Day 24 - Fav Design: Zorua

Now let me explain myself here. When I was deciding pokemon for this day, I was thinking what pokemon I like to draw the most. And this little rascal is the one I end up doodling the most. Why? Because it is not too simple, but is also simple enough that you can draw it easily without too much practice. My sketch books are full of little doodles of zorua and if that is not a mark of a pokemon that is fun to draw (aka has a good design)? I don’t know what it.

Also big bonus points for being the only fox pokemon I adore.

Day 29 - Scariest: Haunter

I didn’t go by pokedex entries on this and wanted to go purely by official artwork (you can make anything look scary if you draw it that way). So this was a bit hard… Eventually I went with haunter because it is essentially a floating head with loosen arms. It is actually creepy even in its original design. I wouldn’t want to wake up and find this thing floating above my bed. Funny fact, did you know that haunter is actually slightly bigger than gengar? 

Honorable mention for giratina’s origin forme.

Day 31 - All Time Favourite


Well, at least about sableye… But seriously! I simply CAN’T choose between these two dorks! Their design, concept and overall quirkiness just hits me the right way. They can argue over the #1 prize all eternity for all I care but I am not choosing!

Day 22 - Fav Mega: Mega Medicham

I’ve grown into liking pretty much all mega forms. Mawile looks cute and cool. Alakazam is way cooler and interesting than its normal form… Gengar and gardevoir has way awesome shiny mega forms… But my personal fave is mega medicham. I like the little details such as the blue “jewels” and those arms just fascinate me. I like it!

Day 28 - Cutest: Joltik

Now just think over this for a sec. They took a tick… A blood sucking, disgusting, the only creature on Earth that I can honestly say I hate… And designed this… This TINY fluffy thing that sticks on larger pokemon to absorb static electricity and eventually evolves into a tarantella? Well done Game Freak… Well done. I now want 50 of these.

Day 25 - Fav Legendary: Celebi

Mew was my all time favourite quite long time back in the days. I still like it but celebi has started grow on me more. I really like how it looks. Also the fact that celebi was one of the rarest and hardest pokemon to get legally outside of Japan until fifth gen has made it more… “legendary” than any other pokemon in my eyes. Truly a pokemon I treasure now that I finally have one.

Day 20 - Favourite Chu: Dedenne

And POKEDDEXY challenge is back!

I could have saved raichu for this but eh… I kinda don’t count him as a “chu-clone”. All these guys are cute anyway so I don’t mind drawing another. Personally I think they keep getting cuter and cuter every gen so have the newest member of the chu-family!