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Current mood. And need.

i just had a dream about these two very big and sour-looking old ladies who came to my house to investigate me for streaming episodes of the dilbert cartoon on a laptop at the airport, and i was frantically explaining to them that “because of doing that for so many years i’ve started associating dilbert with christmas so i just need to do it” when suddenly they both took off their shoes, removed these little medical-looking plugs from the soles of their feet and started bleeding this rly viscous black blood onto the floor. then i looked at the tv & saw on the news that britney spears had pierced an artery by getting a neck tattoo from an unskilled tattoo artists apprentice (she was okay). then one of the scary ladies was suddenly on the tv and she said (addressing britney) “i know you and your lying sister faked your citizenships and THATS why everyone thought the suspect was originally from London and i KNOW you know that” and then i woke up. Hi