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I was wondering if you could tell me about mushrooms (the drug obviously) I'd like to experiment with them but I don't know much about it like do you just eat them or what? I'm a stoner but id like to start using shrooms

Yes you eat them raw, make them into a tea, blend them in a smoothie, put them on pizza, I’ve had some that were infused into a chocolate bar.  You can prepare them however you prefer!

Be very carful and do research, It isn’t something to take lightly.  In nature is the best place to trip, because nature is perfectly balanced and harmonious. Remember peoples energies are amplified, so be carful who you are with (contrary to popular belief, music festivals aren’t a good place to try them, since you are vulnerable to your environment and there are so many people.  A comment from a stranger can throw off your whole trip) also being around drunk people is not pleasant when your tripping.  

Be aware of anything with vitamin C (orange juice, tomatoes, cranberry juice) It WILL make you trip harder, or bring back on your trip. also be carful with different strains, sometimes really small mushrooms are the most potent, Ive experienced this first hand! And be mindful of who you buy them from, since when mushrooms are growing they absorb the energy around them like a sponge.

Go into it with a positive mind set, surrounded by a couple of your favorite people, in a beautiful nature area, you will never view a tree the same again!

Its such a beautiful, mind expanding, life changing experience if you do it right! 

if you look up Terence McKenna, he talks a lot about all kinds of psychedelics, he’s a true expert.  




Neurons to Nirvana [OFFICIAL TRAILER] One of the few decent docs on entheogens.