke coming out of his ears. His eyes were bloodshot red and his fists were clenched. You didn’t think he would be this furious by just a simple kiss so needless to say you were a bit scared for your life.

After a few seconds of silence, he looked you in the eyes and quickly grabbed you by the wrist of your arm. “Hey! That hurts you asshole!” you said as he practically dragged you down the halls not caring to respond to your comments.

Students stared at the both of you as you passed down the halls but Baekhyun payed no attention, he just kept going. He felt a fire start in his heart the moment you leaned in to Chanyeol and he knew he had made a mistake to challenge you.

You both got to his dorm room, entered but he didn’t let go of you yet. “Now were here, could you let go now?” you said angrily still but he just squeezed you harder making you squeal in pain. “You don’t have the right to talk so shut up” he said as he closed the door and locked it. He then turned to you and pushed you to the bed with force.

“What the hell’s wrong with you?” you said as you rubbed the part of your arm he had held on so forcefully he even left bruises. He glared at you for a second and then said “What’s wrong with me? WHAT THE HELL’S WRONG WITH YOU?!” he shouted, “You whore your way with one of my friends so they help you escape here. I bet you even did one of your abracadabra shit to make him do as you say.” You stood up and said to his face “I didn’t cast any spells, he just followed me like a lost puppy. You see, men are easy to manipulate and you aren’t the exception honey. Remember that time at the field when you were going to snitch on me? You fell right into my trap and you liked it wether you admit it or not. And I’m not a whore, kissing guys doesn’t make me a whore, you brat.” and he responded “But kissing another guy while you’re someone else’s mate does make you a whore.”

You laughed sarcastically “Oh so now I’m your mate now? What happened to the ‘I’d rather kill you than have a witch as a mate’ shit? Just because you’re jealous it doesn’t mean you get to treat me like this” you said “I’m property of no one.”

Then he pulled you down to his bed and said “Now you will be” and straddled you, pinning your arms up having control of your movements. You tried to loosen his strength but you couldn’t. But you also didn’t want to.

He crashed his lips with yours harshly, turning a normal kiss to a hard and heated one. You knew you should have fought him back but you didn’t. His lips felt so good on yours, so right that the thought of even trying to leave wasn’t passing your mind anymore.

He lowered from your lips to your neck sucking at your skin. Then he let his fangs out and you could feel them against your skin growing. Your mind was racing and your heart was racing. You knew exactly what he was going to do. He was going to mark you.

Once they were completely out, he pulled away from your neck and looked up at you. The look he gave you was different from the other ones. He didn’t show off any anger or fury as he looked at you. His eyes were full of lust and passion, as well as affection. Something in him changed when he saw you with another man. Maybe the realization of you being his mate finally hit him and he had fear of losing you. Maybe, just maybe he realized how much he needed you.

“Do it” you said to him, “Mark me”. His eyes never left yours as he kept looking for any sights of hesitation. “Are you sure?” he asked and you affirmed by nodding your head. He breathed out slowly as he connected his lips to your neck and in an instant his fangs were tearing through the sensitive layer of skin in your neck.

You screamed at the pain caused by his bite which was not pleasant at all but you endured it. You grabbed on to his hair, pulling at it to distract you from the pain. Baekhyun knew this wasn’t a painless process but it would be fast enough for him not to cause any damage to her.

You started to feel dizziness as the seconds flew by, but the pain started to go away when Baekhyun’s fangs were beginning to shrink. You felt relief as his teeth were out of your skin and the pain stopped. He licked off the blood from the wound left on your neck. The sensation left tingles on your skin and made you squirm bellow him.

“Now you’re all mine” he said. While kissing your collarbone all around and going down to one of your breasts he kept chanting “Mine” over and over again. His tongue lapped at your nipple while his other hand groped your other breast softly. Quiet moans left your mouth as he kept going and the pleasure increased.

He continued touching and sucking on your breast but you wanted more. You wanted him to give it to you, now. “Baekhyun, please” you whispered making him stop what he was doing. “Speak louder” he said looking straight at you. “Please Baekhyun, just fuck me” you shamelessly said to him. He smirked and said “Since you asked so nicely, I can’t say no, can’t I?”

Caressing your thighs, he stripped them off your clothes leaving you bare for him. His hands went to your knees and pushed your legs apart. He unbuckled his pants off and settled himself in between your legs. With his prominent member bulging from his underwear, he pressed it on to your center, making you feel how much he wanted you.

“Who do you belong to, huh?” he whispered into your ear while he rocked himself on top of you slowly. You whimpered a bit at the sensation but you answered “I’m your Baekhyun, I’m all yours”

“Fuck Y/n, you’re all mine” he said as he straightened up and took his underwear off, exposing his member to you. You licked your lips as you saw it stand up straight and hard because of you. He smirked at your reaction and leaned over to you.

“Are you ready, baby?” he said while rubbing his member on your entrance. Moans left your mouth as you nodded your head. He took his member in one of his hands, put the other one beside you and slid in to you. A symphony of moans were heard in the room as you felt him inside you again.

“Fuck, fuck, you’re always so fucking tight” he said as he grunted. He started moving slowly, careful not to hurt you but, you were so wet there wouldn’t be a chance that he could hurt you.

“Oh Baekhyun…” you moaned out making him even more turned on than he already was. He grabbed your legs and pulled them over your shoulders. “Say it, say my name” he said in a low tone as he went in and out of you.

You repeatedly moaned out his name as he kept thrusting. Slowly but surely his pace started quickening. The sound of skin roamed your ears along with your moans of pleasure. “Shit, Baekhyun this is so good” you said to him.

He grunted and leaned to you, trapping you in a passionate and heated kiss. You pulled away from the kiss to catch some air but if felt impossible since his hips were working you so hard and good.

You started feeling yourself going on the edge and you knew he was close too. “Im gonna cum baby” you said to him and he responded “Me too Y/n. Cum for me, let me feel your cum around my dick”

Your moans got louder as the seconds passed by and he pounded on you harder and harder. “That’s it baby, let go, do it” he said to you. You screamed his name when you felt an immense pleasure flood your body and you came for him.

“Fuck, watching you come is the best thing in the world” he said as he slowed down and toke his member out of you. You were still trying to catch your breath but you weren’t going to let him go with out orgasming.

“Baby…” you whispered softly as you leaned to him and put your hand around his member. He cursed as you grabbed him and stroked him. You knew he was already almost there so you didn’t bother teasing him by being slow.

Moving your wrist around him quickly, up and down, he hissed at you. He was focused on your hand and how good you were making him feel with just a mere handjob. He grunted loudly as he felt is cum begging to spur out and then he came.

Hot liquid splattered all over his torso and also over your hand. You stopped your movements slowly and unwrapped your fingers from him. His eyes directed to you as he tried catching his breath, he smiled at you. You smiled back and pulled your now sticky hand to your lips. He bit his lips as he saw you lick some of his cum off your hand.

After than, you both settled yourselves to sleep in his dorm. Now the air was different, the sex was different, everything. Even if you didn’t agree on things or if he was a dick to you, you were mates and the undeniable connection now bonded you forever.

AN: Ah, was the wait worth it? Again, I apologize for the delay but here it is! This is the final chapter so I hope you guys liked it and it wasn’t shitty. Any questions, don’t be afraid to ask me! K, bye I have a nap to get to. *wraps into my blankets like a burrito*

*Current as of 05/13/17*

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**Indicates the fic contains smut


Red** (04/02/16) This is the history of the reader and Dean Winchester and will span the majority of the seasons. Starts in about season 2 through right before Dean goes to Purgatory, up to MOC!Dean, and right on through to season 11. Reader knows nothing of the hunting world. 

I Am Yours ** (04/22/16) Dean has been in hell and the reader is having a hard time coping with life. TW: Anxiety.

Come Over (04/30/16) Based off the song Come Over by Kenney Chesney, It’s a little angsty. It’s a little sexy. It’s a little fluffy. 

The Real You (04/30/16) Based off the song The Real You by Three Days Grace, angsty MOC!Dean. 

Faster Gun (05/01/16) Based off the song Faster Gun by Little Big town, Mentions of blood and injuries, language, little bit of PG-13 foreplay.

Who’s Counting? (05/01/16) Based off the song Kashmir by Led Zeppelin, Mentions of drug use, language, angst if you squint. 

Hurt (05/03/16) Based off the song Hurt by Johnny Cash, Angsty as hell. Like, I cried writing this. Drinking and driving (NEVER DO THIS!) Language. TW: Anxiety.

Stoned on Your Love** (05/12/16) Based off the song Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapelton, Language, brief mentions of sex and masturbation.

Your Guardian Angel (05/17/16) Based off the song Your Guardian Angel by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, other than language, this is pure fluff.

Insomnia (06/01/16) Consider this a preface to the Pilot. Dean and the Reader reunite after a couple years and Dean has a request.

Lucky** (06/07/16) Based off the song Feed my Frankenstein by Alice Cooper, Reader encounters Demon Dean in a bar… 

Lose Control (06/09/16) The Winchesters keep taking over the Reader’s hunts and she is less than pleased about it.

My Favorite One (06/18/16) Reader recounts her history with Dean after someone close to the Reader finds something of his…

Salvation (10/05/16) The Mark has made Dean a different person and affected your relationship with him. Is there anything you can do or say to help him through this difficult time?

Crazy, Stupid, Love (10/31/16) Dean has no idea you have feelings for him and you may or may not be acting irrationally about it. 

Out of My Head** (11/21/16) Dean is a little insensitive toward your feelings and you try to make yourself forget.

Where I Belong** (11/23/16) Love is a crazy thing and sometimes creeps up on us. What will Dean do when he realizes just how much you mean to him? 

All That Matters** (11/28/16)  It’s a chance meeting, a one night stand that neither of you can forget, years of regret and longing, and a lot unspoken between you. What will happen when Dean Winchester waltzes back into your life again?

Always** (02/04/17) Dean and the reader meet in a bar just days before he’s set to go get Sam and look for their dad. While he didn’t mean to drag her into the life, and he tried with all his might to keep her out of it, fate has other plans.

Long, Lean, and Lethal** (04/27/17) The Reader finally takes things into her own hands when it comes to her feelings for Dean. 

End Credits (05/08/17) Dean’s made his deal and the Reader is unhappy about it. Denial and a hefty dose of ignoring Dean seem to be her way of trying to fix her broken heart, but will it work?


KISS MY LIPS YOU FOOL (AU Neighbor!Dean) Reader is having a rough day and is rescued by her handsome new neighbor.
Kiss My Lips You Fool Pt. 1 (03/26/16)
Kiss My Lips You Fool Pt. 2 (03/27/16)

ORDINARY DAY** Dean gets in contact with the Reader after years apart and begs for some ordinary time with her. Catch is, the Reader doesn’t know about his deal or how much time he has left. Will this make or break the leftover time Dean has left?
Ordinary Day Pt. 1  (09/10/16)
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Amnesia  (06/25/16) Sam gets hit with an amnesia spell on a witch hunt. 

Home** (11/07/16) Daddy!Sam. The Reader finds out she’s pregnant and leaves the life, desperate for normalcy and safety for her unborn child. Somehow, Sam and her are reunited. How will they figure things out for them and the future of their family? Set in beginning to mid season 8. 

Aftermath  (11/12/16) Sam has just chained Lucifer and and dove into the pit and the Reader is having a hard time coping. 


THE CONSERVATORY (AU!Sam) Both the Reader and Sam go to the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and meet by happenstance. Could it be true love or will the past intervene to separate them?
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A masterlist for those who wish to read some of my other work! I hope you all continue to enjoy and support my stories. I am incredibly grateful for everything I have received back. ♡

(A): angst   (F): fluff   (M): mature content

+ Stigma: Taehyung brother x reader sister (A)

+ Muddy Waters: Jimin x reader x Yoongi (A & M)

 {pt. 01pt. 02}

+ Summer Boy: Jungkook x reader (M)

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+ Bad Girl: Sad Boy: Namjoon x reader (A)

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Be My ♥ Color

a/n: be more chill x soulmate au. :o if you wanna be tagged in the series letmeknow.kbyethanx. Summaries change according to PoV Updates on Thursdays & Sundays.
summary: Sometimes people drift apart. Christine holds up a smile and goes on playing the role of ‘good high school friend’ while fighting the urge to rekindle a friendship that simply isn’t there anymore. Old memories burn bright but the colors her soulmate instilled in her are even brighter. 
warning: Chloe is a B. And …uh…hints to a future flashback or something in Christine’s side of the story ;P (did I mention this is a multiShip/POV fic? Boyf are the mains but~)
w/c: ~3.6k
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03.←Canigula’s Charisma Pts. →.04

“Stella’s Stellar Cellular Cases,” she repeated slowly as she parked her mobile cellphone station between the H&M and the pretzel place. “Stella’s. Stellar. Cellular. Cases” She smiled finding a beat to repeat to. She kept it up adding a small shimmy to each word, a melody, a rhythm. Nothing was too hard to master if it was put to a nifty song. She kept singing to herself making sure she got the slogan down right. Christine continued to sing until a slurry of voices started growing in volume from the H&M store.

“…and then Madelyn was like ‘I totally didn’t mean to send those nudes,’” Chloe’s voice sneered as she walked out of the store with arms lined up to her elbows with shopping bags. “We all know she was trying to show off her bellybutton piercing.”

“Wow a belly button piercing? That’s sooooo awesome,” Brooke’s voice, a strong contrast to Chloe’s nasal high voice, giggled in her iconic, perpetual sleep-drawled voice.

The tall brunette stopped walking and grabbed Brooke’s arm jerking her to a halt. “It’s not awesome, BROOKE.”

“I mean…that’s so tacky.”

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5:16 PM PT: Manchester Police now confirming 19 people dead and 50 injured.

5:04 PM PT:  Police are now treating this as a terrorist act. There are reports the explosive device was a “nail bomb” … which explains the images of victims, several bleeding profusely on the scene.

A post shared by صبي تركي (@samed_official_1453) on May 22, 2017 at 4:25pm PDT

4:23 PM PT: Law enforcement say there are now 20 people dead.  A video posted on social media purportedly shows a flash in the arena (left side of above video), and then a boom is heard.

3:55 PM PT:  Greater Manchester Police say there are a “number of confirmed fatalities and others injured."  It’s unclear if the injuries are from the stampede or from a blast. Police have not confirmed an explosion.


















London police just said, "Emergency services responding to serious incident at Manchester Arena.  Avoid the area.”

Several people present – including actress Julie Hesmondhalgh from “Coronation Street” – say there was no explosion but rather a loud bang, which created a stampede and people were injured trying to get out of the facility.


Two loud bangs described as “explosions” rocked an Ariana Grande concert in England Monday, sending scores of people running for safety.

A post shared by Ariana Grande (@ariianagrandeee__) on May 22, 2017 at 3:21pm PDT

The concert was held at the Manchester Arena … the explosions occurred at the end of Grande’s concert. One of the concertgoers tweeted, “Just ran from an explosion, genuinely thought were going to die.”

People are writing on Twitter that there is blood everywhere … people are injured and bleeding.

It was an odd scene … while fans were scrambling for safety they were clutching pink balloons that apparently had been dropped on the crowd.

Sources connected with Ariana tells us she had just left the stage when everyone heard what appeared to be an explosion.

Police descended on the area, and the metro station at the arena’s been closed. Authorities are urging people to stay clear.


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Player 04 pt.2

Originally posted by takeachansoo

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

Genre: Angst, Smut

Characters: Byun Baekhyun x Reader

Summary: After finding your mate suddenly, you can’t seem to be content without seeing him again. You are left with the only option but to go look for him by yourself.

Ache. Pain. Soreness. Since that night, that was all that you felt. Your body felt weak and shrinking. At first you thought it was that you needed to feed but you drank a few blood bags and still felt the same. Then migraines came into the mix, making you feel even worse. You felt like you were so sick. You went to a nursery in the university but they couldn’t tell what was wrong with you. You laid on your bed of a couple of days, sleeping and siping on bags in hopes to get better or die off, which wouldn’t happen since vampires are inmortal.

At one point some of your professors and teammates started calling you and tried to reach you but you wouldn’t answer the phone. You didn’t have the energy nor the excuse for your absence. You couldn’t just say, hey I don’t know what the hell just happened to me but I feel like the life is being drained out of me so I can’t leave my bed. Laying in boredom and hurt, you started to remember the moments you had with him. With Baekhyun. You started to relive them in your head and somehow you felt as if your pain eased a bit. What the hell, you thought. As soon as you stopped, the pain was back making you groan.

This has to be about him, it is clear to you now. Stupid prick, you thought. He treated you like trash. If he wasn’t your mate you would’ve ripped of his head by now. But, he was indeed your mate and even with how he treated you, it fired up in a weird way. There’s no correct way to explain it but you just were endlessly attracted to him.

You decided to take matters into your own hands since you aren’t getting any better by just laying there. You changed into something more decent yet comfortable, and hoodie that could hide the paleness of your skin. You pull the hood over your head and walk out of your room, walking through the hallways trying to avoid any type of eye contact. In no time you escaped the place and made your way to the only one who you hoped would take your sickness away; Baekhyun.

After resting in a bus for about an hour with a bunch of people who most were elderly, you arrived to your destination. You got to his university. As soon as you got out the bus, you could feel it in you that he was there. You still felt very weak but you started walking up to the entrance. You went through the doors and walked through the halls. You didn’t look very suspicious since you look like a college student but since you feel so weak, your spells to enable others from sensing you’re a witch were probably failing and if someone found out there was a witch on vampire territory, you would be pretty much done for. So you walked rapidly to your best abilities in hopes for no one to notice.

As you continued walking, you could feel him closer and you started to grow desperate to see him. You looked around the halls but you couldn’t find him. You then spotted who you assumed was a player of the University judging by his jacket with the team’s name in it. You ran to him and touched his shoulder making him turn to you. With your head down so he couldn’t see your face, you asked “Where’s Baekhyun?” he looked at you for a second trying to decipher who you were and then shrugged as a reply and turned around. You huffed and hit hid shoulder a bit harder this time “Look I don’t know whe-” he started but stopped when you pushed your hoodie back far enough for him to see your lifeless face and your red eyes. “Take me to him, now” you said and he nodded quickly.

You walked through the building and eventually ended up what you could assume was his dorm room door. The guy who lead you there looked at you, waiting for your sign to let him leave. You just nodded and connected your knuckles to the door, knocking a few times. I even with a door in between the both of you, he knew damn well it was you who was knocking. He didn’t bother to call for you, he just unlocked the door and walked back to his desk. You opened the door and then locked it behind you.

“What are you doing here?” He asked as he typed something in his computer. You looked at him and he was apparently occupied doing some work, he was dressed in a hoodie and sweatpants, similar to you which let you thinking that maybe he was struggling like you. You took your hoodie off, leaving you in your tank top and revealed the poor state of your body. “I came here so you fix this” you said walking closer to him “So I fix wha- What the actual fuck?” he said turning to see you. He seemed somewhat surprised and something else you couldn’t decipher at the time.

“Ever since I met you stupid prick, I feel like I’m slowly dying so it must be your fault and now you have to fix me” you said and he laughed “ And how exactly am I supposed to fix you? For all I care, you can stay like that and die” turning away and to his work. You growled “I swear, I’m going to curse your entire blood line if you don’t do anything” he turned slowly and asked “You can do that?” you nodded but in reality you were not experienced enough to do such spells, but you wouldn’t let others know that. “Well then go ahead, I’m not looking forward to having kids and if you’re my mate I’m a hundred percent I’m not having any, ever” he said trying to tick you off, which he did.

“Oh yeah, like you didn’t like fucking me in the locker room" you said with anger in your tone, looking for a way to piss him off somehow and make him do something. “You fucking loved it, don’t lie to me, I bet you didn’t even get any before that night” he just had a blank expression as he stared at you and he responded “Don’t think so high of yourself princess, I could care less about you. You were just another stupid girl” you clenched your fist and walked to him. He prepared for a punch from you but you didn’t hit him. You grabbed the back of his hood and pulled it back. You unzipped it in the front and looked at his body. You were right, he was having the same effect as you.

“I knew it, I knew it” you repeated as you hit is chest making him hiss. You straddled his waist and sat on his lap “What are you- get off me!” he exclaimed but clearly wasn’t doing anything to stop you. “You’re not fooling anyone but yourself pretty boy, you’re just as fucked as I am, aren’t you. You want this badly, I can sense it. You’re breathing is faster and your eyes are dilated. I can see right through you” you said to him “So much for just a stupid girl, huh?” and with that he had it.

He lifted you from his lap and pushed you to his bed with the little energy and strength he had left. “Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP. I don’t want to hear your stupid little voice anymore. If you dare to speak again I won’t hesitate to let everyone in this fucking university know how you’re a witch. And you know you’re no match to over three hundred vampires” he said with an anger filled voice. You were about to say something back but he quickly slapped his hand over your mouth “What did I fucking say?” he hissed. He grabbed a piece of clothing near by and used it to tie it around your mouth.

With one hand he grabbed your wrists with force over your head and with the other, he started to unbuckle his pants. “I’ll just have to fuck some sense into you” he said while lowering his pants and boxers, exposing his almost fully erect member. You tried to speak but your voice came out muffled from the tie. He noticed you were struggling to give him a piece of your mind but he just laughed at you. He then started lowering your pants too and said “Stop protesting as if you don’t want this either, you slut. I can already smell you” he took them off completely and pressed his lower middle to you. You groaned at the contact with your wet folds and couldn’t hold back to what you really craved. You wanted it inside you, to stretch you and hit you in right places that make you squirm in pleasure. You wanted it all.

He seemed to read your mind some how as he took a hold of his member and started pushing it into you. You loudly moaned at such pleasure filled feeling going through you. Almost at the same time, he let out a low groan that made you want him even more, if that was possible.

He grabbed you from your hips and lowered you onto him, pounding relentlessly again and again. You could barely form any words, the only thing that came out from your mouth were muffled moans of pleasure.

As both of you continued, you could feel your skin glowing, had less trouble breathing and energized. And by the looks of it, he was getting better too. But why? Why were the two of you so affected when apart and the only cure to the sudden illness was having sex with each other. You’ve never heard of anyone being like that once they’ve met their mate.

“Shit, shit, shit” he repeated as he felt himself go over the edge. With powerful and deep thrusts, he let himself go but didn’t stop, searching for your orgasm too. But soon enough, you were screaming in pleasure, letting him and the people close to his dorm that you were climaxing like never before.

After a few minutes, you both could finally breath better and found yourselves bodies had gone back to normal. For one, you were relieved that you weren’t going to die or end up permanently looking like a walking corpse but, what was the meaning of this?

You turned to his side to find him in his daze still. You looked at him for a while before he could turn to you with something mean like he would do. You didn’t think he was all that mad. Maybe he has an attitude and issues with witches which was understandably okay since witches and vampires didn’t have the most dazzling past, but maybe deep down he was a better person. Or at least you hoped so.

“Baekhyun, what is this?” you asked to him after taking off the piece of clothing covering your mouth, not expecting a civilized answer, just wanting to hear what was on his mind. He sighed and said “I don’t know what this is, but what ever it is, it’s has to end” you were then confused by his reply. End? you thought. “Well we already got a taste of what’s it going to be like being apart from each other, idiot, so what way could we end it? I’m sure as hell I don’t what to turn lifeless again, I don’t know about you” you said to him. “You don’t get it do you?” he said while his back was turned to you. “I don’t care for you, I don’t want you in any way, shape or form. Yes, maybe my vampire instincts are connected with yours but that doesn’t matter. Feelings mean nothing to me. And having someone like you by my side will definitely jeopardize my sucess” he continued as he turned with grey duck tape on his hands. He took out a piece and got closer to you. “What are you doing?” you asked, utterly confused by his actions.

He placed the tape on your mouth and then took out a pair of handcuffs you didn’t even notice him having on his hands and handcuffed you on his bed. Then he stepped back to look at you, laying on his bed, mouth taped shut and handcuffed to the bed frame. He lowered down to your level and whispered close to you “I’d rather kill you than have a witch as a mate, it would be the biggest dishonour to my family and my species” you widened your eyes as the word kill left his lips. Kill… he was just exaggerating, right?

He walked back to the door of the dorm, slipping his shoes on and putting on his coat. He covered most of his face with the hoodie he had on previously and walked out the door. But before leaving, he said “I’ll figure out what to do with you but until them, you’re stuck here. So get used to it” and with that he vanished, leaving you lonely in his dorm thinking what the hell was going to happen to you now.

A/N: Yah… I don’t know where i’m going with this honestly. Should I end it there or continue it? Tell me what you think because I honestly don’t know. I’m still working on other request to they’re definitely coming soon! Any questions or opinions you can leave them in my inbox. Stay safe lovelies *throws pizza slices to you bc that’s what I’m eating as we speak*


Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Words: 1.150

Summary: You had broken up with Jimin two years ago to go study in Germany. After your new friend introduced you to her new obsession with the K-Pop Band “BTS” you were forced to tell her what happened. The thing was, she had gotten concert tickets, convinced you would go with her. What happens when you see him again?

“jealousy does not mean being obessve. it means being worried about losing something you love”

She had broken up with him for a reason.

He was too jealous. Not the cute kind of jealous were they pout and ignore you for a day. No, that wasn’t it. It was the worrying kind of jealousy, were she had to fear for aonther’s healthy life if he woul catch them checking his girlfriend out, were she couldn’t hang out with her friends anymore because he coudn’t trust them.

But she dealt with it. Because she loved him. The reason why she broke up with him was different. She had always supported him with the band, she never complied when he came home later or didn’t come home at all. Though when she boke the news to him that she wanted to move and study in Germany, he denied her request. The moment the words left her mouth, he had stopped her.


“What do you mean no? I know I’l be away but can’t you even try to understand me? I never complied when you didn’t come home for days.”

“But you’ll be away for years. I don’t allow it.”

“You don’t allow it? Just because I’m your girlfriend doesn’t mean you can control my life decisions, Jimin.”

“So? There are a lot of girls who would love to be in your position. You can’t just leave like that, you’re my girlfriend.”

“You’re right. Why don’t you just take one of these then? You know what Newsflash Park Jimin. I was your girlfriend.”

She remembered the conversation quiet well. Just like that, she had walked out of his life. Little did she know that he still wanted her after all these years.

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