What is ascension?

Ascension is many things and it is also simply just one thing. It can be experienced many different ways, but ultimately it is raising the rate at which you vibrate. So what does this do? Well, it makes you feel alive… and has the potential to actually move you into entire new levels of life and connection to the infinite. This is where it splits off into many different levels. Every time you feel good, or excited or in-love you are technically “ascending” or moving upwards through layers of reality, you are vibrating faster and this is tuning you into new levels, but it’s usually a temporary feeling and often followed by the contrast of that feeling. True Ascension is learning how to embody this experience into the natural rhythm of your being. It is experiencing more of yourself; your god-self; your soul, or your consciousness… however you choose to look at it. And the purpose of this process of ascension is to guide you into a heavenly dream of which you are more capable of manifesting and experiencing all that you desire. On a soul level we are already there, but these physical vessels are obviously not, and our primary purpose within them is to change this by activating our DNA.

DNA is the link between this world and the world from which your soul is anchored. Your DNA provides the connection from which all information is transferred. The rate at which you vibrate then determines the amount of codons that are able to fire. The higher your frequency, the more energy that is present within your physical form.  This energy is crucial for how well you function. For the most part I think anybody can relate to this, for example, when you have more energy, you have more clarity, and more clarity is more awareness and this allows you to move and make decisions much more effectively  This over long periods of time can have a dramatic influence on the life you end up experiencing. DNA is essentially an antenna; a hub for our true essence from which the very core of our being is centered. Everything the soul can experience through the physical vessel is experienced through the DNA, and uploaded through it. You could also say that the amount of soul we feel within ourselves is directly related to the amount of active DNA, which, personally, I believe the soul has control over. This means that the primary experience of consciousness that we are having is directly related to the amount of DNA activated within us and therefore we are only as connected as we are activated. Contemplate deeply for a second at the fact that as a species we are barely even turned on and the vast majority of our DNA lies dormant… .

Far more of our true essence exists beyond our current ability to perceive it. Most of what we really are has yet to be discovered in both this human form or from a spiritual standpoint, but eventually, over the span of lifetimes, we are destined to learn, grow and experience higher versions of reality far grander than the one we are currently experiencing. Ultimately though, it is up to us at which pace we prefer to move into it. We have all of eternity… 

- The Psy Matic Eye

What is it that you see?

Look around and tell me what it is that you see…
These eyes of mine see a world that is not truly free
In fact we are suppressed in every way we could be
Energetically, physically, mentally, emotionally…
Unable to fully be what we came here to be

There are forces at work here beyond what we see
These forces work to disrupt and create disharmony
and seek to condition us to live unconsciously 

Is it me, or is this battle getting pretty bloody?
Can you see it or am I just talking crazy?
This is not some insane theory of conspiracy.
Nor is it explained by some simple duality.
There’s something much bigger going on, lets stop living so obliviously. 

Everywhere we look there is suffering and misery.
What its supposed to be is far more heavenly!
Maybe It fails cuz they approach it “financially” 
Or rigged so it benefits only the wealthy.
Fueled by the insatiable emptiness of the greedy.

I dont know but it doesn’t make any fucking sense to me  
Whats the point of this why are we here, really?
Surely it can’t be for this. There’s more; there has to be!
I’m curious to know can you please tell me?

Im tired of living so fucking blindly 
I seek the vision so I can see more clearly
How do we fix this beautiful disaster? Enlighten me.
Or is it too late and now we must face eternity?
Cuz no matter how true we wish it to be
death doesn’t hide how we’ve lived previously
And based on these choices that are the sum of humanity
It would seem that the future looks pretty ugly

I hate to say it but im just trying to live truthfully 
instead of getting sucked into an illusory reality
designed to distract us from a coming finale
that is desperately needed to reset humanity.

By - Psy Matic Eye