I feel like each team, when they’re touring, they have something they do. Like a hangout or a specific adventure that every team wants to accomplish. It’s like routine now because they’ve done it hundreds of times.

I feel like the Bladebreakers always have one night where Ray cooks and they sit to the table and have a proper, really nice meal that isn’t take-out or catered by the facility; it’s home-cooked and it’s awesome.

The Psykicks definitely want pictures of all the landmarks and they go out of their way to get there so they can get the shots they want. Maybe they have a team photo album or something, full of different postcards, stamps, letters, pictures… Cool stuff like that. A real team of travelers. 

Maybe the White Tigers always go shopping together, like they go as a team to get the groceries for their rooms and similar to the BladeBreakers they have a team meal and try their hands at cooking a dish from the culture of wherever they’re staying.

The Majestics definitely do a fancy night out; maybe a museum or a gallery and then fancy meals followed by fancy drinks.

Every team needs their bonding time away from the beystadium and I love that stuff so much.


Beyblade Screenshot Challenge

Day 6: Favourite friendship

This whole show has friendship plastered all over it and I’m being asked which one is my favourite?! I love the friendship between all of the Bladebreakers all for different reasons and it’s difficult to narrow it down to one. I’ll write about what I think is the sweetest friendship though IMO.

Kai and Max! Nobody is immune to Max’s charm and general adorableness, not even Kai. I guess the initial appeal of their friendship is how the cool, arrogant and grouchy team mate has a huge soft spot for the  younger, cheerful and optimistic team mate.Throughout Season One and Two Kai constantly spurs Max on to win his matches, even against the odds and is very supportive towards Max even if it isn’t always outwardly demonstrated. In turn, Max is loyal to all of his team mates including Kai. He allows Kai to battle against the Majestics as he knew how much he wanted to avenge his loss to Johnny and also vowed to win back Dranzer for Kai in V-Force. Their match together in G-revolution may not have featured ripped clothing, alternate dimensions, passing out or total destruction of roofs/bridges but it was one of my favourites because of their friendship and respect for one another. (I might make another post about their beybattle!) There are so many friendship moments between these two in all 3 seasons, I’ll just list some here:

  • Kai let Max take on Michael as he knew how much it meant to him
  • Kai saved Max from a moving glass panel/screen 
  • Max let Kai blade for the team battle with the Majestics
  • Kai supported Max in his match versus Jim and cyber Draciel in V-Force even though the rest of the team were telling Max to back down and stop the battle.
  • Kai gave Max a pep talk after he had lost Draciel to the Psykicks.
  • Kai volunteered to blade for Max in the tournament in New York after Alan had stolen the rock. (this was really sweet and unexpected I thought as he kinda popped the question about Max blading and volunteered out of nowhere)
  • Kai is the one Max asks for advice from before his match with Queen. 
  • In G-rev Kai defends Max by shutting the crowd up when they booed him. (SILEEEEEENCE!)
  • Kai completely annihilates Rick in their match and doesn’t waste his breath with talking to him during the battle cause he knows how much of a dick he was to Max. (or maybe this was because Rick was an obnoxious douche to everyone in general at the time but I like to think that it was because of Max, he had gripped his arm pretty tightly after the match and insulted him. Oh hell no.)

Plus more! But anyways, I enjoy Kai and Max’s friendship greatly.


The Psykicks

Devil’s Eye


The Psykicks

I Shot My Baby